Intelligent home appliances

Intelligent mobile phone, TV, refrigerator, intelligent intelligent intelligent washing machine ... ... With the development of information technology, more and more intelligent home appliances "moving ". In this context, the region free dvd domestic intelligence appliance -- " industry standard of intelligent household appliances intelligent technology rules " (hereinafter referred to as the " general rules " ) emerge as the times require, from September this year 1 onwards.

However, this standard from the date of publication of the controversial. Question focus on two points: one is that our country is still in the initial stage of intelligent home appliances, is still not mature, this stage should be let free enterprise development; two, intelligent home appliances industry chain development vary from minute to minute, the industry is worried that standard comes on stage to " lag ".

But the author thinks, introduced intelligent appliance standards is very necessary. It is because we are in the initial stage of intelligent home appliances, so it needs a standard to guide and regulate the market to the industry. " General rules " is first solved for intelligent home appliances to define the problem, according to the relevant definition, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck the market of those "false intelligence " without circulation form, and consumers for intelligent rights will also be rational on. And it is because we are in the initial stage, involving the home appliance category is numerous, so the standard is quite broad, more is to give a direction, rather than specific to each technical index. It can be said is an open standard, give back standard complete set aside a large space. The author learns, countries have established the intelligent household electrical appliance research institute, later published in various categories of intelligent appliance rules, as a supplement. In fact, before our country issued either a standard, itself have stage, such as energy-saving appliances GB are gradually upgrade complete.

Jump out of " general " itself, we pay attention to the international competitiveness of our country home appliance, can discover, home appliance " intelligent " is China's home appliance industry to overtake Japan home appliance a great opportunity. In fact, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States intelligence appliance is also at the initial stage of development, in a sense, the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise intelligent layout has accounted for a certain opportunity. Therefore, who said that because there are no international an intelligent appliance standards, we will not be developed?! In the era of the CRT, in the LCD era, 852printing in the era of the DVD, which one is not the foreign capital giant because seize the standard heights, with every kind of patents to holding the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises development, while control over industry development pace, also side to collect huge royalties? We 'll never be " they eat meat, we even the bones would not bite " gas!


LED infrared emitting diode

Gallium arsenide, gallium aluminum arsenide tube core and a variety of structural forms of infrared emitting diodes.

Product use:

1, applicable to all types of photoelectric detector signal source.

2, applicable to all types of photoelectric conversion, automatic control instruments, sensors and other.

In 3, according to drive way, PLC LED Lamp and can obtain stable light, pulsed light, slow light, commonly used in remote control, alarm etc..

Product features:

By 1, with reflection function structure, the tube core side of the infrared focus, produce strong optical power.

In 2, with high output power, low driving voltage.

3, easily with a transistor integrated circuit phase matching.

In 4, small volume, light weight, firm structure seismic, high reliability.

In 5, metal glass package devices with glass surface, good wear resistance, high degree of finish, resistance welding, high and low temperature performance and features.

Points for attention in use:

1, pay attention to the polarity, pipe not and circuit in the heating element near the, work process is not allowed to exceed the prescribed limit.

2, in order to improve the light perspective, products are smooth to avoid and metal and other hard object friction, LED Dimmer dab5d58ck not for sandblasting.

In 3, the welding temperature is not too high, the welding time should be as short as possible, solder joints should be away from the device body.

In 4, lead forming should be prior to welding, the element itself without residual stress.

In 5, lead the cut should be performed at room temperature, after welding device wire cut, required after cooling.

6, infrared emitting diode power and photosensitive device sensitivity for encapsulation Ipazzport tv and angular distribution, the use of attention when mounting point adjustment, replacement should also adjust.


originally intended for stage lighting

Humans have first known the sun as the ultimate source of light. In the beginning, they were not afraid in the darkness of the night, since they knew that morning will surely come and the sun will shine. But as part of their nature, they were not contented. People became civilized. They have built their homes,LED spot light dab5d56ck and they realized that they would need something to light not just their houses, but their yards and gardens as well. Then came the invention of floodlights.

Floodlights were said to be invented in the 1900's. It was then known as "Box Flood". It was originally intended for stage lighting. Before the development of electricity and incandescent bulbs, an engineer designed a flame source (lamp, candles or oil lamps) in a box type housing, with one side open, thus creating an ideal lighting source for the performers. Through time, it has become a popular part of many homes. People started using floodlights as a means of safety and security. They wouldn't have to walk around the garden in the darkness, they can clearly see if somebody or something is trying to get in their property,Floodlight Philipsand they can now enjoy a well-lit outdoor area to have a fun-filled nights with their families.

Over the years, floodlight technology has dramatically evolved. Through the wide use of incandescent lamps, a good enclosure such as a metal box, a power cord and a socket, an ideal floodlight was invented. In the current economic situation, Energy Saving Floodlights have become very popular. People have realized the importance of saving every penny they have. To get the most benefit from an energy saving floodlight, here are some tips to think of when choosing one for your yard or garden.

Power Source:

From using gas, oil and candles, floodlight power source has come a long way. Battery powered as well as electrically powered floodlights are now available. You can also find solar powered ones in the market today. These models are designed with photovoltaic cells which absorb sunlight during the day, and converts them into electrical energy which is used as the power source during the night.


The question on where to install your floodlights is no longer an issue. Today, indoor and outdoor floodlights are readily available. There are also dual purpose floodlights in the market that can be installed indoors and can also be exposed to the elements outdoors.

Coverage Area:

Are you going to use it in a large area?Candle Light Bulb No need to worry, single bulb as well as double bulb Floodlights are available. If you do not need to achieve a very powerful effect, you can just use the single bulb floodlight. The double bulb can generally cover a larger area.

Bulb Type:

Floodlight bulbs are now available in many different forms. CFL, quartz halogen, incandescent or even LEDs are now out in the market.


iPod touch

It can also help you play Video Converter Blu-ray discs and DVD movies on other popular mobile players, such as BlackBerry, reishidab5d55ck iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPhone, iPhone 3G, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, YouTube, and so on.

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Soft4file Blu-ray to MP3 Ripper provides the functions to adjust output files such as trimming, merging several audio segments into one file, dvd copying software with wonderful files outputted to your taste. Blu-ray to Creative Zen Ripper can extract and convert audio and video files to MP3/WAV/WMA/AAC. It can get certain music clips from Blu-ray DVD to Creative Zen Ripper movies. And the ripper supports all the MP3 players.

Compared with other Blu-ray DVD ripper, the Blu-ray DVD to creative Zen version video ripper has more settings you can customize, for example, it allows you to rip and convert Blu-ray discs and DVD movies to Zen AVI by customizing file size,dvd to iphone ripping any segment of Blu-ray discs and DVD movies to Zen vision videos and it also supports selectable target subtitle and audio track, and so on.


LED display technology

The LED display technology to the problem

China is the world's LED display Windows manufacturer, currently 80% of the world's LED display from China. Mention display, everybody is not new. Today the streets, malls, station, the airport can be seen everywhere.T8 LED Tube dab4d58ck With the popularization and application of the market further, the LED display technology is also increasingly mature, but there are four major technical problems with a lot of manufacturers.

First from high show color sex to see: the LED display light color quality many, including color temperature, color rendering, light color fidelity, light color naturalness, tonal recognition degrees, visual comfort, etc. Here we currently only discuss solutions to color gentle show color sexual problems, make high color rendering the LED display light source, will lose more lights, so in the design to take care of the two factors. Of course to improve high show color sex must also be considered RGB three colors to realize the combination:

Many different schemes;

RGB multichip combination;

Phosphor add chip.

Next is the high photosynthetic efficiency: for the LED display efficiency can say is an important index energy saving effect, at present our country efficacy in effect remains to be strengthening, to really to do high photosynthetic efficiency, from industrial chain each link on solving related technical problems, so how to achieve high photosynthetic efficiency? LED Bulb A19 This paper will specific vying for the extension, chip, encapsulation, lamps and lanterns several links to solve technical problems are discussed.

Improve the efficiency and the quantum in quantum efficiency;

Improve the encapsulation efficiency and reduce the light and temperature;

Improve the efficiency of the lamps take light.

Again, on the high reliable from: mainly including the failure rate, the life of the index. But in the application is different understanding and the elaboration, high reliability refers to products under prescribed conditions and within the time required, complete the required function ability. LED the major categories have serious failure failure and parameter failure, and life is the reliability of the product characterization value: generally refers to a statistical average, for large components is concerned, LED the life of the device is the meaning of this description. But the impact of the LED display products factors of reliability have chip manufacturing, packaging, thermal resistance, heat dissipation, etc. Now that said this, hope the enterprise to the LED display products in the implementation of the comprehensive quality control, and on the basis of do two requirements:

Reduce failure rate;

Extend the failure time loss.

The last in the lower product cost: at present a lot of consumer is buying the LED display time think the price is too high, so a lot of this dispute LED display entrepreneurs also took the corresponding measures, to reduce costs in addition to the mass production, mainly from the technical measures to be taken to lower the cost of method, way, mainly in the extension of the chip,wholesale office furniture desk neize225dw sealing, drive, heat dissipation, etc to reduce cost, thus fundamentally solve display the cost of the product. Concrete from the following four aspects to reduce costs.