Sharing behavior simplistic

8:30, Silicon Valley, Neil Glenn Flores has been busy sharing. His 15-month-old son to the one he and his neighbors shared nanny. Glenn Flores Mountain View live only a few blocks from California train station. In a cafe, he opened the bank's website Lending Club (borrow money from the club), payment of a few small loans.

A borrower needs money to planning a wedding; another borrower intends to open a pet store; the third borrower is prepared to move. brushless motorCyclists came to the train station after he jumped into a Prius electric car, from the car-sharing company, he booked a car a few hours of use time.

Drive to Berkeley to visit a residential cooperative, Glenn Flores came to a sharing of office. His weekly work time. "When people start a sharing behavior, they immediately start thinking about what the next step is?" Glenn Flores said, "These changes will ultimately lead to big changes."

Glenn Flores, of course, still have their own items. He has their own housing, laptop, clothes, an old bicycle. Claiming "Share hackers" in a short period of time, he completely changed his own life. In 2004, he was a Fast Company analyst, often back and forth between the corporate headquarters in San Francisco and Brussels. He did not like the flying life, decided to quit his job.

Since then, Glenn Flores, a reinvented life.dc motor gear dba5a06dk "Throw away all things that do not add value, leaving those who can bring something of value." Toward the nine to five life abandoned. The end of 2009, Glenn Flores founded a nonprofit website Shareable, detailed plans for individuals and groups to establish sharing system.

Something to share housing, baby food, solar panels and even skills. "For centuries, merchants are committed to facilitate the purchase," said Glenn Flores "and we just began to simplify the sharing behavior."

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Do not let a bad mood into cancer cells

When our mind to a certain mood or some kind of idea, we often do not want to accept them, and tried to suppress them.

However, they have not disappeared, kooloobut was suppressed to the subconscious. And they will seek their own unique way of expression, and expression through the body, is the most common way.

A boy, working very smoothly, and often criticized, he did not learn to deal with this criticism, do not want to confront their own failure, and he wanted to escape, he is not working smoothly detail and others criticized his strident language full forgot.

However, he never sleepwalking began sleepwalking, yesefirst suddenly sat up from his bed, said some vent, then, will then be swinging in the dorm room, staring at the dorm workers, they get scared half to death.

A successful person, has a remarkable ability to control, he will own every minute arrangements reasonable, jfedfull to the brim, and every day like clockwork control your own pace, but at night, he would sleepwalking.

The health of the body, and not want to pursue will be able to pursue, also not only in the physical aspect of the pursuit, because the mind and body are echoed truly healthy when do the harmony of the mind and body.

Not long ago, and chat with several doctors, troubled that they said, It has been observed that cancer patients more than one common feature: Special suppress their own particular emotions.olfe Such sentiments may be angry, might be sad, may be guilty, may also be other emotions.

I think perhaps this truth: some important mood, you refuse to accept, absolutely refused to accept, and it strongly suppressed in the subconscious to go, you have succeeded, elikeyou seem to no longer be affected by this mood distress.

However, this was suppressed emotions expressed through the body. Perhaps cancer is the physical expression of this was completely suppressed emotions.

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New Zealand Prime Minister explosion had ridicule Beckham

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, November 5 guest a file of morning television program, denied that he had criticized the England football superstar David Beckham "head enough Emmanuel".plaza

The 2nd of this month, Radio New Zealand reported that John-day with some of the students held a forum to talk about his son and David Beckham in a 45-minute meeting. John said that, in 2008 with the Los Angeles Galaxy, Beckham to Auckland to participate in the exhibition, he was really friendly, tagbut it seems that "the mind is not clear".

The remarks immediately get the attention of some of the British media, many newspapers the heading reported the matter to New Zealand Prime Minister David Beckham is not smart enough ".

"It was thought to hear me say ......" remarks John Key in a television program on the 5th responded that, "I do not intend to participate in this silly controversy, otherwise, after similar trouble will followed endlessly. "

When the host asked whether the remarks to mean that he denied said Beckham is not smart enough, the John group did not directly answer, he said, "I mean someone claiming to be a private conversation inadvertently heard, it is just that they take it for granted there. "

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has always been outspoken, provoke outrage he had ridiculed New Zealand'ashleycls indigenous Maori people have the custom of eating people.

May 13, 2010, John Key to attend a tourism conference in front of about 200 participants said: "Fortunately, I was in with 纳提波罗乌 tribes people dine together, rather than their neighbors Tahoe the tribes, ashleycl as I will become 'dishes on the menu' that may not look good. "remarks reminiscent of primitive tribes seize the barbaric custom of cannibalism enemy.

Tahoe tribe this remark was extremely dissatisfied with their tribal representatives in the media openly accused John-joke vulgar, identity does not match with the Prime Minister, many Maori Party Members expressed disappointment at the base of improper words and deeds of John. Subsequently, tagthe enormous public pressure forced John Key had to make a public apology.


Winter clothes washing and collection

Leather clothing: avoid washing, not exposure, too dirty parts can be used wet powder made a ball with rubbing shaking dry net. Also available gasoline wash leather dirt, rinse clean, then dry sleeve pocket of jacket, Landscape product dab2d12ck put on some insect moisture-proof agent.

Sweaters: first soaked in cold water, then in warm soapy water gently neutral rinse, dry or cover cloth is dried in the sun, do not rub nor exposure. Cloth underwear: dry shake off the dust suspension, used gasoline to scrub the dirt, to be disperses oil flavor hot again closed. Application of warm water ( such as washing water . The river ) and neutral as transparent soap and detergent, rinse with cold water to knead after clear, dry.

Down: in neutral water washing liquid in the bubble 30 minutes, brushing the dirt and then warm rinse three or four times, light, moisture, dry well-ventilated place, gently hit song down, again fortunately vacuum bag. Not exposure, to prevent fading. Products: cotton clothing into the cabinet collection should be dry cleaned, babyclothwear especially winter coat wash must not be forcibly squeezed, prevent caking deformation.

All clothes washing and collections also should pay attention to: try to clean, dry,, insect, mildew, wardrobe cabinet to clean, dry, sealed. Leather garments, woolen suits to hide in the closet to hang. Such as the box, should according to the kinds of fibers were preserved, but wet compression cotton and synthetic fiber can be put on the most lower level, wool put middle, silk kind should be placed in the upper. With dried orange peel and Ding Xiangchi in the wardrobe hanger side, biscuit tin box with the clothes fragrance and mothproof effect.

If the use of pest control agents should be hanging in the wardrobe top, let down with odor. Camphor ball with white paper wrap, stimulating some holes, not in direct contact with clothing.