Asian Beach Volleyball Championships

Zhang told Xinhua she and Xue would leave for Sanya after the event to prepare for the World Beach Volleyball Tour.

The 2010 Asian championship drew 49 professional pairs from 17 countries and regions.

Olympic bronze medalists Zhang Xi/Xue Chen won the women's title at the 2010 Asian Beach Volleyball Championships here on Sunday after beating Kazakhstan's Tatyana/Irina in the final.

Zhang and Xue showed their power from the outset and took the first set with ease, 21-13.

The Chinese pair played ever more aggressively in the second set and cruised to a 21-7 victory.

"We have made lots of preparation before the match," said Xue, noting that it's the first time they fought against Kazak players. "We controlled the situation since the match started and we did very well in attack and defense today." law the huieow huide
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