decoration categorize

How does the jewelry decoration categorize?
According to at home and abroad general business habit, make jewelry decoration following distinction:That is is divided into five major types: jewelry decoration, the biggest type is precious stone decoration and includewholesale cheap fashion jewellery:1, diamond, 2, ruby, 3, blue precious stone, 4, the grandmother is green.The second type is precious metal decoration, including gold, platinum and silver.The third type is pearl decoration.Above three major typeses list as valuable jewelry.cheap women shoes

The fourth type is a half precious stone decoration, include:1, opal, 2, amethyst, 3, topaz, 4, jadeite, 5, jade, 6, south sea pearlacetylene(bluish green Xi), 7, the stone of Tuo Liu, 8, black precious stone, 9, opal, 10, coral, 11, agate, 12, tiger eye stone, 13, other such as Alexander stone etc..In the half precious stone, parts of high quality, like jadeite, black opal, amethyst, and Alexander stone...etc., jewelry factorythe selling price isn't low either.

Category 5 is costume jewelry and include 1, shell, 2, enamel, 3, enamel, 4, synthesize a precious stone, if synthesize a diamond, artificial and red treasure, artificial and blue treasure, green and artificial jadeite etc. of artificial grandmother, 5,cheap wedding dresses proper price metal, such as copper, gilt and copper combination gold, various other gold jewelry articles, 6, other.


move a man most

Six words that move a man most
Man from externally look very strong, in fact their hearts are sometimes very weak.The womans sometimes the dying that need a few words and then can move the mans live, underneath, taking a look these six words is what:
Six words that move a man mostLottery Software
The man's heart is in fact very easily bought of, this in brief six words below, can the dying moving them live ……
1.Together of in two years, the inside's your habit of smoking has been quiting not to drop, you say that the cigarette represented a man of lonesome, what I puzzled BE, I at you of nearby so long, you still keep feeling lonesome, there is two iron box in the cupboard of room and collected in box your se two in the last yearses once took out of smoke tail.
2.You always have the habit to kick a quilt at the mid-night, so the woman, who stay to nearby love you at you, destined to sleep too to sink, the aunt(his mother) once says you the health condition wasn't good since the childhood, a little bit catch cold and then will get a fever to catch a cold, there is cold medicine in the ground flower basket on the refrigerator, go to bed at the mid-night, remember sleep half cover half, so the quilt kick not to open.plate type heat exchanger
3.You are very handsome, the popularity is also very good, so the girl, who like you, is a lot of, as the woman of your back, I originally should am this but feel proud of.But love this thing is mutual, each girl likes you of the viewpoint is also different.
As a man, you see not and clearly in this aspect, I want what to remind you BE, each girl needs protecting of elaboration, while you have to protect of girl, in fact at you of nearby.(Male:Serious, I have never thoroughly kept her company, together two years, accompanied her to once stroll two street, and twice what to go is an all the same place)
4.I thought once, that diamond ring still stayed to you, serious I will is unwilling, because this is unique a you and my joint effort gets of gift, however I want to leave and considered as it to meet a gift to send to next love you of girl, the noodles has you the sweat of infusion here and be when she puts on it she will be definitely happy.There is also reason, I selfishly think, be you see this ring of time, can occasionally also think of me.pearl jewelry
5.Goes home once in half month at least, have a chat and accompany father to drink to order small wine with mother, you of the capacity for liquors all used those good friend's bodies to ascend at you and had no like this what not good.
I just feel that accompanying father to drink will be more meaningful, after all you are the only son of in home, they spoiled you and liked your happy happy growth in childhood, you grew up now, and the that time waited to recompense them.(Male:In fact my house leaves parents' house not far, beat the half of to is for hour, but was mostly all her at ordinary times generation I return to visit two old man's houses, I return to seldom).taylor made suits
6.I leave you of reason not because you aren't good, or I don't love you, you are one pursuing is perfect of person, I worry when my facial appearance draws off, you will slowly neglect me, and it so, I will choose in my face to haven't been before time idle away almost exhausted left you and leave perfect memory for you.
Male:Finish seeing these after, I have already grown to want to cry but cry don't come out of felling ……I made her day of telephoneseses call and all shut down, I of the cellular phones don't stop to vibrate and show of but isn't her of number, I ain't intentional to connect to listen to ……my whole individual Be similar to the bedlamite to walk down the avenue to seek her and treat I after returning to a house, see her sitting on the sofa to spark a candle and smiling to say to me:Big kid, happy birthday!Then I thoroughly collapsed and looking at the dying that she cries to live to came!led home lighting


rickets food

The small fatty sheep pork pill can treat to prevent°fro to the rickets food
Recently, market in Shenzhen City took charge of a bureau to announce 2011 quarterly degree that city food production unit production, usage of the sampling examination of the food, food additive and the food related product result.In the list of the unqualified food and the business enterprise, the small fatty sheep, one article Xuan and 13 Yis, and son feeling shell promise...etc. are deeply subjected to the brand that the large citizen like all on the list.Lottery System

According to know, from Shenzhen City small fatty sheep industry the limited company produce of super Jing pork pill drive check a compound the phosphoric acid salt is unqualified.Introduces according to the expert of food, reuniting the phosphoric acid salt is a kind of food additive that the national standard capacity uses and process in the meat in is used to protect water, but too many edible will cause calcium Lin inside the human body to compare maladjustment, particularly will influence the child's absorption to the vitamin D, may result in a rickets disease.

The rickets disease is so called to lack calcium and expects at the infant more familiar, is because the vitamin D lacks to cause calcium inside the body, Lin metabolism mess, but make a bad kind disease of skeleton calcify.The rickets has an attack the disease is slow-moving, not easy cause a value.The rickets disease makes the pediatric resistibility lowered and easily merge diseases, such as pneumonia and diarrhea...etc., influence a child to grow growth.Be lain to rickets disease form of the skeleton transform, once the formation may leave linger effect, so, rickets disease heavy in the prevention, must have prophet, avoid occurrence skeleton to transform.Mobile Lottery

The essence that the pediatric rickets gets sick because lack the calcium Lin that the vitamin D causes metabolism obstacle, only add vitamin D be cure an origin.Is also say, lacking the calcium is the manifestation that the pediatric rickets gets sick, but real lacking of but is vitamin D.

The source of the human body vitamin D has two paths:On being a main source path, the human body vitamin D 80% is pass sunlight in of the ultraviolet ray directly project light upon a human body skin and make skin of 7-take off hydrogen cholesterol conversion is vitamin D;Two is absorb through a food with medicine to add.

The food of child rickets disease treats to prevent°from 2

1, peach Ren egg

The way of doing of peach Ren egg is in brief the familiar vegetables of infant recipe inside, the peach Ren egg taste belongs to, the way of doing belongs to a type, but how do peach Ren the egg had better eat and mainly see own taste habitually carry on detail adjustment, let oneself follow to feel to do this peach Ren egg.Lottery Terminal

In order to live the in common use Chinese herbal medicine that the blood turns Yu, the peach Ren together use with egg and not only increase nourishment, but also can ease the peach Ren smooth bowel light Xie function.The bone is easily soft to suffer from rickets of the pediatric edible peach Ren of the disease egg, beneficial health care.

Raw material:The peach Ren is 5 grains of, the egg is a , and the face powder is few.

Create:Use peach Ren bubble, go to skin, and then go into a pot to stir-fry familiar, grind up a back up;Stick out an egg, tap softly a hole in the top, then peach Ren the end pack into egg and mix blend with the chopsticks even, fill with water with the face powder, again use Huang Ni2 Guo's egg, put the Wei in the Tan fire familiar, go to yellow mire and egg skin namely become.Have a difficulty such as the fire Wei, can also use brine boiling to immerse a familiar egg, need not Huang Ni2 Guo.

Characteristics:The egg liquid becomes a solid piece and there is peach Ren matching with, flavor the joss-stick eat well.At once try and do to together belong to you of peach Ren egg.

2, bone Zao soup

There is abundant calcium, marrow in the animal bone, also imply other nourishment compositions, the beneficial Sui livings an osseous function;The red date repairs medium benefit blood.The bone Zao soup benefit Sui keeps blood and help a bone growth to contain obvious effect.

Raw material:The animal bone(long bone or spine, pig, cow and sheep bone all can) is 250 grams of, the red date is 15~25, and the ginger is several.Betting Solution

Create:Wash bone clearly to pound into pulp, together place with red date, ginger inside the tile Bao, fill with water just the right amount, burn Fei with the prosperous fire, behind burn for more than 2 hourses with the text fire, after soup is dense, according to food love seasoning namely become.

Characteristics:The soup fresh flavor joss-stick, can for lunch drink.At once try and do to together belong to you of bone Zao soup.

The sunlight is to prevent rickets from getting sick of good medicine

In addition to absorbing of increment vitamin D, it is one of the main methods for preventing pediatric rickets from getting sick to usually take a sunbathe.The spring day inside much goes out to bask, can urge kid skin in of 7-take off hydrogen cholesterol through the ultraviolet ray irradiation in the sunlight, change into a Dan bone to turn Chun, namely inside the source vitamin D3, make it become the main source of the human body vitamin D.
led lighting automotive

Should taking a sunbathe want to bask how long?Take a sunbathe to bask not very goodly, also learned, main see from 2:Certainly bare area on being the nudity area that sees bask, generally speaking more big more good, can bask a little bit more balancedly, arms and legs and heads all peep out;Secondly being the way that sees bask is having the place of glass countercheck to take a sunbathe, could not reach effect, don't need as well to directly toward the sun at the violent sun underneath to bask certainly, because the conversion of vitamin D, what to need is receive the sun light in of ultraviolet ray, therefore, as long as at have the place of ultraviolet ray irradiation like Peng bottom, is also one effective.In the meantime, because baby's skin is young and delicate, generally don't suggest to adopt not and naturally simply projecting light upon otherwise results in a baby very easily skin burn.The dust in the air in the general city is more in the meantime, therefore the expert suggests time that takes a sunbathe every day had better at more than 2 hours.


emotion are difficult

Some emotion are difficult to expressly pulled and dragged

Forget is forget or record-
Forget is forget while recording-
-Write in Valentine's Day-
Suddenly want to write, the but again hard put to bring up and isn't Be getting notter well acquainted with to the writing.Expression just not not, hard put to describe.When let oneself what all don't think of time, but it happened that think morely.Lottery System-
Time is getting longer, all of those are the bite on granites.Some people, some matter, still can not as before sort of fine.Those my place of, ask all and want thoroughly, have to be happy.-
Valentine's Day, the sunlight is quiet like.A person sits in the sun and listens to music, ha, feel pretty pleasing.Allow the Song sadness clean voice's getting into "my Angel you have to be understand, if Be getting more tired and then embrace each other I keep warm …" in ear doesn't know how of, have much of emotional stirrings.Delivered a lot of newses to the friend, swear of speak, Valentine's Day must be happy.Don't know in fact how calculate a happiness, lead the festival of spoiling a person.Mobile Lottery-
There is a darling female in the heart of in fact each boy, positive if have similar a prince charming in the heart of each girl.And the small A chat, she says:"I wait not arrive prince, also unable to do darling female …" tee off to go a word again:"You see, I nearby of the person walked a lot of.But, also some people come to say to me, also at.Just, I can't see".I don't know that how say, a personal Dou Dou turns and walks to stop.In fact, I really want to know, who meeting is the last stays at me nearby of person.-
Night already very deep, fancy calmness like this.The voice that can hear his/her own breath and cellular phone key rings.I love ascend the calmness like this suddenly doesn't want to see the other people's speech phrase, want that peaceful and serenely staying one for oneself is quiet ground of.Know ownly suddenly sad from what since then, but still can let the thoughts and feelings like this overflow, corrupt.Order time for me, in fact, I can quell okay.
Lottery Terminal-
I accept to can not stand you so-calledly and like with sorrow joys.I am just I, selfish also very sad let it be, everything only stews in one's owns juice.How is real oneself, don't disguise, really realistic slice.When can put open, think open, lay aside that everything.Those so-called secret, whether finally want one personal acceptance.Can, Chien is simple list, be like a kid similar carefree.In fact, I what also have no, also the nothing important is very sad.-
Sometimes not ability oneself, tell oneself is strong.Have in the life allowing is much more of why, more is oneself can not answer.A time of time says strong, have to be strong yes.Lay by that haze in heart entirely, until Be getting longer, Be getting more lousy, the meeting slowly evaporate to drop.-
Also having no is in fact so not much happy.All sorrows are only a little small emotion in the writing of enlarge, just what oneself could not let go Be bad to make it a rule to do mischief.I will thoroughly, in fact always thoroughlyBetting Solution.-
I just think simple of the record is some emotion, only this and no more just.-
Don't know what, leaves one dead silent.Being not a cold Mo as well isn't self-contained and just have a little tired, I think that I should go to bed, good evening.led lighting automotive-


Reach a person

Reach a person show"the program set deny lending Gao Xiao Song the wine to drive a case to stir-fry to make

Yesterday afternoon, 《China reached person's show 》records image in the music hall of Shanghai.Because review Wei Gao Xiao Song inebriate to drive police pertaining to crime in quilt Peking to imprison, Taiwanese music person, Chen Yao4 Chuan, comes to save a field.To this, "reach person's show" program set says, Gao Xiao Song can continue to continue in office to review Wei, willing wait until a police after announcing the processing opinion then can decide.south sea pearl

Admit illegal expression regrets idea

Since May 1, highly anticipated"inebriate to drive into Xing" comes into force in the whole country.No longer than 10 days, famous music person, Gao Xiao Song, because of drunk with wine driver the white English thin 4x4 of Ni Di, result in four cars connect to bump, 4 people get hurt, is detained by police in Peking.

According to reveal, Gao Xiao Song was examined as high-proof as 243.04 milligram in every 100 milliliters of bloods at that time, was affirmed for drunk with wine drive.Gao Xiao Song says to the police, "I am illegal behavior, I would like to undertake trouble all responsibilities."He returns handwriting to write down"sorry, never the wine drive", express the feeling of regret.At 16:15 yesterday, Gao Xiao Song on suspicion of dangerous driver the offense was tooked a police car and went to the branch office custody center of public security official from east city in Peking.For follow behind all the way of medium, Gao Xiao Song lowers the head to connect to say "sorry".The police said that according to details, Gao Xiao Song is judged 1-6 month imprisonments the possibility, but this wants to be justified by the judge.freshwater pearl

"Problem" reviews Wei difficult again rise use

For this affairs, "reach person's show" publicizees director general's six Weis to say, although have individual medium said, Gao Xiao Song inebriated to drive affairs to be advantageous to stir-frying to make a program,"reaching person's show" is the program that a file embodies an essential value, in no case will take this affairs to stir-fry to make, otherwise will be a kind of depravity.Inebriating to drive is a threat to the public safety, life safety, if the true guilty of Gao Xiao Song, "reach person's show" will reconsider reviewing a Wei candidate, because of, the medium want to embody a social responsibility, can't continue to use to have reviewing of"problem" Wei like this, which fear that this will influence the concern, viewer rating of program.

According to know, Chen Yao4 Chuan belonged to save a field at the time yesterday.Currently, the program set is lately urgently looking for to review Wei.

The friend feels sorry for a fan regret

Gao Xiao Song inebriates to drive, in the society cause echo biggest."Reach a person show" reviews Wei to sign wave to say for week and inebriating drives is more serious than absorbing poison, because it will endanger others life.He thinks that Gao Xiao Song is a genius, this affairs makes person regret and regret deeply, hope to give him an opportunity to correct.The tiny Bo that dramatizes 66 to turn over Gao Xiao Song to before comment on Xin in the medicine house says:"I make Gao Xiao Song rounding the Bo of this''turn over out, also lift to come to for oneself.Zun Ji obeys the law and doesn't to endanger social common run of people."led home lighting

Have net friend the mimicry Gao Xiao Song's work 《sit at the same table of you 》, write a way:"Tomorrow whether you will think of, what to drink is Pi drop white drop?Tomorrow you whether will regret, see law like the child's play ……the fans all dare not believe, drunk with wine cause trouble behind of you, I am by chance to turn over tiny Bo, just know to really is you ……who infuse to inebriate artistic talent horizontal overflow of you, who let your self-indulgent you, who make you don't respect law, who put on prisoner's garb for you ……"

Mindset falsely problem key

Someone is analytical to say, Gao Xiao Song of so wine behind drive, is by luck mental state to make first however.His mindset nothing but 3 kind:On being what I can't inebriate, I also drank like this before.Two even if got drunk,can't have an accident, my driver's technique is can.Three is have an accident to also put evenly, who am I ?I am XXX.But this is getting more gravely mistaken.Gao Xiao Song of today, explained that the star drives after drinking equally difficult escape"unlucky".If he is a condescension with much a star ability, many ones are strick with oneself and cherish own fame and also drive after drinking?led home lighting

Make the person sorry BE, now numerous entertainer's stars, can not keep awake brains.Analyze many stars to have an accident, for example fight, absorb poison, gamble, the wine drive, neither isn't a stuffed shirt.If say that these stars have no character, probably they are hard to admire sincerely to take orally;The saying them is proud and probably relatively approach fact.Being Gao Xiao Song of the big star but daring to against the wind to make a matter under the sistuation that the people of the whole countries all know that the law will drive after drinking from the strict sanctions isn't his intelligence quotient to contain problem, but his mindset contains problem.

The defy the law faces to punish

The survey that more than 300,000 net friends took part in a Phoenix net.To Gao Xiao Song judge noodles at time of execution, 94.0% net friends think:"Law in front the everyone is equal, violating the law will strict Cheng."For how treat star to repeatedly deliver wine to drive affairs, 61.7% and 30.1% net friends to think "have to suppress corrupting influence, the law is equal to punish severly without mercy" and"the star is a public person, should even strengthen legal system idea" respectively.

Sun Xing and Mo Shao Congs just got to release, Gao Xiao Song was again registered for the record by the pertaining to crime now, the show biz really has a little recently not that even.Particularly make person incredible BE, once carried on Gao Xiao Song whom art instruction and life reviewed a point for other people in"reached person's show", will also"defy the law".People also remember that"Xin case in the medicine house" drive hot argument, Gao Xiao Song's station comes out to keep speech:"Will a person who ignores other people's life love music?"This time people but in astonishment see, philharmonic Gao Xiao Song also ignores other people's life thus in the middle of inebriating and driving.The on the stage is model for others, set descend indulgence oneself, the such words and actions is different, Gao Xiao Song can continuously allow "reach person's show" of expanding the essential value to review Wei to really show doubt.led home lighting


Man bead sand China

Fall in love with you, be like fall in love with the Man bead sand China
The breeze blew to move moonlight, at the beginning of night last heavy makeup.See the world of mortals tube delivering into frost what year.I have crazy my Chi, ruins all day hall, once several spend to, Be not afraid of the mountain far water to grow.BE who deliberate things of the past, the tears half goes and lightly sees the human life wind waves while smiling ……-foreword

All say the person's left hand reflection on water, right hand time, small and soft examine the line that the center of palm of hand disorders, I can not distinguish which is your my predestination.The left hand lord of legendary absolute being breaks, the right hand lord creates, absolute being a read aloud the love gratitude and grudge is clear to the mankind.I night after night hope to see fervently but could not lead long you what's PHE……

Fall in love with you, is while adding several lotus hearts in one cup weak tea, going to water Fei a drink and under, free to strong bitter taste to without restraint fill the air, burn to deplore greatly a bitterness to arrive touching, also want a personal breathed accept under all pain-sufferings.

Fall in love with you, is at a hold the Niang half in the laurel blossom bowl sake, in the cold month under independently single Zhen, put You Fang Huang of slightly drunk a flow out and up, inebriate also boundless come to also boundless, the only lonesome moonlight accompanies with a figure that falls Mo.Choose plate heat exchanger

Always, the life is a constant topic.In the horary container, we are similar to the tree and bloom and refrain from rash action and start to tidy up a ground of defoliation, then pack and return oneself to open ground.Voice color lighting, hand over with each other complex, rise tide to fall in the tide in, once and with a run transmigration of soul write, we call its life.Waited life to once walk Mu autumn, once wore to open flirtatious other shore flower sea, hope three to give birth to oneself of stone once went of intravenous drop, drink to start a medium Meng old woman soup, once walked what then bridge, then walked into another transmigration of soul in.Even if some flowers haven't opened and then thanked, even if some matters haven't hired thin, even if the dream ever already can not satisfactory.Everythings still stay at the other shore, together the Man bead sand China open together lousy Man.Conviction and hope still at, dream, future life meeting circle...

Someone says that the life is like the Man bead sand China.cheap wedding dresses

Hear, it is very beautiful, the flower blossoms such as the fire is like tea.Hear, it is the only scenery of nether world road and open beautiful and sadly.It, the Man bead sand China is the blood-red color that stabs an eye.It is a poison, as well is a medicine, is the last royal feast that approaches to rest peacefully on the way.When leaf saved, spend an end to put;When flower blossomed, the leaf had already died.Thus miserable.People say that its opening is forgetting the other shore while was living.But don't know, it once forgot from the end, just one a life time another a life time is shunted, then one a life time another a life time is waiting for.The all these is a predestination, still transmigration of soul?taylor made suits

Crowd of coming and going, the life coming and going wears a line in among them, we are infinitesimal to arrive only is Cang sea is one Su.We can not go before living time of footstep, can silently finish walking to imitate a Buddha have been predestined of should walk of road.Imitate if the bright other shore spends, the flower blossoms to have no a leaf, the leaf livings to have no flower and spend medium mutually wrong, living to disappear, destine solitude, destine a sorrow.

In fact the life is like the Man bead sand China, at the other shore, heart hereat, sees a flower and disappears a leaf.When prosperous fade to the utmost, very hot fire become ice, we start to be calm and see sunset month Chinawholesale fashion jewellery ……


empress elder sister

80 empress elder sister, 90 empress younger sister

Fight-common sight

"My heel you can not communicate!We have generation gap!" The elder sister gets angry of say to the arrogant and irrational younger sister.south sea pearl

"To ah, we are to have generation gap and fill uneven generation gap forever!"The younger sister nowise shows to weakly roar a way to the elder sister.

After would be Cold War, the sister a pair embraces hands to annoy blunt blunt of twist to another part.

After two minutes, mother the voice of sweet gentleness longly spreads to go upstairs from the down stairs and spread to the ear of two sisters inside.

But they still keep refusing to budge, 1 don't wish as well to negotiate for peace with the other party on one's own initiative.freshwater pearl

Kept on for two minutes again like this, the mother's gentle and soft voice again rang out in the down stairs.

The elder sister finally becomes overdo to say to the younger sisters:"Have a meal to go to!"

The younger sister look like the wrath still didn't get rid of, extrudes from the mouth Cape 1 faintly combines tremulous orotund"hum ……" lingering sound dragged along to grow so much, completely ignore an elder sister.

"Oh, the elder sister is wrong, should not become angry to you of, you don't get angry and come downstairs to have a meal quickly!"Comply with the surrounding by hand arch the arm of the arch younger sister's hug.

The younger sister suddenly peeps out two small tiger tooths happy combined to satisfiedly smile, jumped the gun to across a door, leaped to jump of run to come downstairs.

The elder sister helplessly smiled to smile and had already also come downstairs.

Arrive to°from the animation heavy Be returned to like, use only have five minutes ……

Style-a vast difference between the two

Elder sister, the alacrity is bright, intelligent and brave, the Ling tooth Li Chi, docile generous, work the breeze breeze fire fire always, as a result make some matters that the small mistakes are often to have on the detail, need not make a fuss over minor things.

Younger sister, gentleness introverted, the timidity is afraid of getting into trouble, arrogant have no reason, elaboration thoughtful, work always before looking forward after attending to, as a result need the creative affair ascend and then seem to be a little bit to lack the ability to do in some innovation.

The elder sister is dressed in the clothing of Ju in the medium rules, doesn't dare to try the clothes of comparing the tide and feels that the footstep of canning not keep up with the ages is always.

Younger sister, unwilling wear banality, always eager to have a try to those not- essential clothes, seem to be forever to stimulate in the head in ages.

The elder sister will squat down at doorway and a group of boy's sons of oneself to play beading, beat a star anise and turn over slip ……even beat the boy of classmate to cry to run to go home to tell parents, the father mother compensates gift apology to the other people from the becoming that stage life necessary part.

Younger sister, but at the doorway and a group of girl's sub- playmate's every families, jump skin Jin, kick a shuttlecock ……when when the self-interest is infringed upon by the companions she then and quickly runs to the elder sister to nearby sue in court.Certainly, those kids all no longer dared to humiliate me.led lighting residential

In the parents and other kin friend's eyeses, the elder sister was a very very naughty and obstinate and stupid kid since the childhood, she didn't have elaboration of girl's son a gentleness, but had boy's son of careless with excite, therefore, daddy's mama since the childhood to elder sister very strict, with as for the elder sister had been thinking that daddy's mama concerned a younger sister more and neglected her ……

In the parents and the friend eyes, the younger sister was the darling of a typical model since the childhood female, mother nearby small quilted jacket, she was very timid, but carefully, obedient, therefore, daddy mama has been already added to her doter since the childhood, almost will satisfy her ll requestses, this more increased an elder sister angrily uneven heart ……

Relate to-intimate have no

Lightning flashes roll of thunder outside the window, the lightning flash is sharp of voice and thunder depressed of the toring of the sound a burst of pull the earth, the younger sister frightens keep cringing, slightly draw back the dime of quilt, small voice of say to the elder sister:"Elder sister, I am very afraid!I want to sleep together with you!"

The elder sister has already been placed in blurred appearance, but is called by the shouting of younger sister to come to and hasn't happy several centses naturally.Unclear not and purely say:"Oh!Need not afraid, is not rain heavily!"

The younger sister takes to cry a chamber to continue to say:"I really afraid ……"

Haven't said that finish, see the elder sister having already drawn back a quilt to prepare to let her with herself and sleeping together.

The younger sister is to forget to just fear, a jump a body to drill into the elder sister's quilt inside.Then have peace of mind after of shut deeply eyes to sleep go to.

Younger sister, Gao San, , the elder sister at this time has already arrived last university outside the province.The sister a pair usually makes a phone call to chat, a younger sister talks with the elder sister to arise from F to fill a voluntary matter.led lighting residential

The younger sister says very distressly:"The mother hopes I study at university in the province, you leave home so and far, the mother doesn't think to be later old want that seeing our one side is all very difficult!"

The elder sister is silent a short moment, resolutely say:"You don't want to worry to be so many and review well and tested hereafter want to report where report where, daddy mama is looked after by me, I graduated to return to Yunnan!"

The younger sister is strong to endure to overflow of tears, the layer after layer location nods and force from the mouth in extrude a "H'm" word.

Hang up a telephone, Be getting tearser cover the face ……

This is the elder sister of 80 empresses and 90 empress of the younger sister's story, although also already mix while fighting, the mouth will be also contend for spoiling but often make an antinomy,they grew up together since the childhood and slept two beds that the same room is alongside of and smiled together and cried together and discussed oneself perfect male friend within heart together and complained that the meal of dining room had no mother to do together of delicious ……

And I am that unreasonable of the younger sister of 90 empresses, I rejoice very much I have a 80 empress of elder sister, probably will the generation gap exist forever, but this also makes us feel two ages natural affections in the meantime.led lighting residential

8090, cross over the natural affection in ages, will last long more, stronger ……


nuclear energy

Japan declares not to give up nuclear energy
Japanese officials of the government definitely say on the 8th, Japan can't give up nuclear energy, the nuclear energy generates electricity the importance remaining the that day instinct source policy to constitute part.what's PHE

Japanese Cabinet Secretary vice- superior fairy valley is said by the person, on March 11 the east Japanese heavy earthquake after, the government evaluated a pit reaction within 54 movements in the whole country heap, anti- earthquake and anti- tidal wave ability tested these, don't think that the necessity stops to carry all pit reactions a heap.Choose plate heat exchanger

"Have no necessity to worry these, " fairy valley says that"science ground says, this is our conclusion currently."

Commitment in the fairy valley, the strand Gang pit electricity stands, besides which, , the other pit gives or gets an electric shock the pit reaction heap of station to stop a luck.cheap wedding dresses

Heavy earthquake on March 11 front, check 1/3 that the electricity occupies Japanese electricity supply.The electric power officials anticipate, the power supply missing condition wills is further after the summer is used electricity high peak to arrive now to worsen.

According to know, come to central power company for two days always in the discussion whether presses the prime minister designation to stop luck strand Gang to check an electricity station completely.The strand Gang checks an electricity the station have no the facilities of breakwater etc. protection tidal wave currently.After the east Japanese heavy earthquake on March 11, central power company's promising construction can defendoof the concrete breakwater of 12 meters high tidal wave, but request to stop the instruction of luck to disagreement to the government within 2-3 years.taylor made suits

Medium electricity president of association three farmlands quick males start on journey to go to Qatar on the 8th and look for to purchase liquefied natural gas.He will energy in noodles Qatar and the industrial business national affairs big minister Mohammed ·Sa benefit He ·the Sa reach and national liquefied natural gas president of company, discuss to buy a spirit affair.

The medium electricity may weigh Qi some thermal powers station that temporarily stop a luck to satisfy now a summer power supply high peak need.The liquefied natural gas is one of thermal power station fuels.wholesale fashion jewellery