LED lamps classification knowledge

To reassure LED lamps classification knowledge
The fixture is people in daily life the most contact with the one thing, when night comes, it is the appearance of lamps, lights up the whole world, become a night of the most beautiful decorations.
What about the lighting knowledge, as a consumer, you know how much? Do you know the meaning of lamps name? The following should be beautiful for you on the knowledge of lighting.
1.LED hose lamp beltLED Spot Lights
LED hose lamp with a rope shape, which belongs to the PVC material, usually installed in the ceiling of the medial border or background wall shape of the rear side, into the shape of a strip lamp light irradiation, the top surface or wall after the formation of banded halo, soft and elegant.
2.LED lamp
Above the bed, dressing mirror, before the door, corridor, kitchen, office of local lighting can also be wall lamp, wall lamp is installed on the wall of decorative lamps. The installation position is slightly higher than the human eye height when standing. The chandelier, ceiling lamps for lighting the main indoor as auxiliary lighting, used interchangeably, saving electricity and adjust the indoor climate.
3.LED ceiling lamp
Ceiling is directly fixed on ceiling lamps, suitable for high low room installation. The light source or light bulb for incandescent and fluorescent lamp. The incandescent lamp to light lamps, mostly with white plastic cover glass cover. Fluorescent lamp as the light source to the ceiling with organic glass, metal sheet to cover. Diameter 200mm around the ceiling is suitable in the aisle, bathroom, kitchen use. Diameter 400mm around the ceiling may be in the 16 square meters around the room use.led tube light
4.LED Chandelier
LED chandelier is usually household lighting character, breed is more, according to the shape of the structure can be divided into chandelier, flower shape, prototype, square, palace lantern type, hanging type. Only a chandelier, and trigeminal, four, five, six fork fork fork ... ... According to holder; how many, can be divided into single head, the three trigeminal trigeminal four fire, fire ... ... According to the component material; metal parts and plastic parts, divided by bulb; nature, can be divided into the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, small power lamp; according to the size of volume, can be divided into large, medium, small. Commonly used in the living room and the living room and the floors above 3m.
5.LED ( LED spotlights searchlights main models for LED MR16 )
LED lamp is developed in recent years, new varieties, the direction of light and strong, light color, color 2950K in general, with a variety of different lamp holder, may be low, adjust left and right, can be single, can be grouped, lamp can be different angles of rotation, according to different heights, arbitrary regulation, little and dainty, easy to use.cheap evening dresses
Lighting normally installed in the wall or the top surface, much used in room decoration of the key parts, such as noodles, crafts or drawing table, desk top need centralized lighting department. As a result of spotlights on eye irritation strong, is not suitable for indoor lighting. Used for irradiation wall or a particular object. But the room is excessive use of spotlights, due to the aggregation of heat, a short period of time to generate high temperature, if used for a long time easy to cause fire.
6.LED downlight
LED lamp at the light source cover in a cylindrical lamp, ceiling or embedded with clamp, fixed in the required local lighting places, such as bed, bookcase, sofa * *. In the ceiling on the formation and main lamp synergise interspersed with uniform light source. While the activity of the lamp according to the lighting of randomly arranged, has multiple functions, flexible moving, convenient to use, does not occupy space.
The 7 discharge lamp
Electricity flows through a special steam or gas flow resulting in light or is close to visible light radiation energy of a lamp
8.LED floodlightled lighting automotive
When the reference scene or the lighting demand than the strong background of many time, designed for illuminating a scene or object light projector
Modern lamp not only can play the important role in lighting, or home furnishing decoration choices necessary.


common sense

Office furniture maintenance of common sense
A: polyester paint hardness of 2H-2H;Tin Box
B: when in cleaning, should be used to clean dust duster;
C: and then use a clean damp cloth to wipe lightly to stain;
D: use a clean dry towel wipe to the stem, otherwise the watermark both influence itself film surface effect,Office Furniture Desk serious for a long time will penetrate into the deep influence of paint, paint white;
E: paint surface during cleaning, do not use strong ( including iron ) impact, so as to avoid the appearance of the product is damaged;
F: matt paint, not local scrub, or lose the surface gloss uniformity, influencing the production of product appearance;LED Lights Supplier
G: disable acid, alkali content of the larger detergent, otherwise it will affect the products touch the surface smoothness of slip soil loss;
H: do not use hot objects directly contact with paint, otherwise it will lead to the yellow paint, and separation phenomenon, affect the service life of the product;
How to buy office furniture:taylor made suits
A: furniture style is" modern" more easily outdated, instead of traditional furniture, the diet culture infectivity, enduring, and the value of the;
B: light color furniture for small rooms or poor lighting conditions such as the north room, lighting a better room can choose the deep color of furniture, can show ancient, elegant atmosphere;
C: to leave adequate leeway, office furniture in the area should be forty-five percent;
D: flat, vertical scale furniture and room area, highly consistent, so as not to buy furniture is put into or damage to the idea of good layout;Set up Company
E: buy furniture can smoothly into the door, the key is the length of the space diagonals, furniture can not be larger than the passage or stair corner the maximum diagonal. Of course, the general design home has reference to housing construction size. But there are some old house tenants should pay attention to the factor of their actual needs
F: to pay attention to the practicality of furniture must not be flashy without substance just re-style, see effect. Therefore, the purchase of furniture should be considered when.


gold professional technical term

The gold professional technical term
1.Opening quotations price:That very day the first bargain clinches a deal price
2.Closing price:discount fashion jewellery The last bargain in that very day clinches a deal price
3.The tallest dish price:That very day of tallest clinch a deal price
4.Lowest dish price:That very day of lowest clinch a deal priceled grow lights
5.Many:In an investor that time is optimistic about to rise inside the segment
6.Short seller:In an investor that time is optimistic about to fall inside the segment
7.Open Gao:Today opening quotations price at yesterday's closing price on
8.Opening is even:Golden South Sea Pearls The opening quotations price and closing price held yesterday today even
9.Opening is low:The opening quotations price is under yesterday's closing price today
10.Set prison:After the buying gold, the price declines, can not throw
11.Trend:The market price is in a period of time toward the same direction exercise, is a trend
12.Rise power:The market price continuously moves toward the new high that has ever had price direction in a period of time
13.Fall power:The market price is in a period of time continuously toward lately the direction move with low price
14.The dish is whole:The market price undulates in the limited range
15.The pressure orders, pressure line:The price is in the process of rising to rise in, Tahitian Pearls run into some a Gao stop rising to rise or drop after ordering(or line), this(or line) is called pressure to order(or line)
16.Prop up a point, prop up line:The price is in the process of declining in, run into some an a little bit low(or line) after stop slump or rally, this(or line) is called to prop up a point(or line)
17.Breakthrough:The price once hurtles the up-trend line
18.Fall to break:The price falls to descend trend line following
19.Reversal:Price dynasty originally trend mutually the opposite side move cent upward reversal and get down anti-
led lighting design
20.Bottom:After looking for the price a little bit lowest process to bottom successfully price from a little bit lowest start turning over
21.Bottom:The lowest part of the price long-term trend line
22.Head:The tallest part of the price long-term trend line
23.Costliness area:The last phase of bull market, at this time for medium short-term investment of the best sell a point
24.With low price area:The initial stage of bull market, at this time for medium short-term investment of the best buy a point
25.Buying dish is sturdy:The market trades win the desire mightiness of buyer, make the price soared
26.Selling to press is heavy:The selling party vies with each other in distress sale in the market bargain and make the price declined
27.Cheat line:Jewellery manufacturers The main or big door makes use of market mental state, in the trend on-line make secret arrangements, make the retail made false decision
28.Super buy:Market price's keeping on rising must be high, the buyer strength is basic to use a strength, and the price will soon decline
29.Super sell:Market price's keeping on declining must be a little bit low, the selling party strength is basic to use a strength, price will soon rally