LED production value

Grind to adjust next fix this year of global LED production value, expect that next year's ASP continuously falls
The research paper that LEDinside will announce in the near future suggests that 2011 of global Gao Liang Du LED production value estimates from 2011 the beginning of the years, the USD 10,600,000,000 bottom fixs to USD 9,000,000,000.(the year increases to lead only 8%)The main reason lies in carrying on the back the light market not equal to expectation and plus LED average selling price quickly fall cause LED the industry supply exceeds demand,LED Tube light and also estimate in 2012 the LED average selling price space still has the fall of above 20%.

LEDinside points out that LED supplies exceeds demands currently of the situation Be still hard to acquire an improvement in the short run, if 2011 second half year stocks keep on increment and price drop range to be more than an expectation, don't expel to descend the sale sum of fixing global Gao Liang Du LED estimate further.

LEDinside thinks that though in 2011 Gao Liang Du LED in carry on the back light the production value of the market still slightly grow up,observe from the individual application, LED in television carry bare production value on television's back only USD 1,400,000,000, compare to reduce 18% in 2010.The main reason lies in leading light a technique of promoting and making LED in television carry bare usage number on television's back significant decrease.Plate Heat ExchangerTake 42 inch LCD TVs as an example, 2009 three stars release LED TV, LED carry light usage on LED's back the amount is up to 360, but the standard model has already fallen to 130s in 2011 or so, the part aims at the combat model that the market promotes sales with low price to only need to use 100 LEDs, this results in LED carry the light market actual dosage on LED's back be subjected to influence.In addition, the terminal sells poor make LED unit price fall the speed lead quickly, therefore though LED carry optoelectronics on LED's back see of permeate a rate to still continuously grow up, but the production value faces a decline.

Prospect 2012, LEDinside points out, the Han Xi front-panel factory will release LED of low rank carry light front-panel on LED of low rank's back hope that declining is low cost to buy spirit with incitement, although LED permeates to lead an opportunity to pull to rise further, using of LED the amount will also fall 20~30% again or so.LEDinside thinks the terminal market passes to postpone of buy an opportunity to annoy to ferment gradually in 2012-2013 years, plus the market that LED illuminates a product to accept one degree universal raise, also make Gao Liang Du of 2012 LED the production value have opportunity to keep on growth.However 2010 each manufacturer madness enlargement MOCVD productivity result in of supply exceeds demand a phenomenon, still hard solve in the short run, led home lightingestimate 2012 LED industry still must the average selling price space facing still has the fall of above 20%, therefore the technique that will test each LED manufacturer promotes speed and cost to lower ability.


Once Innovations

Citizen Electronics has signed a licensing agreement with Once Innovations, Zumtobel-owned Space Cannon has filed for  liquidation, Kyma has acquired IP right from The Fox Group, and Barefoot Power has won an international clean-energy award.

Citizen Electronics and Once Innovations sign license agreement
Once Innovations, Inc., an LED lighting developer based in  Plymouth, MN, and Japan-based LED maker Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. have entered into an LED license agreement. Citizen will gain access to part of the Once IP portfolio related to AC-LED conditioning technologies and color-temperature shift control for dimmable AC-LED lighting.LED lights manufacturer

Once recently reported AC-LED modules with a power factor over 0.98, total harmonic distortion under 20%, and system luminous efficacies exceeding 90 lm/W.LED projection gets

LED industry is a sunrise industry, the green industry, in line with the direction of scientific development concept, in line with the intensive, saving development path in line with the building of a harmonious Shenzhen, Shenzhen efficiency requirements, but also in line with the direction of the country's industrial development. LED semiconductor lighting technology, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, easy maintenance features, in recent years, the world's most promising high-tech areas. At present, Shenzhen, engaged in the semiconductor lighting technology and product development, production and application of more than 700 enterprises, accounting for nearly half of the number of firms, industrial-scale of about 15 billion yuan. dvb t tuners

Shenzhen is the world's largest solar energy LED lamps production and supply base, LED backlight the world's leading manufacturing and supply base, LED display China's largest production and supply base, LED packaging and specialty industrial lighting major domestic producing regions. For a long time, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the municipal government of the industry given the full attention and support, LED industry has formed a certain scale and industrial advantages, it has had to seize the domestic and international LED industry, an important factor in the development of high ground and conditions. However, we must be aware, at present the city's high-end LED industry chain links are still relatively weak, the relative lack of technological innovation capability, leading enterprises have not formed.dvb t mpeg4

Last year in December, Mayor Xu Zongheng had held an emergency meeting to study the same night to promote the development of LED industry, requiring relevant departments of planning, public platform for building and demonstration projects to promote the aspects such as research, the deadline issued policy for the better LED industry, existing strengths to play a city to make up for the disadvantaged. The relevant departments in the shortest possible time developed a "Shenzhen LED Industry Development Plan (2009-2015)" and so on six policy documents. This six policy documents, for the development of this important industry, firmly grasp the important development opportunities for sustained economic growth of Shenzhen to open up new economic growth point of great significance. dvb-t receivers


Soon disappeared lovely

Soon disappeared lovely view will you go?
Along with environment of depravation, ignore is sea level ascension and land desert to turn, the glacier eliminate to melt or the ocean go sour, the weather changes to just and quickly change the feature of star that we exist.There are a lot of landscapes allowing hereafter no longer own.cheap wedding dresses

1, Italian Wearnes
Wearnes livings because water livings, because of water but the United States, possessed "water city""aquatic city" to wait the United States to say, is the aquatic city of a beauty.But it is said that Wearnes already descends to sink for a long time, the sea-level ascension makes the circumstance more serious.The nearer year of Hong Lao is multifarious, don't know that Wearnes exactly returns an ability foolish how long on the surface?

2, Alps
Be located on Alps of European the south, the mountain Dian ice snow overlay, wood spring onion spring onion in hillside, but its elevation ratio falls radicle mountain range much lower, glacier and skiing divine spot of top of hill are more easily become by global weather warm influence.These reputation imposing glacier very probably will at 2050 ex- disappearcheap women's shoes

3, Maldive Islands islands
The Maldive Islands are the geography lowest nations in the world and Be located on the blue waters of Indian Ocean comprehensiveness in, the group of islands of green is surrounded by the delicate white yarn, is called "lose of heaven".The tallest natural elevation in its whole country is 2.3 meters, the average elevation only has 1.5 meters.If the sea level rises too quickly, the Maldive Islands will become the first nation that is influenced, it will is destroyed by the ocean because the world becomes warm.

4, Bangladesh
Bangladesh is placed in low-lying and damp Ganges-the graceful Lu hide cloth delta region in river, the inshore river is numerous, and the landscape is sublime.If the sea level rises one meter, that country about half of places will be drowned.Bangladesh is also placed in the core that the monsoon takes.Flow out such as the flood, tropical storm, stage manners and tide etc. about will take place annually and bring pathetic result.cheap fashion jewelry

5, the Sahara non- state
Be located on non- state the Sahara Desert of the north, the weather is very bad, it is said that that the sand of Africa's admiring to pull desert is increased with the speed of every month 0.5 miles.It is already the biggest sand to admire to pull desert to eat up the whole environment that North Africa change the whole African Continent thus in the world.

6, Great Barrier Reef
Being located on territory in Great Barrier Reef of Southern Hemisphere is broad, is biggest grow most in the world of coral reef, even can overlook from the space, but because of the weather variety, ocean temperature ascension, the sea water pollution, sea water go sour to deliver to bleach a great deal of coral with hurricane repeatedly.Nature's conceiving Great Barrier Reef may slowly disappear for 8,000 years.

7, glacier national park
More than 100 years ago, the whole glacier national park spread to reach to 150 more glaciers.But because of the green house effect, the glacier in the park just at significant narrow, leave 27 for till 2005, keep to estimate to probably completely disappear in 2030 year agos.Many vegetations and animal species that take this as home need ice water, this means that the eco-systems of park will take place the varieties of showing the Zhao.wholesale fashion jewellery

8, the Qi dint Ma Zha2 Luo's mountain
Africa first the high peak Qi dint Ma Zha2 Luo's mountain, its summit of hill whole year round overaly the Ai Ai white snow, is a very rare nature spectacular sight.The visitor fills benefit national from inshore Anne's wave in Kenya the park can take a distant look a wonderful view.But, because the weather becomes warm, the accumulated snow has already melted gradually.Anticipate after 10 years, the summit of hill will change into bald light one, moving the plant will also consequently die or change residence elsewhere.led home lighting


Wacom 2010 masters will

Wacom 2010 masters will:Again and top-class creativity master in the world face to faceink box

Local and large number art creations personage and the fanciers will have again number art creations in top-class opportunity and world the master face to face communicate, shares the masters successful experience, witness the elites of creations elegant appearance.September 21, 2010 and the 28th, the Wacom Chinese company will distinguish in Peking and Guangzhou to hold "Wacom2010 master meeting- CG true colors", and the true colors international sense of vision college of art invite a top-class data art of world together design the master deduce creations process on the scene and share creations experience of its success.toner

The creativity elite master of Wacom will communicate along with the technique before being the creativity profession that is sponsored by Wacom China activity.This every year once of the activity invited a domestic and international top-class creativity each time the master is on the scene share creations experience, induction creations technical skill, deeply be subjected to a local and large number art creations welcoming of personage.That activity has already successfully held since 2007 three, total amount more than 9000 audiences participate in the spot activity and overaly more than 15 myriad peoples of crowds.Zhu Feng, website design Jeremy Cook and Andrew Jones, He De Hong and this hero are clear, the etc. a series of number art master of Jeremy Sutton brought concerning showbiz, game and illustration and cartoon etc. the high level academic chair of different realm, for the country inside the large number art creations fancier create a high quality of the art creations gourmand royal feast, make them able to understand and the confidence number art create of current trend, let more number art the creations fancier feeling number art and technique Be perfect to combine the fascinating world created.These effort make"Wacom master will" become a local creativity before the profession along with the important terrace of technique exchanges.

Will this year"Wacom master will" is on the scene deduce the little more than CG of creativity technical skill design realm loudly be be of get soldier's thing, including three masters of the true colors international sense of vision college of art, experienced movie in the United States before expect story creations painter, Li Hong,'s(Lee Hong) Sir,Email Marketing Chinese cartoonist and illustrator originally hero clear Mr. Benjamin, and France has the cartoon illustrator of personality very much Nicolas.Nie rice Rui(Nicolas Nemiri).

Among them, Mr. Li Hong once served as several movies of large action paragraph sense of vision and story plan and story creations, included to once set receipt of a film legend of 《effort panda 》, 《monster war Alien 》and several films of dream factories, he particularly exceled the role design in the movie work and controled cinematic rhythm with lens language and appearance, and the sense of vision of the big condition and action drama expression.Once in 2006 had the honor of acquiring be widely praised as "Annie's prize" of the tallest honor in animation field.

This hero is clear to is a famous China cartoonist and illustrator, the true colors international sense of vision Art college grows, the world image of Chinese cartoon.In France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, the United States, Canada, Argentina, illustration and cartoon work's Malaysia, Japanese etc. more than ten national translation and publication.Work 《remember 》is the first China the cartoon that beats into an Euro-American market, is also most popular currently and publish the most Chinese cartoon in nation.Work 《orange 》get "the best cartoon prize in 2008" of the tallest prize of cartoon exhibition of France Colomiers.Is the Man's exhibition to establish 30 in the last years the first Asia get a prize.Greatly meet with success at the Arludik art gallery of France Paris personal art exhibition in October, 2007.This is the first-time personal oversea exhibition of Chinese computer illustration art.I think matrimony

Nicolas is a cartoon author and illustrator.He under the influence of the Japanese cartoon of mightiness, its influence also reflects in his work.Nicolas is drawing the third"Je suis morte" series cartoon, the its manuscript author is Jean-David Morvan.Its story is concerning youth person processing life, die with future life of science fiction story.His representative work still has "Je suis morte", "Hyper l' hippo" waits.