occupation standard

The stereo set modulates the member national occupation standard(a)
The national stereo set modulates a member occupation and have a dissimilarity in the different place of call method.For example calls in Peking City"stereo set teacher", calls in Shanghai City"modulate teacher", call in Zhejiang province"the sound controls teacher", also have the dozen of not a few places and Di hall the disc personnel to know together as "DJ" together,dvb t tuners at our country the occupation technical ability is called "stereo set modulate member" in the standard and below take off the national occupation of ascending the stereo set modulation member standard, the purpose is for making everyone have accurate understanding to that occupation.

The national occupation standard takes off to ascend-the stereo set modulate a member

The labor of the People's Republic of China and social guarantee department draw up

The third national occupation standard(Lao agency hall hair[2002] the 1st) explains

According to 《the People's Republic of China labor method 》of relevant stipulate, for the sake of the further perfect national occupation standard system, educates the basis that the training provides science, norm for occupation, labor and the social guarantee department organizes a relevant expert and drew up 《the stereo set modulate the member national occupation standard 》.(as follows brief name 《standard 》)

A, originally 《standard 》with 《the People's Republic of China occupation categorizes big Dian 》is basis, with objective reflection currently the level of this occupation and to the request of employee for target,dvb t receivers in well considering economic development, science and technology progress and industrial structure variety to the foundation that the occupation influences, to the movable scope of occupation, the work contents, technical ability request and knowledge levels all made explicit rules.

Two, originally 《standard 》of the establishment followed the request concerning technique regulations, since promise 《standard 》the norm of the style turn, and then embodied to take occupation activity as a direction and take occupation technical ability as the characteristics of core and also make it have to carry on regulatory vivid and function according to science and technology development in the meantime, demand according to training, consultation and employment work.

Three, originally 《standard 》basis relevant stipulate that this occupation is divided into five grades, including occupation general situation, basic request, work the request and specific weight table is four contentses.

Four, originally 《standard 》is finished under the joint effort of each relevant expert and the actual worker.The main personnel who takes part in to write and approves officially has:Wang Ming Chen,cable supplier Wang Shi Quan, at Ji Kai, the bear country is new, original Lee, Han Xian Zhu, Wang Ze Xiang and Sung set up, Yuan Fang, Xiaos Liu.Originally 《standard 》in the process of drawing up in, get the education board of China recording teacher association and heavy celebrate, supporting strongly of river south, Ningxia, Jiangsu, Anhui, etc. city interborough parties concerned in Shanghai, along together send thanks here.

Five, originally 《standard 》already labor and social guarantee department approval, from implement from February 11, 2002.

1.Occupation general situation

1.1 occupation names:The stereo set modulates a member

1.2 occupations define:In song and dance hall, creation and music and the literature places, such as performance and field building...etc., usage appropriation equipments, carries on to the volume, tone and tone color of voice source adjust to control and stereo set system design of personnel.

1.3 occupation grades:This occupation totally establishes five grades, respectively are:Class(national occupation qualifications four classes), high class(the national occupation qualifications is x-rated), technical expert(the national occupation qualifications is second class), deluxe technical expert in the entry-level(national occupation qualifications five classes).(national occupation qualifications one class)

1.4 occupation environments:The indoor outside, normal temperature, loudly press class for a long time.

1.5 occupation ability characteristic:The sense of hearing is sharp, act coordination, of joy feeling.

1.6 cultural degree:The junior high school graduates

1.7 trainings request

1.7.One training term:Fulltime system occupation education in the school fosters target and teaching to plan an assurance according to it.The promotion trains term:When entry-level was no less than 400 standards to learn:Medium the class be no less than 350 standards to learn;The high class is no less than 250 the standards learn;When technical expert was no less than 150 standards to learn;When deluxe technical expert was no less than 100 standards to learn.

1.7.2 training teacher:The teacher who trains an entry-level and wins class has to have this occupation high class and the top occupation qualifications or have the class above technique title in the related profession;Training high class, the technical expert's teacher has to have deluxe technical expert of this occupation occupation qualifications or related profession in class above professional technique;The teacher who trains deluxe technical expert has to have this occupation deluxe professional technique title of the related or related profession.

1.7.3 training place equipments:The standard classroom and practice place that has to satisfy a teaching demand has necessary stereo set equipments and teaching aid.Authenticate a request


Dimensionless black

The night color has been deep, a clear and crisp thunder rings out in my ear.Hence, calmness and hullabaloo, happiness and pain and sufferings, and my heart discomfort rather of the rashness move, together from the leaf before the window up, sink into.
Similar night, the skin in the interior region of autumn top, jump about fresh and cool choreographic.The vicissitudes of life of quarterly, the life transmigration of soul, probably only has time,Safety surface then can read to understand this night quietly but go to of breeze.
In this season, drive the boat of one page thoughts and feelings, wander about unhurriedly in the horary river, also understood the meaning of season transmigration of soul.

Rain, the behind in a burst of breeze.The every drop answers of quarrel, broke this night of quite.Lend the ray of light of street lamp, I saw shivering of outside leaf in the window, a kind of secret pain gradually since the heart bottom spread to open.
Outside the window, the rain's thunder is outside the window, in the house, I remember fondly also in the house, the dusky street lamp projects light upon the figure of my lonely through the window.A burst of breeze once blows, the light fluttered, in half rain, half in the mind.
The window still opened, the small fine drizzle drills to come in, the agile breeze drills to come in, the light fluttering drills to come in, and the limitless night also drilled to come in.Hence, my heart bottom spreads a night generally black, like the leaf of window outside head, float zero gradually in the time of this quarterly.
Still remember, that autumn, you say it's very good, I say it's very good;Now, is still so good in autumn, be just, we all will not mention it.
This season, my window has been opening, because of outside, is that you say good that autumn.

Inspiration of dried up, make I am in this night pain not the desire living.Past summer, I didn't adopt the next lotus flower;Autumn in nowadays, I didn't pick up the one red maple.That defoliation drowns at mediocre busy in the middle, this autumn mood I haven't told.The feeling moves 3,000, language of color but thus monotonous, suddenly discover himself/herself and have been on the brink of death.
I am foolish to sit, I am fidgety.At night like this listen to rain like this, but could not write a rain- related words.I am been negative by oneself in this night to the literalness self-confidence and negate in this night, wife female not at nearby of night, the negation is solitary the rain night here.
This night, destine to have no sleep.These several nights all have no sleep.

The dead is beautiful, I ever like this once said.Used to see spring of embryonic, the growth in summer, winter of hope, I even like autumn that kind of magnificent dead.The leaf of all over hills and countryside proceeds without hesitation ground, at oneself the life head for dead-end of time, use own dead, Stadium seatingexchange next year to lately living.The leaf falls to return a root, the itinerary of life draws previous final outcome, is just for the sake of the next nursery tale.
Lend the light of street lamp, I saw one leaf dreamlike to generally sink into.
The head starts and falls in all the way, carries on the back the weight of raindrop and also carries on the back the hope of a season from.

A bunch of light has already enough, on tying farawaily and only then increased much fantasy for this night.
The autumn has a thick idea already, and the obstinate cicada vibrates weak wings, the livinging of space that quietly invades me works properly and uses own existence that the way tells it.That voice of sad and shrill, the rain night in autumn, deafening.
Suddenly feel, that isn't the cicada, that is ever that we once walked together, that was the commitment that we promised under the light, those were our lifes be continuing ……

Daut own cheek, feel the degree of hardness of beard.Daughter childish voice, again ring out, the softness of the heart deep place, all over the place.
At the night like this, a light, is deeply good enough to wear the blackness of night.But, cluster mountain but separate I remain soft view.
Really want to hold tight breeze, entrust all of my thoughts and feelingses, let it is in this night and arrive you nearby and tell you, my solitude, my remember fondly ……

The footstep of rain is light,HTPC Keyboards street lamp ray of light inside, I almost could not see its existence, just in the middle of the air that damp breathing, let me feel the cold idea of night.
Suddenly, street lamp at my in the moment put out.
Suddenly, another deep-fried thunder rings out in my ear.
Hence, my world sank into dimensionless black.


money strategy guide

Hong Kong shopping eight greatest saving money strategy guide
1, if the purpose is a saving money and suggest to pass into Hong Kong from Shenzhen, so the meeting compare to go direct to Hong Kong saving money on the travel expenses.There are in Hong Kong three kinds of choices in airport in Shenzhen.An and railroad, sit K568 from the airport small expect Luo's lake, pass is an east iron, 20 piece, sit east iron Luo the lake arrive sharp east, carfare$34.8, the whole distanceses are about 100 minutes.The b and highway sits an airport to greatly expect the Shenzhen airport city of going directly to machine iron nine dragon stations to wait machine building,hong kong guide whole distances 100 minutes, 90 piece.C and water road, take a free bus to blessing from the airport wharf always, then by boat arrive medium harbor city wharf or HongKong-Macau wharf, 200 pieces of 80 minutes.

2, local transportation:Nine wide railroad, subway and sky star small layer bus, peace mountain of the round, the car of Ding Ding and double cable car, as far as possible little don't beat of private, private's cost a lot of Hong Kong, another a baggage adds to accept 5 dollars.The Octopus card card is very friendly and multiply by subway each time, all the province went to and purchase the ticket of trouble, and than direct ticket-purchasing also have several hair money to several special discounts of dollars.

3, stop for the night:The travel agency still calculates "machine+ wine" of special discount HongKong-Macau at ordinary times product, arrived peak seasons all the price isn't thin.So choose that oneself orders a cabaret, the target is for targeting much lower price.Hotel in the city of some low prices compares with widespreadly and frequently the building price of 56100 dollars, 200 many of price really special discount not a few, the room is naturally very small, but convenient subway negotiation thing of go not to give discount.

4, water:The beverage of Hong Kong is as more expensive as mineral spring, but has a small key, water almost can need not spend money, from the cabaret before going out, infuse water bottle full, Hong Kong social media optimizationgo shopping to finish drinking, go to a McDonald's, two glasses free ice water, water bottle can infuse again full, ha!There are still a lot of places having already freely established and kept a drinking, if want to drink beverage, know flavor so much|7-11 wait make a convenience of a store and buy.

5, a light repast:The restaurants of Hong Kong all has to be expensive than the hinterland, so can eat some a light repasts, happy and not expensive.Cloud of the double skin milk, fast food shop that Xu Liu Shan's sweet article, righteousness follows swallows the fish egg of noodles, street the cow is miscellaneous can try, several dollars don't wait to several ten dollars.

6, tourist spot admission ticket:Remaining of the shopping may also want to make sight-seeing trip once, that is about to say admission ticket in the tourist spot.If everyone sometimes, don't directly buy admission ticket in the tourist spot, Hong Kong has a lot of travel agencies all sell discounted admission ticket of, recommend everyone the travel agency of Hong Kong China, mainly travel the areas all have the agency in cent, last wreath, in the wreath, led lighting manufacturersgulf Zi, Causeway Bay, sharp sand mouth, prosperous Cape entirely has a branch and buy admission ticket to beat to there 8 fold or so, but attention once Disney paradise is have no special.

7, VIP card:If you intend to often come to Hong Kong shopping and ask one more to have member's card to sell at a discount while buying thing the east east like the card can do, or go to previous ask with surrounding friend, in fact can reduce not a few money, I am personal to have dfs and the sasa, isa and the body shop silver allied Hong Kong tour meeting, agens.b etc., very practical.Below introduce a carrying out of parts of cardses method:a.THE BODY SHOP:TBS store, basically walk each time several steps can see this store, the east east really must is very quite good, adding 75 dollars can immediately do a member's card also can namely call 8 to fold a special discount to also present special book.b.Connect a card Buddha:VIP that connects a card Buddha is full on that day 10000 just give to do!Connect a selling at a discount of card Buddha the card say that pay by cash, otherwise will check the name of signature and card lord.C.DFS:can carry out temporary card, selling at a discount card can I use.

3 hours while limiting!Consequently do card to please to make sure in advance concrete time segment.(enter store time)DFS one sells at a discount the card can purchase 18 to protect a skin article, 18 perfume,Cable Manufacturer Shi Jia can purchase 9 crystals.Enjoy to fold to up fold.Protect a skin article 85 fold:Lai friendship in Europe|Anna Su|bluish green Europe spring|Ji Fan rare|the saint Luo's orchid|comfortable Dan in Europe|Jiao orchid|Jiao rhyme poem|orchid Kou|DIOR;Protect a skin article 9 fold:Chanel|plant a village show|graceful poem orchid Dai(single article 9 fold, the suit didn't fold)|CHANEL|Qian green jade|article wood declaration|Jiao orchid;Other 75 fold:Shi Hua Luo's a life time strange crystal|ascend pleased road|BALLY|COACH|wave piano|POLO|BURBERRY|shuttle in the sky|rice in Europe add;Sunglasses:COACH 75 fold|GUCCI 85 fold| DIOR 75 fold|.

8, if is brush card consumption and will remember to brush the silver allied card and use visa\master card's waiting will be a little bit expensive.Reason I in brief say once:Silver allied is directly deduct with RMB, because all of current credit cards are the doubles of RMB and USD currency cards, if isn't the words that the silver unites, you of consumption will be:HKD changes ring it up with you for the USD method, so because of after a process that HKD changes into USD, you will pay to change to remit of procedure expenses, the good elephant is 1.5% or 3%, but use a silver allied for only a conversion, save rate of exchange.Moreover the silver is allied to also usually make some a few several divide what of activity, can go and before check the silver allied website to see to have what can save.


chip influence

LED drives how the chip influence the life span of LED light
The last few years, LED is a new economy energy light source can earn very high investment enthusiasm and biggest pay attention to in world and China, and is illuminated application market to permeate to the indoor by the open air, China also flows out to appear consumedly small around ten thousand LED in the house to illuminate a business enterprise.Let LED the lighting yield unusually brilliant results of the most reason is exactly that it publicizes of have economy energy, environmental protection, longevity life, easy control,led strip lights don't need a maintenance etc. characteristics.

However have what to satirize a meaning rather BE, we usually hear because LED drives the life span of the power directly and implicates LED to illuminate a lamp to become not"longevity", biggest increased maintenance|usage cost;Or drive the efficiency of the power not Gao make LED illuminated a lamp of ability effect conversion than isn't so high in the imagination, or because of output electric current line the wave didn't get a good control but influence give out light quality, make LED illuminate of green economy energy the advantage greatly give discount and even influenced a market universality.Therefore, MH heat exchangerLED industry chain of perfect and mature, drive the power is also important wreath among them.According to the IMSResearch research paper, LED drives a chip market to increase 26% and attains USD 1,000,000,000 in 2010.

AnalogicTech LED drives in the battery life, safety and design simple and gave or got an electric shock plank space and function etc. to bring end user an advantage.Their drove a product to adopt a proprietary ModularBCD manufacturing process technique and lowered a cooperation colleague in the middle of the factory the cost of the DRAM production line,Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger solved the price need of consuming the market.Pass performance several electric voltage levels requested for driving LED and didn't need administrative expense, and in the horizontal TrenchDMOS transistor of a chip full general and high electric current Jing the function Be whole to put together, for LED drove an application to provide most ex- follow of integrated circuit.The TrenchDMOS transistor brokes through electric voltage to be up to a 150 Vs and suits to use very much to control a very long LED string.Their LEDs drive series to include AAT2402, AAT2403, AAT2405 and AAT 1405|7|9|51 and AAT2439 etc., they make handheld and big medium-sized LED carried on the back light the application can have driving of 100 mAs of be up to ability.

The PowerIntegration company(PI) then released the function very overall design support software PIExpert, can help a designer to quickly and accurately develop a tall quality the power solution.On top of that, we released a great deal of LED that reference design can be provided as Gao cost efficiency to illuminate a solution usage, the efficiency of many designs is higher than 90%,plate type heat exchanger and the service life is very long.(as tallest as 50,000 hours)

Currently, the cost is also LED the important problem faced by development, therefore, provide low cost power of superior quality to drive to have much of a necessity.AnalogicTech company strategic marketing director general RogerSmullen means:"The manufacturing has the product that Gao Xing Jia compares and considers a few key factors:Customer's feedback, to understanding of the market and the system and efficiently of design method, Recently Jeffriesoutstanding manufacturing and a lot of other factors.