The red flower is carefree to fall to make a pure dust, there is heart from living feeling.Free and unfettered the hatred for inebriating the dream difficult solution to leave sorrow, come with the spring breeze again.

The melancholy accompanies withwedding dresses

In addition to window, Liu Zhi ties up to round, the winter jasmine also opens alone.The flower for longing for that I with meticulous care sow , now, should also be getting juster budding, that in fine threadsly remembering fondly should also fill the air in the moment full park beauties of spring gradually.

Long long of remember fondly, change magically into the small label in the my hand, is sung into lean and handsome and talented poem to go.

The spring of Noan-noan deeply loves dearly.

Inside the Lian, the feeling livings.

BE who at shallow sing low sing, the whose remembers fondly to send forth light of, imitate such as the breathing of the orchid, bump shot my atrium.You dream 100 turn thousand times, sigh in sorrow difficult even.

Hoping Qian Mo outside the window is boundless, is like smoke and inebriate to dance lovely, confusing, Wen Run Xin joss-stick.The breeze son slightly shook to ring before the window the breeze bell of that purple color, the feeling thinks to linger around and shears continuously, the reason returns in disorder.Make into it for remembering fondly your permanence, become a writing, is my life memory, spread forever.

Bitter and astringent, dream.

Youth well dissolve in white aquatic drop of lemon juice, after once tasting the square know difficult among them of sour puckery.Purple memory, at the whose chest Yi midstream wave, a purple ground flower umbrella, smoke rain distressed shape.

Once the Ju hold remnants to spend cold rain and compose a Que the sorrow song sorrow phrase, the Ying Ying phrase sentence, have me the sighing of You Wan, stay a to put on lucid and attractive, in the memory of your permanence.

One paper plain Jian, in the deepest world of mortals and you, share continuously warm and fragrant tender feelings.Cable manufacturer

Soft think, worry.

The tender feelings of spring breeze ten insides, you listen to, flower Qian Quan, the slice slice flower petal floats into the bosom of breeze to embrace, my writing inside that of the twittering is that to at that time and from cradle to the grave love dearly.

The window sill that remembers fondly to cross you, cheek lightly once kissed you, that is my small hand is comforting, comfort you the sea change ever, aery clouds and mist, the Die copied lightly.

Lonesome but standing alone of window Ling next, a small light, one cup pure tea, a string of note, an a life story of woman.

Pink Liu Lyu, that petal petal smiles dimple, exactly of be fond of a got drunk season, worry also from here but living.

Wait for, scarce.

Love, you know I at wait you?

I deplore greatly like this of follow you closely, came and go, melancholy but sadness, you of disappointed vision, being my this present life can not forget of distress.

Lonesome, the sorrow harms.

Take a stroll a gallery in, the flowing water is loving, peach blossom, float zero of fall red, pour Li to soak through rains and winds of sad but beautiful, want to is that quarterly, the lilac spends to also quietly open.

Quietly, thinks the Wei depend on in the writing;

Lightly of, write into you my the writing.

Dead hour makes a shadow.

Hand a column to far hope, through the night of this utter darkness, facial appearance saw you, thin flower, but thick night.According to the sparse, you come, is inebriating in a voice, lightly call.Plate Heat Exchanger

Spread of remembering fondly and burning window Ling, you of sweet smiling face, words pay attentions to, all quietly go into a phrase under my finger tip.

A paper feeling thinks and flutters in the lonesome night, the green silk dances in the wind with the breeze, the tears inside the window soaks through half side gusset.

Fondle a piano, draw feeling.

Sit alone vacant room, start to stir piano Xian, another time repeats what that acquainted with to remember fondly, the light drizzle outside the window is falling thick and fast, and the sweet Ai is cool.Order some rain voice companion wears long resound of GuZhen, unclear slowly spread to go since then, hide the tender feelings in the eyes, charmingly feminine become poem, such as river water general of from run off, is graceful and restrained one remembering fondly of chamber rise and fall of the note Be lingered around to ear side, finally turn to make a line of lucid and attractive show in line grows of writing, engrave in mind.


compares to increase 683%

The skill dragon together compares to increase 683%

Arrange the rise first

According to the statistics, releases the company that three quarters report at 39 in, the rise first in line of skill dragon, secondly BE, net Qin and century good good luck, strange tiger 360,office furniture their net profit together compares a rise to distinguish to 683%, 343%, 243% and 186%.But the rise above still has a soft in 100% motive, the Phoenix new medium, search building net and exhibition Xun to correspond by letter.The skill Long Cai's report suggests, accomplishment growth of main reason is because of cabaret guest room the increment of the night amount, other business incomes together compare increase 21%, mainly is because the advertisement releases with the increment of the travel insurance income.

To this, skill the wide blessing of chief dragon's executive officer Cui accepts 《stock certificate newspaper 》reporter meant while covering, is canning directly reserve local cabarets in more than 23,000 houses and international cabarets in more than 145,000 houses that the amount ranks the first, the cabaret conveniently and easily using reserves website and cellular phone the customer carried an application, and had the price of competition ability to continuously in great quantities draw on a guest in the reserving of skill dragon.In addition, the skill dragon bought a cabaret through a regiment to travek to carry on continuous innovation on the market in the domestic with releasing of special price cabaret business today.

But is the wealth report of the catena cabaret group man cabaret group in the court that the domestic leads to suggest, man the third quarter degree in court the revenue total amount is renminbi is 627,000,000 dollars, the same period that was subjected to the World Exposition benefit good factor influence in Shanghai a little bit last year increases 23.8%.The revenue total amount outstrips the upper limit of company expectation.The net profit of three quarters degree is smooth is renminbi is 58,200,000 dollars, the wreath ratio increases 44%.

Moreover, 2011 year ago three quarter degree man's court have already added 142 family stores.To this, man court CEO Zhang Tuo said, flower shopthere being the target that the confidence carries out to lately opening 200 family stores in the Year 2011's, and anticipating the total earning of the degree in the four seasons will at renminbi of 6.35-655,000,000 dollars, this means together the ratio will increase 40-45%.http://www.health-checking.com/stjc.html


3"open" the baby's

3"open" the baby's right brain before the year olds
Just a few babies with big months unexpectedly know to distinguish a color, can also point the hand painting feet ground to point out!"The right brain that develops a kid can make the kid express to make daddy's mama surprised ability!"Kid education expert said, the right brain developed abroad and was valued for several years, but domestic then just start, was good at making use of a baby 0~3-year-old right brain development prime time, stimulate right brain to develop,Production Housekid more intelligent.

The baby learns an ability 3 the strongest before the year old

The color card that looking at the quick flash across in the mother's hands, listen to the mother read according to the Shan card in different color of to in response to the color, rice promise a careless shape;But the mother then imitate a Buddha the color of Shan card in the middle of selfishly and quickly reading and beginning.Immediately after, the mother random drew out the card in red and black to take with 2 respectively and asked a rice promise:"Where is the red ?" Let person of a surprised act appeared:The rice promise didn't hestitate ground to make a pounce upon the mother's left hand, while the mother's left hand take of is that card in red!The mother random sampled a few colored cards to ask a rice promised again, the kids were all accurate to without any error choose a rightness homologous of color card.

Kid education expert says, this was the kid to accept a right brain development course after a month(every day 3 times,bridgestone every time 5 minutes) of express, but the rice promise can make of matter, each baby cans make!Guangdong is excellent to living excellent teach association president of association Ping2 Liu Xiang to report a reporter to say lately and quickly:"The innovation comes from intelligence, the intelligence comes from right brain."The right brain is bigger than left brain function, shoulded try education all be training a left brain, but neglect the development of right brain, but the right brain is main.He said that excellent living, excellent teach all do, is excellent to teach how to do just most effective, the parent must seek road son.German scholar Carl he tells a reporter, .The Wei puts forward in 19th century especially, the age is more young, the infant has the strongest study ability, but along with the growth of age, if don't stimulate right brain growth, development, make stronger and input more informations in time, kid gifted genius absorption ability will at about 6 years old disappear gradually.

The right brain development namely in great quantities and quickly inputs a subconscious information

Guangdong is excellent to living excellent teach association the child of the committee of experts synthesized to develop a professional committee member of committee, sky to love an infant in early days education director general, Li Li,MotoGP from teaching in center told a reporter, the parents of great majority would think:Make the baby study absolutely now is play piano to the cow;The kid is too small, don't understand;So small study, the pressure is big;Now study well, went to school in the future meeting not with concentration!But she tells a reporter, baby 3 before the year old particularly yes devoting one's minding of 0~16 months sensitive period and quest sensitive period, study ability with living accompany, the study isn't a pressure to them.

"The infant's study characteristics isn't to do beg comprehension and completely absorb and also be called a subconscious study method, this is also the study characteristics of right brain;But the adult's characteristics is the memory of comprehension type, regardless from the study speed,wireless keyboards absorb an information of amount the top all can not compare with the infant's study ability!"Li Li tells a reporter, the right brain development wants to hold firmly to be 3 years old the prime time as follows.


employee cease

Kang 100 alliances reborn variables:100 matter the employee cease work Wei power
"BE cheated!""BE sold!"This is numerous currently 100 matter the employee's feeling to 100 matter Chinas and the Kang teacher ownershipfreshwater pearl of a share displacement, they also convert this consistent activity.

On November 14, Pepsi-Cola China is located on heavy celebrate, become all, south Chang, Fuzhou, grow five bottles of sand to pack a factory beginning to cease work Wei power.That day morning, five employees of factories collectively delivered to the false that asks for leave on the 15-16th.They said, if the company doesn't give a parlance of reasonable, will initiate public prosecution.

On November 5, Kang teacher and Pepsi-Cola announced both parties' alliance agreement together, such as if get the approval of department concerned,tahitian pearl the Kang teacher will control 5% ownership of a shares by Kang teacher beverage, exchange Pepsi-Cola China to pack all ownership of a shares of factory at the hinterland 24 bottles and become these bottles of new host who pack factory.

This undertaking encountered Chinese bottle of objection that packs a factory existing worker of numerous Pepsi-Colas.

"We this front even have never got a notice is sold by them."Weigh to celebrate a bottle to pack factory the spot in the Pepsi-Cola, a worker tells this report the reporter, " Pepsi-Cola tries to make us make a contract with Kang teacher again unilaterally.In this process,golden south sea pearl but our rightses can not get any guarantee."

"This is the blueest day in Chinese Pepsi-Cola history."A participated in November 14 Pepsi-Cola China cease work a Wei power activity of the employee is in the network last regrets way.

On the evening of November 14, 100 matters are delivered to declare to call, "100 matters are an employer for being responsible.We highly promise the rights of protecting the employee.We propose with the alliance of Kang teacher to need a government an approval.If get an approval, infusing to pack the factory system labor contract will continue to implement.Under the new alliance, 100 matters will just as since toward the ground keep it in aggressive participation in China and closely cooperates of market position.We are carrying on an aggressive communication with employee."

" We can make sure of BE, in the coming two years, don't pack factory to make to serve as to the bottle of Pepsi-Cola China what change."On November 14, cease work to this, the internal authorities of a Kang teacher says to reporter of this report.

"Unfair" of annul contract

At 9:00 a.m. on November 14, 100 matters are heavy the doorway celebrating factory pull to have a horizontal, employee slogan tidy, but emotion concussion, request a company to carry on repair.By the side of the bulletin board of the factory and the publicity advertisement of 100 matters, everywhere it is thus clear that the employee's"opinion" to this time alliance affairs:Twireless keyboardshe wordses, such as"liar" and"the trustworthiness is where""return my youth"...etc. again and again appears.

"We come here, is the way of doing that protests against that the Pepsi-Cola Chinese companies take no cognizance employee's right."A claim to be heavy celebrate Pepsi-Cola of factory some car the vice- director's Wei power personage tells a reporter, " before the Pepsi-Cola and the Kang teacher reaches agreement, all employees have no knowledge to the alliance milli- of 100 matters and Kang teachers, the time on the 5th a notice's finished, and the slightest doing not speak of hereafter a merger is original of 100 matter how to should do employee."

Introduces according to another employee, with otherly infuse to pack factory different, 100 matters are heavy to celebrate factory to have very and greatly the employee of one part is previous 100 matters and mansion cola in the sky to establish joint venture company time to leave of old employee, it has been more than 20 years since this part of persons mostly worked in the factory, they of sons and daughters now also many work in the factory.


menstruation of the extraordinary

The menstruation of the extraordinary effect reduces weight effect to turn over 100%
The menstruation always makes the person happy to let person's sorrow, sorrow of is that several dayses of inconvenient, pleased is the gold week that takes a menstruation can thoroughly weight reduction hairdressing, effect but double.See menstruation to reduce weight the unexpected weight reduction effect that brings you together.
The first week, the menstruation starts(the MC visits)

Skin appearance:Be rated as for calamitous week, the pimple growing before menstruation stays till now, LED haze coversthe skin easily appears an anasarca, aridity, dark sink, sensitive etc. condition, the black eye is obvious.

Beautiful appearance:DOWN

Reduce weight an orientation:DOWN

Menstruation general will have humidity to be detained a problem, and can't hoard fat, more important, because of through running off of blood, our body is original vitality greatly harm, if you still need to get worse, don't increase anti- reduce, body affirmation can not stand.So, the MMs take taking a rest as a lord on this week!

Tips:Man.Sad what

An and menstruation's body resistibility is a lot of weak, particularly don't eat cold and the salt weighs of food, for example the ice arouse Ling , and pickles...etc..(This seems to be not to need me bothersome)

B, as far as possible drink a gentleness and promote the beverage of blood circulation, for example tea.

C, let skin more to take a rest, Harm, the love don't havechoose low stimulate low burden, and can drink the skin care products of humidity!

Black iron class welfare:Is basically the sad history and tears of blood history of the sisters on this week, the skin sensitive is weak, very easily is violated by ultraviolet ray, and appear An to sink a dry phenomenon.The anasarca of different degree occur in face department and eyes easily.Put wet towel into microwave oven heating to spread eyes, the careful towel doesn't have to be too very hot.Until the towel puts into a microwave oven again after becoming cool heating, again spread eyes, thus again and again 3 times, can decrease swelling.

The second week, the egg afterbirth expects(the MC just walked)

Skin appearance:The essence of the beauties 7 day, the metabolism of the body is the active this period, the hair follicle is finest, the skin color has sheen most , in the meantime, influence bosomy ovary estrogen is also 24 hours, madness but with same quantity secrete, the peace MMs, our evangels came, become beautiful become thin take advantage o now Luo.(I don't want to grow breast, I still think small, help the MM of those demands)

Beautiful appearance:UPlove in the frame

Reduce weight an orientation:UP

The beautiful week records:Try out for a week of new product, the in addition smoothes of sport.

Maintain a point:Try out a new product or change skin care products+usage emergency mask, massage skin care products+grow breast

Gold class welfare:Science proves that the day starts to calculate since female menstruation, the 11, 12, 13th days, and the 18~24th days all is grow breast and weight reduction of gold opportune moment.The 11~13th days for grow breast the best prime time, the 18th dayses is a prime time for 7 days after, the 8~15th days then the fine time of weight reduction.

The beautiful prime time grows breast weight reduction recommendation plan:

The beauty toughens method:

1, each before sleeping late massage chest of 15 minutes, don't take a bra sleeping.

2, had better just before sleep take a shower every night, bathing's taking advantage o a skin behind don't do, the Tu Shang chest muscle tightens frost, Tu Shang's scrub cream or spray a plentiful milk to spray fog all can, again with go against the hour hand massage for 15 minutes upward.

Beautiful food through:

1, the choice can provide the food of enough calcium quality and combine appropriate chest to toughen, will be more effective for the plentiful Long of breast.

2, drink milk more, for promote breast of first spring second spring is to N spring, can much eat some rich contain the food that vitamin E and beneficial hormone secretes, like book heart vegetables, spend vegetables, the sunflower seed oil, and the corn oil fixed menu in restaurant seed oil...etc..

3, the vitamin B clan also help the hormone to synthesize, it is existed to thick foods, such as food, bean, milk and beef...etc. in.