100MW photovoltaic installation project

Moser Baer Solar will be one quarter to complete the 100MW photovoltaic installation project
Moser Baer Solar Systems plan in the first quarter of 2011 100MW project, installation sites are located in India,company formation Rajasthan and Gujarat State of orissa. According to the company, in 2011 4 quarter Rajasthan Jodhpur 5MW factory project, the 3 quarter NVVN migration project and Gujarat 30MW project has been completed and put into operation.
Moser Baer Solar Systems chief executive K.N Subramaniam said:" as of 2011 December, Moser Baer Solar Systems debugging 41MW solar photovoltaic project, which became the most influential one of the enterprises. Component prices dropped, output cost declines and liquidity challenges both in the recent period and in the future will seriously affect the photovoltaic industry. Obviously, this market has been in the quality, economic capacity and supply and demand balance began to make the top part of the difference between. Subramaniam in a general overview of group 2011 fiscal 3 quarter financial position statement: "we are using MIST technology efforts towards a steady efficiency upgrade strategy development, and through the use of us in a number of technical areas strong internal R & D team and execution of the photovoltaic battery efficiency up to 21%."

Moser Baer Solar had previously planned in 2012 January using MIST ( metal and lamina propria semiconductor technology ) technology to migrate to the efficient battery technology. Moser Baer also stresses,solar wafer in 2012 January India ground support project demand is strong. They said a moonlight V installed capacity of 120MW, and the recognition of Gujarat solar plan have been debug 600MW installed photovoltaic power generation equipment.
Trina Solar photovoltaic component by ICIM" made in Europe" certification
In February 13th, Trina Solar announced its use European silicon production of polycrystalline solar modules, through the Italy related certification and obtaining a 10% photovoltaic electricity price subsidy.
ICIM SpA ( Italy Milan) with Trina Solar two factory inspection and final product of the two test, awarded the" made in Europe" certification. Trina, its production of component compliance in 2011 December by Gestore ServiziEnergetici SpA ( Italy Rome) to develop the latest revision of the rules.
GSE certified products including TSM-PC05, TSM-PC05. 08 -. 18 and TSM-PC14 PV modules, all of these components including TSMPC05A received a ICIM ICIM product certification, the products have passed CEI / EN61215 and CEI / EN61730 testing, and will be posted on the ICIM factory inspection tag.
REC wants to sell three solar manufacturing plant
Renewable energy company REC ( Renewable Energy Corporation ) is located in Norway 's three solar wafer and battery factory has passed GoIndustry London offices for the global market, marking one of the biggest solar factory end.
Last October, REC announced that it will close in, abbreviated 500MW wafer factory, located in grom fewer 200MW silicon chip plant and is located in the Narvik 200MW solar battery factory. REC has appointed the world's leading residual asset managers responsible for the sale of GoIndustry,Cable manufacturer valuation in 50000000 euros.


meaning that spring

Warm wind blowing my heart, meaning that spring.
That day I walk in the sunset, see greets affliction lover, at that moment, the past come to mind, as I have not shed floods down one's cheeks., the rise in gray sky, around the street lamp at the beginning,poly bag supplier the soul can be blown memories where, in repeated scenes, although you have not in my side, affection for you as usual, under these circumstances, can only say goodbye!
Then you spring, braving wind and, over time, a few solitary temptress, in the ring track around several laps, and winter to spring, you hold the quietly, with no sound, I look to the sky with the stars alone according to the window, the brightest stars such as you, from the sky flies, no trace of. Weekday night sleepless, impermanence, was thinking you, I to the human heart unavoidable injury pain think fast, elegant fragrant volatile ink, try to clear word annihilation heart acid at parting, don't you see the hurt, that is I can not do.
The night is deep, sleepless, flood. With complex emotions that accompanied the lonely night express is a little sad, as if wandering in the desert such as the same position. See the full day crape myrtle flower, you like a bomb Zheng woman holding a yarn Naaman came to me, white floating, delicate hand, in the breeze lifelike in the air, I hear your hair, want to hold, but in vain, anxious, condensate in a moment, seeing the tears away, disaster.
Deep in my heart, is a from the war, even has been easy manners smile masked, to stop the complicated feelings, I know that life is short, the coming days would be long., live like a man, but also to be strong, and in this I do not know for years, the world changes in temperature, the vicissitudes of life, have no many people get a reminder of juvenile white head. Perhaps,make plastic bag only the heart strong, appearance to be strong, can face it and life.
Flashy, not to love is not to borrow Fu new, elegant attitude look through the red dust days, thousands of the world the world, few people know, I learned more condition of thin shallow, but do not have them. When the flourishing and loneliness, although gaunt, often hear others words for humble, had a few scenes past tours on mind, complex thoughts travel of him, so in other people's stories, wash with their grief. He who has a wife to her husband, Zhang Yan is not free and easy drinking several cups of, but rather to burning was a wry and annoyance, some whisper words like crazy. Think of you tonight, don't know where you hide. Want to look back again, but was Yunyan trip home, even though I still faintly in your dreams, don't know tomorrow will face how much pain and confusion, in short, and you had a dream never to tell to whom, leave your blessing, let it warm my night.
Looking back, find themselves becoming her up, life becomes complicated and changeable; to face many independent afford things, wandering strong and weak midpoint hard to choice. I watched the years flow like water, is years old young heart. News of this bustling Fairview Park, wind flower snow and rain, who can no regrets no tears, how many lose after having got it, lost and found, seemingly by people to decide, all for oneself. When someone jealous, when someone", can truly experience sad not or only yourself.
Only a short while ago, is this the red.Offshore company The distress, has removed the young faces.


Chaplin pushed on stage

Charlie Chaplin's parents are both dance artist. His father is a baritone. Little Charlie parents separated early,mother's dayhe may tell his father learned to tap dance, and later his father died due to alcohol poisoning. His mother Hanna Hill, stage name of Lily Harvey, is a renowned light opera dancing and singing actor. Lily income quite abundant, little Charlie in the mother and Sidney ( mother's previous marriage, children, later he always close brother ) side, and had a happy time, until one day the coming doom.
When he was five years old. This event happened in London a very simple theatre, his mother looked pale, just leave the stage. She is in a bird sound away, her previously have worse voice completely collapsed, graceful song no longer, now only as a noisy croaks. They whistle, laughter as one falls,Jia Ke su Manager stamp with rage. When an intuition to Lily took his son by the hand, pushed him to the footlight light. Charlie walked to the terrified audience, he sang songs, danced. He played a beautifully strange, funny and cool:" I did my mother's broken voice." Later he said. The people laugh, he is successful, coins such as rain generally falls around him. He paused, pick up the coin, with a handkerchief wrapped up to its mother. The audience mistook his move was the funny, more laughter. This is Charlie's first performance, at the same time Lily last appeared in theatre.
The following day is a long terrible leads to misery Hill : first, rent cheap furnished apartment, then an grimy roof house, antagonistic to the extreme poverty from arrest. Lily sold her beautiful costumes, in a sewing machine to work hard to earn a few pennies. She went to the relief of the poor food station, in a poor-house. The children were taken into the Pauper hospital, then was sent to a school for orphans. Poor Lily first was settled in the women's house, then was sent to the asylum.
When she temporarily cured, he tried to find her son again, one family reunion. But sometimes, when they" act", in the only scenery -- a tattered stove and a bed before interconnection lines time, they are almost happy. " She is I have seen the most talent actor," Charlie would later reveal the truth", through the observation of her, I not only learned how to use my hands and face to express my feelings, but also learned how to study."
When brother Sidney as a seaman, disappeared when the little guy, persuaded his mother, let him leave school to find a job, small traders to run errands for can. Due to anxiety and worry, Lily again crazy. Charlie extremely lonely, when he was 12 years old. He already knows, his future in the theatre. He and his brother went to the asylum's terrible memories, always on his mind -- Lily curled up in her single cell, from her fuzzy mind to come up with a one word, together such a bizarre advice:" don't lose reason, otherwise, they will put you in here."
Charlie in the theatre gained a small role. He soon became the leading actor on the stage as well as the lead character in the film. Soon he will be able to take care of his two have a recurrence of an old illness, two hospitalized mother. The unhappy woman finally before his death saw her son's success, that flows in her veins and drama of the passion, by kinship ties,varicose veins tips passed has become Sherlock's little Charlie.


supplementary insurance

Still enjoy supplementary insurance
" After the reform with the ordinary workers to take as our social security card, payment and reimbursement ratios are the same," in Beijing City Urban Management Bureau of the work of Zhang Yong ( a pseudonym ) told reporters," is no longer limited to units designated doctor has a hospital, Valentine's Daycan be in the whole city 19 class a medical insurance designated hospitals choose 4, and card medical treatment can realize instant settlement, I didn't have to pay for the medical expenses. Disadvantage is the monthly deduction a little money, Medicare pay line following part to be out of their own pockets."
According to the Beijing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau Insurance Commissioner Jiang Jiyuan, to push reform smoothly," according to the national related policy, public health professionals into the employee medical insurance, can also enjoy the supplementary medical insurance." The city will finance for the original medical personnel 's basic medical insurance from paying part of the" two reimbursement". Its purpose is to make the original public health to enjoy the people's health care treatment does not reduce the.
The CPPCC Beijing a staff member told reporters," does have a supplementary medical insurance payment, but the amount is not large, netbook tabletand many enterprises have paid for the employee supplementary medical insurance."
Reportedly, Beijing municipal units to participate in the basic medical insurance expense by both employing units and employees pay a monthly. Unit pay all worker pay expends wage base and the 10% (including 1% large mutual fund ), the individual to pay last year on the average wage of 2% yuan and 3 large mutual fund. And ordinary workers medical insurance is different, the unit will also for worker pay 3% supplementary medical insurance. The corresponding two in medical treatment also has a certain gap.
Zhu Fuling emphasizes," public health reform is not to reduce the level of treatment but who, in order to provide employees with more sufficient medical security, which is the health care reform process should adhere to the principle of." " Medical insurance payment cardinal number is and wage income, the income of civil servants than enterprise workers is high, reduces the requirement of medical treatment alone is not practical." Renmin University of China School of labor and human resources social security department head professor Chou Yulin even said," a college students, graduate students through open examinations to become civil servants, he in the human capital investment is much higher than that of other enterprises, income is high, medical treatment is a point should be."
For public health groups after insurance, will still enjoy more than ordinary workers health insurance more specific treatment,samsung galaxy tab 8.9 Chou Yulin argues," each country gives additional health benefits of civil servants is a common phenomenon to see, reform and progress in system level."


Time to flee

Time to flee, fleeting light
Time fleeting time, mild, gray hair, old face, who can withstand the passing of time, forever young, love, also but arrived in time, life is but a hundred years, have white hair, but also a few years time, I'm just world in a grain of dust, small, wind and free, with dust, this is my yearning for freedom,HTC flyer p512the wheel of time over twenty years traces, my freedom became unreachable dream, the cruel reality before us, twenty years time to flee, mark left, except in my face left old mark, also let me touch I want freedom, I can only helplessly, watch it go back.

I look back at the lights dim, dim deep, have a childish face, and a group of children play slapstick, originally, it is the child self. Suddenly, I burst into tears, pure love, freedom, laughter, a group often and his playing partner, child, heart will not be lonely, grow up, suddenly found themselves more and more lonely.

White love, by the time, such as the flowers gone, gone, time can not return to the past, unable to return it, my dear old time,samsung galaxy goodbye, goodbye, as in years past,, goodbye ... ... In the dream, memory petals float back to the past, tell the child self, do it yourself, you will get the freedom you want, don't let the time waste a sigh.
Rain falls, farmer of earth

The past which can not go back, go back to the dream, only when a memory, the rain outside the window, quietly, I listen quietly, listening to this world in beautiful sounds of nature -- the rain, like listening to a story, a sad story, telling the world so sad the troubles, such as flowers, withered, such as falling leaves, not stand up to the youth passes as a fleeting wave., keep youth.

Bright lights is not suitable for me, too bright, will burn my eyes, I like a quiet life, soft lighting, light time sides, with the vicissitudes of life for drinking, eating time, time to do the clothes Jinhua clothing, after a long time, quietly turned, then, to leave ... ...

What you want is to do with my life? All I want to do is, study mandarinrain falls, farmer of earth ... ...