cerebrovascular diseases

Ganoderma lucidum and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Coronary heart disease, angina, hypertension, Yunzhi pspatherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia have prominent effect
Ganoderma lucidum on coronary heart disease, angina, hypertension, atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia have prominent effect. General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region, Beijing Institute of traditional Chinese medicine Dongzhimen hospital, Shanghai Medical University, Japan Hanson Institute of medicine such as a large number of professional medical organizations are glossy ganoderma preparation on coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, hemiplegia patients, made objective efficacy data.
According to pharmacological experimental studies and clinical trials have provided evidence, can think: Ganoderma lucidum on coronary heart disease, angina pectoris curative effect and enhance heart function, improve the myocardium to ischemia resistance, increased coronary blood flow,PC remote improving myocardial microcirculation, reducing blood viscosity, prevent thrombosis and so on. Ganoderma lucidum sedation, analgesia effect and removal of oxygen free radicals and enhance the hypoxia tolerance function also play here.
Effect of Ganoderma lucidum on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have the following characteristics
1, relief, reduce, eliminate the symptoms of angina pectoris.
The 2part, the electrocardiogram in patients with myocardial ischemic changes may be due to the use of Ganoderma preparation and improve.
3, hypolipidemic, gentle lowering blood pressure.
4, Ganoderma preparation can reduce blood viscosity and plasma viscosity, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, to improve blood circulation disorder.
5, patients after administration, in addition to the original heart palpitations, dizziness, headache, gas tight,windsor health edema and other symptoms ease, the majority of patients with appetite, sleep and physical also has clear improvement, has few side effects.


French cypress leaves

Wire asphalt is composed of French cypress leaves and fruit distilled. There is a strong smell of the wood,Yunzhi Essence commonly used in men's cosmetics.

Pine essential oil can relieve congestion due to cold and throat discomfort, edema, and can promote the blood circulation.

Pine essential oil production, is the use of northern Europe and Russia produce pine branches, and pine needle pinecone use. Volatile oil of turpentine is the main ingredient of ( Terpenses ). Allyl resin ( Terpentine ) is derived from the prefix. Is the common material of loose oil and sap. Allyl in pine and sweet citrus fragrance acts in the role of. There a famous gastrointestinal medicine,mother day it can cure inflammation, its main ingredient is containing the substance.

Frankincense on mental fear, emotional fluctuations have a calming effect. It can help to calm, help meditation can eliminate the fears and nightmares, enhances the sense of security, and is also a placebo. On the aging of the skin with special effects, it has anti-aging effect, it is a very good antidiarrheal.

Frankincense is a resin, strong permeability and relieve nerve function. Therefore, Chinese medicine in the treatment of traumatic injuries are prescription frankincense, the medicine of these two drugs for pain relief in. Over the past few centuries, western society is to be used at the altar, for religious worship use give priority to.
Lavender oil is one of the most commonly used sesame oil. It can soothe, calm, balance and adjustment of multiple symptoms. Its volatile oil can antibacterial anti-inflammatory, sedative. Even as a mosquito repellent agent.

According to the needs of users of different, can be gasified, direct inhalation or apply. Children hyperactivity, restless sleep. Can sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the pillow, let out slowly, children after inhalation of can peaceful sleep. The patient recovered after the period,office furniture in the room for fumigation inhaled, can accelerate rehabilitation, enhanced physique. Inflammation and relieve muscle pain, which can be used for any skin.


battery price why worry

China 's lithium ion battery price why worry?
Lithium battery is a high growth industry, production line need to often change, no fixed capital, dimensions and actual strength of science and technology company is not based on the. The short term without national tilt give aid to, cannot cultivate internationally competitive enterprises," HTPC Keyboardturn overtaking" ideal may become the" dream".
Lithium ion battery electric vehicles is the core components, its price largely determines the popularity of new energy vehicles. Recently, new energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization ( NEDO ) issued a forecast,2015vehicle lithium battery costs will drop to 30000 yen (about 2502 yuan / kWh / kWh ), only1/ 3of the current price.
According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of physics researcher Huang Xuejie in an industry forum said, at present our country lithium battery cost nearly5000 yuan / kWh, in 2015 goal is to reach 3000yuan / kWh, and Japan also has certain disparity.
According to insiders, the cost of lithium-ion battery has a mysterious" veil", not known to the outside world. Its high price, to the development prospect of new energy vehicles also cast a shadow "".
Battery cost is a bottleneck
According to industry sources, the battery is a new energy automobile industry chain of the most important one annulus. At present, the battery cost accounts for vehicle price ratio is generally25% ~ 30%, some models even reached 50%. Battery cost determines the basic vehicle in the market price competitiveness.
China battery industry association public data query shows, at present the production of lithium batteries can be split into five parts, respectively is the part of the diaphragm, electrolyte, cathode material, anode part part part and copper foil, aluminum foil material, adding liquid battery manufacturing and packaging accessories components.
The diaphragm, electrolyte, cathode material, anode materials part four of this total cost of lithium batteries to85%, were approximately 25%,15%,30%,15%. Lithium ion battery price" high", is to a large extent the industry has not formed industrialization, batch is little, lack of equipment production line, low content of science and technology, the low-end products to repeat construction, restricting its development.
In addition, accessories, cathode material at present domestic enterprise production has been achieved, with independent intellectual property rights. But for the battery cost about 70% of the electrolyte and separator, and the anode material still rely on imports, especially in the high-end market especially.
The diaphragm is lithium material of the highest technical content of high additional value material, diaphragm performance, directly affects the capacity of the battery, circulation and safety performance characteristics. The only three companies, Jinhui star science and technology Gaoke, grain, like BYD, power of God and other well-known enterprises still rely on imports of the product. The diaphragm material market prospect looks good, but in the world have the right to speak basically only Japanese Asahi ( Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Tonen ( TCC ), South Korea SK company, WIDE company, Finepol company, Celgard company of American and British N-Tech company and other international giants, these enterprises monopoly of the global market. At present a large number of domestic use of lithium iron phosphate battery field, its material of three big core technology patent firmly in the Canadian Phostech company and the United States of America Vaillant company hand.
Old scars: do not master the core technology
The lithium solar module cellion battery core technology to basically be in Seller's market, the core of things can't be bought.
Lithium battery electrolyte is known as the "blood", while six of lithium hexafluorophosphate production is the main raw material of the electrolyte, the electrolyte cost about 50%.
The scope of the current global only China, Japan realized six lithium hexafluorophosphate industrialization. But our country mainly depends on import, due to the difficulty of production technology is very high, in the world main by Kanto electrochemical industry, Morita chemical company of a few Japan monopoly. The only golden Gaoke limited company, Tianjin Chemical Industry Design and Research Institute of Tianjin, Taurus and a few enterprises can produce, but less capacity, quality and abroad also has the very big disparity.
At present, domestic isolation membrane compared to foreign excellent isolation film is the main difference in the domestic poor consistency, the use of domestic isolation membrane causes the battery quality is not stable. Although a few enterprises that patent is no problem, but there are many complex problems to be solved. The United States of America Vaillant company has begun in domestic position, is now in Suzhou set up two companies, only the production of battery products, the industry has technical output program, and its products are basically used for foreign high-end customers in the export, it is difficult to bring greater level of domestic technology promotion.
Since the beginning of 2009countries will be the development of new energy vehicle positioning industrial development, the domestic lithium battery factory in the country" blossom everywhere like bamboo shoots after a spring rain". At present domestic lithium battery manufacturers on the surface there are hundreds of, can really have the complete power battery production capacity of only 20~ 30.
According to the sea states securities" lithium battery materials industry report" disclosed analysis data shows, current lithium battery materials industry bottleneck is higher, currently the anode, cathode in the balance of supply and demand status, electrolyte and separator, as the highest technical content of link, the product demands exceeds supply.
Need policy guidance
There is new energy automobile subsidies for car companies, battery suppliers were excluded from state subsidies. In effect on consumer demand factor, lithium ion batteries with high cost has become the new energy automotive universal ' bottleneck '. The current national financial subsidy funds with the face is too wide, while training a new energy automobile market, but as a result of capital investment is dispersive, new energy vehicle lithium-ion battery manufacturers situation more difficult. Due to difficult to enjoy the national policy allowance, to master core technology still" heteronomy". While the domestic large number of lithium-ion battery manufacturers, it is difficult to trace in the international arena.
A securities industry analysts pointed out that, in the domestic lithium battery company by the year before last year150increase to more than 600, real investment value of the enterprise is not much. Lithium battery is a high growth industry, production line need to often change, no fixed capital, dimensions and actual strength of science and technology company is not based on the. The short term without national tilt give aid to, cannot cultivate internationally competitive enterprises," turn overtaking" ideal may become the" dream".