Yunnan province

In May 21st, Yunnan province water demonstration project officially completed. Solar photovoltaic equipment, relying on its panels concentration conversion of electrical energy to drive water pumps for water, solar panel 2012dab4c51ck the water is sent to the field edge of a field, in front of the houses. Hall of Yunnan province science and technology of rural science and Technology Service Center Director Gao Jun said, photovoltaic water demonstration project in Yunnan province this year science and technology the main measures for drought resistance. The working group chose 15water but the water difficult points, the installation of 15 sets of solar energy photovoltaic water pumping system, accumulative total can solve 10village 12villagers group of more than 7500 people, more than 1700large livestock drinking water and4200acres of farmland irrigation problem.
Rural PV market has just started

Photovoltaic water pumping system efficiency and low cost make Gao Jun greatly. He introduced, and compared with traditional diesel pumps, photovoltaic water pumping system can be run automatically,baby clothes wholesale ukogkewe25dwe without manual operation; system lifetime of 20years to 25 years,3 years to recover the cost of the system. It is reported, at present the mainstream PV irrigation system obviates expensive energy storage battery, storage battery to replace, direct drive water pumping, strong reliability, can substantially reduce the system construction and maintenance cost. At the same time, PV pumping inverter according to intensity changes in the regulation of pump speed, the power output of close to the solar array maximum power. When the sunshine is very sufficient, can ensure the pump speed does not exceed the rated speed; when the sunshine is insufficient, will refer to a set minimum operational frequency, can not satisfy the will automatically stop running.

In addition to photovoltaic water pumping system, solar street lamps is also an important embodiment of the benefit of rural people's livelihood. It is reported, most parts of the country will have new rural model village lighting work into civil engineering. Only Anhui Province Hefei city plan during the year100 new rural model village of installation of solar street lamp, further improving farmers' production and living environment. ( next turning Third Edition )

Rural PV market development potential is tremendous. Gao Jun expresses, Yunnan province water demonstration project early days all the investment by the government, the next step in the promotion, will be carried out in commercial operation. The group also various survey, collection of masses of vast rural area photovoltaic applications. The future is not only applied in water, electricity,personal computer remote 2012road lighting, etc., are to be used in PV products. " Let out-of-the-way and a mountainous area masses use affordable photovoltaic products, just the beginning," Gao Jun said," the formation of a mature mode of commercial operation, we will consider to the Southeast Asian countries to promote."


Japan LED lighting popularity

Japan LED lighting popularity rate is about 2%
Japan lighting industry specialist director mud Canon introduces to the reporter, Japan currently used lighting apparatus is about 9million units, wherein LED lighting of about20000000, according to the ratio is calculated,Health Supplement dcb4a51kk the Japanese LED popularity rate is only about 2%.

Japan in the early 10 years ago began the production and sale of LED lighting, why now popularity rate is very low still? Mud Canon told reporters, the main reason is that LED lighting quality has not yet reached the ideal state, this year's high-end LED lighting energy saving performance of just and fluorescent lamp be roughly the same, but most of the LED energy saving performance is inferior to the fluorescent lamp.

Although LED lighting fluorescent lamp long life than many, but the prices are fluorescent lamp 2- 3 times, there is no advantage in price. But the government is still advocated the LED lighting, lies in the future is much room for improvement.

According to introducing, province of Japanese economy industry from the beginning of 2009put the development of next generation lighting technology as enhancing industry competitiveness is one of the project, the relevant research institutions to grant, support research and development of LED lighting of new technologies, the project budget in fiscal 2012to 1670000000 yen.T8 LED lamp In addition, the Japanese government also provide consumers with grant, encouraging people to use LED lighting products


Female" two higher cancer"

According to statistics, in recent years our country female breast cancer and cervical cancer patients has increased significantly and the young tendency,Cancer Treatment breast and cervical cancer has become a threat to women's health and life of the two major killers. Experts said, breast cancer can accomplish " early three", namely early discovery, early diagnosis and early treatment, can greatly improve the cure rate, suggest that female friend one year at least once a gynecological examination.ocb1d2ccan
Nearly three years on the city in 100000women undergoing breast diseases census result shows, benign breast disease incidence rate of 71.5%, screening in52women with breast cancer, and treatment in a timely manner. Experts say:" common breast tumors have the mammary gland fibroid tumor,virtual office cyst of mammary gland and breast cancer, which was the most harmful to health of breast cancer, it is the most common malignant tumor in female, occurs in 30to 54 years of age women."
Although breast cancer of female life caused great harm, but the clinical practice proof, early detection of treatment after 95% patient survival time in 10years. Therefore, Peng Xueming suggested, women over the age of 20in the monthly menstrual clean after breast self-examination; only specialist doctors checked at least once, when necessary to do ultrasound and mammography.
Due to its high risk factors such as premature sexual life, multiple sexual partners, as well as some women to the screening program of our country in recent years, the incidence of cervical cancer has increased significantly and the young tendency. According to the city of Pok Oi Hospital women's health department statistics, in 2009 the division in gynecologic screening due to the discovery of TCT or HPV results in abnormal of colposcopy in 375, found the colposcopic abnormalities with 62 people, giving the biopsy and sent for histopathological examination, found in premalignant lesions of26 cases,4 cases of cervical cancer. City Oi Hospital Department of gynaecology vice director, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology physician Luan Feng said:" cervical cancer are infectious diseases, from cervical precancerous lesions and cervical cancer occurs after 2to 8 years, if at this time found in time, early treatment of precancerous lesions,company formation regular follow-up, will be able to cervical cancer morbidity to a minimum." Luan director also recommended that married women each year should do 1cervical HPV testing, TCT testing, in order to achieve early discovery, if found to be at high risk of viral infection to multiple check. If you can do" three early" cervical cancer, the5 year survival rate can reach more than 90%.


pneumonia infection season

How to prevent child pneumonia infection season
Season season, the temperature rises and fall bigger, the major city hospital pediatric clinic overcrowding.Yun Zhi Shenzhen city famous specialist in pediatrics doctor Li Qi pointed out, infants and young children, especially from 6 months to3years old children between the ages of pneumonia in high-risk population," this is mainly because the child in maternally acquired antibody has disappeared, and their immune function and development have not yet perfect". In addition, there are some children 's own immune function is poor, such as long-term eclipse, malnutrition or have some other diseases, long-term use of drugs in children, because of poor resistance, easy to cause repeated respiratory tract infection.
Typical performance, spirit is bad, worse cough
How to distinguish the children suffering from pneumonia? Many parents thought that with experience is the common cold so delayed child illness resulted in too late to regret. Li Qi said, wholesale baby clothes suppliersthe typical symptoms of pneumonia in infants and young children are high fever, mental variation and increased cough etc..
" The clinical findings, some parents of the child 's condition is easy to neglect, the children think that this cough and last seems almost, since the last ate some medicine is good, this also should be all right". Li Qi said, in fact, causing the child cough there could be many reasons," if the child did not fever, but in cough suddenly during fever, is associated with other infections, the parents at this time should be vigilant".
In addition, if the child cough appear to exacerbate the phenomenon, cough rule change, such as the original only daytime cough, now during the day, night cough, cough and sometimes continuous dozen sound, or even sleep at night cough up, may also be a sign of pneumonia. In addition, the child mental deterioration, loss of appetite, do not want to move or breathe suddenly becomes faster, need special cause parents.
Illness of incur loss through delay can cause serious consequences
" Children pneumonia is a common disease, frequently-occurring disease, simultaneously also is one kind of serious harm to children's health disease." Li Qi said, causing pneumonia in both infected, there are non infectious. " Infectious pneumonia are generally accompanied by cough, possibly by bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycoplasma, Chlamydia cause; non infectious pneumonia include inhalation, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, such as child milk choke, small bronchial blocked. In addition, some chemicals may also lead to children allergic pneumonia". He points out, of pneumonia in infants and young children, the timely treatment of cases, most of them can be cured. But if the disease is delayed,baby shoes wholesale may cause serious consequences," such as pneumonia and congestive heart failure, pneumonia and encephalitis or encephalopathy, may even cause pulmonary abscess, sepsis or death".


return the victim

" Keyboard"," bugler", the title sounds quite wet, do not know people would think it was the band members, but if we add a" wine holder girl"? Recently, the Nanjing Jiangning court together with the use of" virtual world" online to seduce others to coffee consumption, PC remote controlto unqualified wine masquerading high-grade wine method for male friends money fraud cases, after a total of47people. The 9 defendants were charged with fraud, were sentenced to three years and six months to 10 months ' imprisonment, illicit money 127854 yuan to return the victim.

Take a girl to eat a meal for thousands of
2011July, Nanjing city Jiangning District Rhine Town Village, a middle-aged man with a beautiful young girl, came to2 a cafe. Seated two people talking, laughing and talking together," we order some wine to drink", the girls on the middle-aged man said, drink exotic atmosphere, will be better. The middle-aged man looked at a girl, then Beck calls attendant, "do you have any wine?" " We have all kinds of high-end wine bottle, according to count money,380yuan,480 yuan,680 yuan,980 yuan,1280 yuan,1680 yuan six", the waiter answered the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man listened to the waiter said, face slightly twitched, and quickly glanced at the opposite girl, see each other just stared at her, and said," give me a bottle of980." The waiter turns to the bar, took a bottle of wine, after opening to two cups. After the girl again, some simple meals and dishes, two people begin to talk while eating. Soon, a bottle of wine, a girl and let the waiter a bottle, so, even a little girl several bottles of wine. After eating a checkout, spent more than 5000block. When leaving, middle-aged man with displeasure, he felt that something was wrong, but did not say anything, only way out.

" Wine holder" swindling9 people group surfaced
The middle-aged man named Li Jianjun, he and the girl are chatting on the Internet when I met, Li Jianjun thought that met a affair, but the meal to let him my boss uncomfortable, always feel the other side is cheat. There, Li Jianjun reported. In fact, the police received a similar report has many, both parties said they might be fishing, some parties and even a consumption million yuan. In Li Jianjun to report to the police, the police have quietly stare at that coffee shop for Wang Feng, and begins to investigate him half a month.

Wang Feng,26 years old, Hubei County people. Police investigation discovery, in March 1, 2011, Wang Feng rented Rhine town2 building a cafe, June, Wang Feng also leased Gold Road facade Housing, opened another coffee Jane restaurant. The two coffee shop looks and other Cafe no two, also has the fashion for men and women in and out, the only difference is, the two coffee shop with other coffee houses do not have high reporting rate, sometimes and guest disputes.

After a period of the investigation, the police have included Wang Feng4male 5 female9person list. The9 men and women, the greatest is called Wang Mei, female 27 years old, Hubei Baokang person,bluetooth keyboard the smallest is Wu Rong,18 years old, the Hubei person, several other people,4 of the people,1 people in Baokang,1in Guangshui, all from Hubei province. The analysis of their activities after the discovery, the 5 women often take different men to coffee consumption, while the police received a report, some are flashed the 5 women. At this point, the police initially thought, this is a countrymen" wine holder" fraud gang.