Furniture often defines

Furniture is one such essential and integral part of an office. Furniture often defines your officeweb camera wholesaler dab4d61ck. Furniture should be suitable to the organization. Furniture should be designed in such a way that it should make best use of the space. Furniture should be comfortable for the employees.

Stationery is an integral part of any workplace. You cannot do away with pen and paper even if your office is fully automated and computerized. You will need paper to print offer letters, appointment letters, pay-slips and invoices.

There will be times when you will require the hard copy of information stored in your computer. There could be some information that had to be distributed to all the employees in the form of handouts.office furniture desk neize225dw You will need the paper to take the printouts. You will also need the paper if you are interviewing someone.

You will need paper for at least the first few rounds even if you conduct most of the tests on a computer. You should always have enough supply of paper because you may need them anytime.

Similarly, an office can never do away with a pen. You will need a pen to quickly note down some important information. You will also need a pen to sign important documents and agreements. You will also need notepads for your employees.

Employees can use notepads to make note of important points. Other frequently used office supplies include folders, stapler and hole punchers.office furniture manufacturer Staplers will be needed when you have a set of paper sheets as a document and you need to join them.

A puncher will be needed if you have to store a set of papers in a binder. You should also have tape at your disposal as you may need to stick various things. Some other items you may require are markers, erasers, binders, envelop and scissors.


LED street light

LED street light technique characteristics of road lighting objective is to provide a visual night travelers peace firm premise, high brightness LED street lamp, its brightness must fit in the existing road premise,Red meat, fish, eat anti-aging traffic to the brightness of peace to cry.

Currently using universal LED street lamp switch power rectifier filter circuit with ordinary, adjusting circuit, sampling circuit, the flow maintenance circuit and DC constant current output circuit. In the use process of vrla batteries maintenance needs to set up the correct charging and discharging rail system and implemented, talent make the battery to the best function and the use of the longest life expectancy. For every battle of electricity is average peak sunshine is proportional to the real Numbers are, so can have to spring and fall generating capacity and power consumption is fundamental to a balanced, summer power rich; Winter is short. The past a lot investment to solar cells and LED.

For self-discharge, system matching, cost element is not extreme economic and don't share. The light body and the main up system protection of adornment effect, ensure the normal operation cycle. So, try to simplify structure, designed to streamline, in order to reduce the wind resistance, increase the flow velocity of the rain, and pay attention to lose weight, one is to save non-ferrous metal,LED industry grows 2 it is to reduce weight brought about by the stress topic, increase the road lighting of peace.

In high power LED application, heat is another major thinking, at present, the LED in the energy consumption of about 80% above into heat, and semiconductor devices is not high temperature resistant, heat to do bad, get up very serious light failure, some serious half year may has been reduced by half, street in high power LED is much more than one application series, must use aluminum alloy much fin wind) make the radiator.

The new rural construction solar street lamps indispensable recently, rizhao first "new energy use of popular science demonstration village" a phase of the project is expected to finish this month. According to information, DongGangOu razor-nailed town house out, will become the first village rizhao city deputy was "solar village". Main street will also be installed solar street lamps.

Solar street lamps etheric sunshine for energy during the day, charging use at night without complex expensive pipe laying, can adjust the layout of the lamps, the safe and energy-saving free from contamination, as long as the system work mode set run automatically work. In the agricultural produce, rizhao will make for organic, home village, ecological rice industry base, solar installation in the rice field insecticidal lamp.

It is reported, curtilage secco village construction "new energy use of popular science demonstration village",LED system matching design new energy village will be divided into three phases for project construction, a phase of the project will be 120 households, home village every household free installation, a 150 liters value 1800 yuan solar energy water heater, make the whole village solar energy utilization rate of 100%.


SLR camera key words and definitions

ISO is the international standards organization, International Standards Organization. The film was ISO100200and 400kinds, it is speed of different film.
ISO sensitivity is CCD ( or film) on the light sensitive degree. If you use ISO100film camera,2 seconds can be correctly exposed,camera quality will be improved the same light conditions with ISO200film need only seconds to as long as0.5 seconds, using ISO400.
In the digital era, digital camera the main menu have ISO choice,100200400or800, and the film on the same. Look at the type of different, lower to ISO50, the maximum to 25600, digital more sensitive ( the higher sensitivity ).
High ISO is fast but the image coarse particles, not fine to enlarge map. So the landscape photography to use camera minimum sensitivity can get fine pictures. High ISO in general cannot but when it is used.
The shutter is the camera exposure time control device. A mechanical shutter, electronic shutter, and the shutter and so on many kinds of electronic mechanical joint.
The aperture is adjusted in the light into the lens hole size device. Common aperture value as follows: F1, F1.4, F2, F2.8, F4, F5.6, F8, F11, F16, F22, F32, F44, F64.
The effect of the aperture
The 1hole, which directly affects the image whether the correct exposure, is the key to success;
In 2control of the depth of field, smaller apertures, the greater the depth of field. Although the focal length and the shooting distance all affect the depth of field, but the focal length and object distance change at the same time also affects the composition, if the composition determination, we can control the depth of field of the weapon is only aperture;
The 3aperture effects of picture definition, any one lens are in the medium aperture when imaging the best ( most clearly ), the maximum aperture and minimum aperture time resolution difference.
Exposure is the aperture and shutter assembly,Imaging principle by adjusting the size of the aperture and shutter speed, to ensure that the exposure effect.
Focal length
The strict definition is: standard lens is the focal distance is equal to negative ( or CCD ) the length of the diagonal of the lens.


LED display technology

The LED display technology to the problem

China is the world's LED display Windows manufacturer, currently 80% of the world's LED display from China. Mention display, everybody is not new. Today the streets, malls, station, the airport can be seen everywhere.T8 LED Tube dab4d58ck With the popularization and application of the market further, the LED display technology is also increasingly mature, but there are four major technical problems with a lot of manufacturers.

First from high show color sex to see: the LED display light color quality many, including color temperature, color rendering, light color fidelity, light color naturalness, tonal recognition degrees, visual comfort, etc. Here we currently only discuss solutions to color gentle show color sexual problems, make high color rendering the LED display light source, will lose more lights, so in the design to take care of the two factors. Of course to improve high show color sex must also be considered RGB three colors to realize the combination:

Many different schemes;

RGB multichip combination;

Phosphor add chip.

Next is the high photosynthetic efficiency: for the LED display efficiency can say is an important index energy saving effect, at present our country efficacy in effect remains to be strengthening, to really to do high photosynthetic efficiency, from industrial chain each link on solving related technical problems, so how to achieve high photosynthetic efficiency? LED Bulb A19 This paper will specific vying for the extension, chip, encapsulation, lamps and lanterns several links to solve technical problems are discussed.

Improve the efficiency and the quantum in quantum efficiency;

Improve the encapsulation efficiency and reduce the light and temperature;

Improve the efficiency of the lamps take light.

Again, on the high reliable from: mainly including the failure rate, the life of the index. But in the application is different understanding and the elaboration, high reliability refers to products under prescribed conditions and within the time required, complete the required function ability. LED the major categories have serious failure failure and parameter failure, and life is the reliability of the product characterization value: generally refers to a statistical average, for large components is concerned, LED the life of the device is the meaning of this description. But the impact of the LED display products factors of reliability have chip manufacturing, packaging, thermal resistance, heat dissipation, etc. Now that said this, hope the enterprise to the LED display products in the implementation of the comprehensive quality control, and on the basis of do two requirements:

Reduce failure rate;

Extend the failure time loss.

The last in the lower product cost: at present a lot of consumer is buying the LED display time think the price is too high, so a lot of this dispute LED display entrepreneurs also took the corresponding measures, to reduce costs in addition to the mass production, mainly from the technical measures to be taken to lower the cost of method, way, mainly in the extension of the chip,wholesale office furniture desk neize225dw sealing, drive, heat dissipation, etc to reduce cost, thus fundamentally solve display the cost of the product. Concrete from the following four aspects to reduce costs.


light rate encapsulation structure

High take light rate encapsulation structure and technology

In use process LED, radiation from the photon in composite to launch the generation when loss, mainly includes three aspects: chip internal structure defects and material absorption; In a photonic forms face because of losses caused by refractive index difference reflection; And the greater than the total reflection LinJieJiao Angle and cause of total reflection losses.online ups power manufacturer So, a lot of light can't from chip shots to the external. Through the chip surface coating a layer of refractive index relatively high transparent cover (pouring sealant was), because the fillet in chips and air between, thus effectively reduce the photons in the interface of the loss, improve the efficiency of take light.

High power white LED encapsulation structure

In addition, the role of the pouring sealant was also including the chips for mechanical protection, stress release, and as a kind of optical structure. So, ask its light transmittance high, high refractive index, and thermal stability, good fluidity and easy to spray. In order to improve the LED package reliability, also requires pouring sealant was with low hygroscopic, low stress, ageing resistance and other properties. Now commonly used pouring sealant was including epoxy resin and silica gel. Because of the high silica gel transmittance, refractive index, heat stability, and stress is small, hygroscopicity low characteristic, is obviously superior to epoxy resin, in high power LED packages to be widely applied, but cost is higher. Research shows that increasing the refractive index can effectively reduce the refractive index of silica gel physical barriers brought the photon loss, improve the quantum efficiency, but by environmental temperature on the performance of silica gel is larger. As the temperature increases,LED Products dab4d56ck the thermal stress of silica gel internal increased, leading to lower the refractive index of silica gel, which affect LED efficacy and light intensity distribution.

The role of light color phosphor in compound, form white light. Its main characteristics including grain size, shape, the luminous efficiency, conversion efficiency, stability (heat and chemical), among them, the luminous efficiency and conversion efficiency is the key. Research shows that, with the temperature rises, phosphor quantum low efficiency, reduce the light, radiation wavelengths will also be changing, and cause a white LED colour temperature, the change of the color and the higher temperature will accelerate the aging of phosphor. Reason is that the phosphor coating is by epoxy or silica gel and phosphor deployment and become, the cooling performance is poorer, when moving or by ultraviolet radiation, vulnerable to temperature sudden destroyed and aging, the luminous efficiency to reduce. In addition, high temperature and potting glue of phosphor thermal stability problems. Due to the commonly used in 1 um above phosphor size, refractive index is equal to or greater than 1.85, and silica gel refractive index generally in 1.5 or so. Because do not match between the refractive index, phosphor and particle size light scattering far limit (30 nm), so the phosphor particle surface exist light scattering, reduce the light efficiency. Through adding in silica gel nano phosphor, can make the refractive index increased to 1.8 above, reduce light scattering, improve the efficiency of LED light (10% 20%), and can effectively improve the quality of light color.

The traditional phosphor coating way is to phosphor and pouring sealant was mixed, then click coated in the chip. Due to the lack of phosphor coating thickness of the shape and precise control, causes a shoot the light color not consistent, appear blue or partial partial wall. And Lumileds company developed the form coating (Conformal coating) technology can realize the phosphor uniform coating, safeguard the uniformity of the light color, as shown in figure 3 (b). But research shows that, when phosphor coating directly in chip surface, caused by the scattering of existence, a light low efficiency. In view of this, the United States Rensselaer institute presents a Photon scattering Extraction process (Scattered Photon Extraction method, SPE), through in the chip surface decorate a lens,LED PAR Light and will contain phosphor glass from the chip must be placed in position, not only improve components reliability, and greatly improve the efficacy (60%),