Intelligent home appliances

Intelligent mobile phone, TV, refrigerator, intelligent intelligent intelligent washing machine ... ... With the development of information technology, more and more intelligent home appliances "moving ". In this context, the region free dvd domestic intelligence appliance -- " industry standard of intelligent household appliances intelligent technology rules " (hereinafter referred to as the " general rules " ) emerge as the times require, from September this year 1 onwards.

However, this standard from the date of publication of the controversial. Question focus on two points: one is that our country is still in the initial stage of intelligent home appliances, is still not mature, this stage should be let free enterprise development; two, intelligent home appliances industry chain development vary from minute to minute, the industry is worried that standard comes on stage to " lag ".

But the author thinks, introduced intelligent appliance standards is very necessary. It is because we are in the initial stage of intelligent home appliances, so it needs a standard to guide and regulate the market to the industry. " General rules " is first solved for intelligent home appliances to define the problem, according to the relevant definition, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck the market of those "false intelligence " without circulation form, and consumers for intelligent rights will also be rational on. And it is because we are in the initial stage, involving the home appliance category is numerous, so the standard is quite broad, more is to give a direction, rather than specific to each technical index. It can be said is an open standard, give back standard complete set aside a large space. The author learns, countries have established the intelligent household electrical appliance research institute, later published in various categories of intelligent appliance rules, as a supplement. In fact, before our country issued either a standard, itself have stage, such as energy-saving appliances GB are gradually upgrade complete.

Jump out of " general " itself, we pay attention to the international competitiveness of our country home appliance, can discover, home appliance " intelligent " is China's home appliance industry to overtake Japan home appliance a great opportunity. In fact, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States intelligence appliance is also at the initial stage of development, in a sense, the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise intelligent layout has accounted for a certain opportunity. Therefore, who said that because there are no international an intelligent appliance standards, we will not be developed?! In the era of the CRT, in the LCD era, 852printing in the era of the DVD, which one is not the foreign capital giant because seize the standard heights, with every kind of patents to holding the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises development, while control over industry development pace, also side to collect huge royalties? We 'll never be " they eat meat, we even the bones would not bite " gas!


Leg and foot massage

One, foot bath:

Their feet with hot water, especially with ginger or Pepper Fried water to wash their feet, can be rapidly expanding human respiratory mucosa capillary network, accelerate the blood circulation, so that the respiratory tract mucosa in white blood cells to destroy human invasion of bacteria and viruses, reishi to make the body against infection.

Two, massage to the feet:

After washing hands, rub, rub parts or point light, the whole foot massage, but also local massage, Tama Yongquan ( cardiac ) and Taichong ( one or two toe joint ) or of Taixi ( medial and high and Achilles tendon depression between ). Dizziness, insomnia, anorexia, darkish complexion, fatigue, constipation, hypertension has the functions of preventing and curing.

Three, lift your feet:

Each day will feet pointing to 2-3, flat or higher than the heart, at the foot, leg blood circulation exuberant, lower limb blood flow to the lungs and heart rate to accelerate, full circulation, the head can get plenty of fresh blood and oxygen, about dab6d23ck and the acupuncture points of the feet, reflecting region is also a benign stimulation. The Army March after know the rapid elimination of fatigue, usually lift is also good.

Four, rub the calf:

With both hands palm to grip one calf, while rotating the kneading, rubbing on each side about 20 times, and then to the same method of rubbing the other leg. This method can enhance the leg force.

Five, pull the foot:

Take seat, legs, head, body bent forward, to both hands pull toe and ankle joint the 20-30 times, can exercise the legs, online ups power manufacturer to prevent the legs weak and feeble.

Six, twisted knee:

Biped parallel close, bend knees slightly downward squatting, hands on knees, knees around a circle to rotate, first to the left, turn right, each about 20 times. For lower limb weakness, knee pain.


LED infrared emitting diode

Gallium arsenide, gallium aluminum arsenide tube core and a variety of structural forms of infrared emitting diodes.

Product use:

1, applicable to all types of photoelectric detector signal source.

2, applicable to all types of photoelectric conversion, automatic control instruments, sensors and other.

In 3, according to drive way, PLC LED Lamp and can obtain stable light, pulsed light, slow light, commonly used in remote control, alarm etc..

Product features:

By 1, with reflection function structure, the tube core side of the infrared focus, produce strong optical power.

In 2, with high output power, low driving voltage.

3, easily with a transistor integrated circuit phase matching.

In 4, small volume, light weight, firm structure seismic, high reliability.

In 5, metal glass package devices with glass surface, good wear resistance, high degree of finish, resistance welding, high and low temperature performance and features.

Points for attention in use:

1, pay attention to the polarity, pipe not and circuit in the heating element near the, work process is not allowed to exceed the prescribed limit.

2, in order to improve the light perspective, products are smooth to avoid and metal and other hard object friction, LED Dimmer dab5d58ck not for sandblasting.

In 3, the welding temperature is not too high, the welding time should be as short as possible, solder joints should be away from the device body.

In 4, lead forming should be prior to welding, the element itself without residual stress.

In 5, lead the cut should be performed at room temperature, after welding device wire cut, required after cooling.

6, infrared emitting diode power and photosensitive device sensitivity for encapsulation Ipazzport tv and angular distribution, the use of attention when mounting point adjustment, replacement should also adjust.