Do not let a bad mood into cancer cells

When our mind to a certain mood or some kind of idea, we often do not want to accept them, and tried to suppress them.

However, they have not disappeared, kooloobut was suppressed to the subconscious. And they will seek their own unique way of expression, and expression through the body, is the most common way.

A boy, working very smoothly, and often criticized, he did not learn to deal with this criticism, do not want to confront their own failure, and he wanted to escape, he is not working smoothly detail and others criticized his strident language full forgot.

However, he never sleepwalking began sleepwalking, yesefirst suddenly sat up from his bed, said some vent, then, will then be swinging in the dorm room, staring at the dorm workers, they get scared half to death.

A successful person, has a remarkable ability to control, he will own every minute arrangements reasonable, jfedfull to the brim, and every day like clockwork control your own pace, but at night, he would sleepwalking.

The health of the body, and not want to pursue will be able to pursue, also not only in the physical aspect of the pursuit, because the mind and body are echoed truly healthy when do the harmony of the mind and body.

Not long ago, and chat with several doctors, troubled that they said, It has been observed that cancer patients more than one common feature: Special suppress their own particular emotions.olfe Such sentiments may be angry, might be sad, may be guilty, may also be other emotions.

I think perhaps this truth: some important mood, you refuse to accept, absolutely refused to accept, and it strongly suppressed in the subconscious to go, you have succeeded, elikeyou seem to no longer be affected by this mood distress.

However, this was suppressed emotions expressed through the body. Perhaps cancer is the physical expression of this was completely suppressed emotions.

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