multi-head computer combination

In 1972 the world 's first multi-head computer combination scale is born, it marked the start of a new round of automation revolution began. Because the combination scale materials in artificial characteristics, JiaBaojigeno145geze it is Europe and America respected.

In the fields of food industry, medicine field and relates to the field of building material, can see combined packing scale figure. Many domestic enterprises for the import of combination balance price is high, and can not be reflected to bring advanced weighing equipment. biscuit tin box The computer combination scale birth so that people can use advanced weighing equipment, be worth compatriots proud. The company through years of efforts, making Chinese own use on the combination scale.

In addition to domestic, Haichuan combination packing scale in foreign countries are also very popular, until 2011, on a global scale has as many as 80 countries overseas agency. A high-end version of the computer combination scale has better waterproof and dustproof function, and automatic statistics function, on the total number of packing, qualified rate, average single-bag error to make accurate statistics. Its stable performance, high precision, high speed, won the domestic and foreign food enterprises.

A famous candy factory enterprise show us adopts automatic computer combination scale advantages after the first, average per bag, the error can be controlled in less than 1 grams, compared to total weighing 2 grams per bag error, can save a lot of raw materials. In second, personnel input, tin box for food rather than total can save about 1/3 of human. In third, high cost performance, is the real high quality and inexpensive.