Winter clothes washing and collection

Leather clothing: avoid washing, not exposure, too dirty parts can be used wet powder made a ball with rubbing shaking dry net. Also available gasoline wash leather dirt, rinse clean, then dry sleeve pocket of jacket, Landscape product dab2d12ck put on some insect moisture-proof agent.

Sweaters: first soaked in cold water, then in warm soapy water gently neutral rinse, dry or cover cloth is dried in the sun, do not rub nor exposure. Cloth underwear: dry shake off the dust suspension, used gasoline to scrub the dirt, to be disperses oil flavor hot again closed. Application of warm water ( such as washing water . The river ) and neutral as transparent soap and detergent, rinse with cold water to knead after clear, dry.

Down: in neutral water washing liquid in the bubble 30 minutes, brushing the dirt and then warm rinse three or four times, light, moisture, dry well-ventilated place, gently hit song down, again fortunately vacuum bag. Not exposure, to prevent fading. Products: cotton clothing into the cabinet collection should be dry cleaned, babyclothwear especially winter coat wash must not be forcibly squeezed, prevent caking deformation.

All clothes washing and collections also should pay attention to: try to clean, dry,, insect, mildew, wardrobe cabinet to clean, dry, sealed. Leather garments, woolen suits to hide in the closet to hang. Such as the box, should according to the kinds of fibers were preserved, but wet compression cotton and synthetic fiber can be put on the most lower level, wool put middle, silk kind should be placed in the upper. With dried orange peel and Ding Xiangchi in the wardrobe hanger side, biscuit tin box with the clothes fragrance and mothproof effect.

If the use of pest control agents should be hanging in the wardrobe top, let down with odor. Camphor ball with white paper wrap, stimulating some holes, not in direct contact with clothing.