The medical field source

Using LED light source to replace traditional light sources used in medical illumination, is the lighting industry energy saving and emission reduction, product upgrading important aspects. In our country, used in the medical field of lighting products, in addition to indoor, functional lighting, all belonging to the medical appliance category, a higher threshold for access, manufacturers of products subject to state food and Drug Administration permission. General LED lighting enterprises because of not belonging to the medical industry, supporting the difficulties. While the medical device quality enterprises is not very familiar with the characteristics of LED lighting, thereby forming a blind area, make foreign products headed into the.

Recently, GE, OSRAM, PHILIP and Japan Toyota, Toshiba Multi-National Corporation such as LED lighting and light therapy in medical product development aspects of the larger investment, they have the traditional source medical equipment a large share of the international market, hold the market power of discourse.

From the United States to purchase a double-headed xenon operation shadowless lamp price 200000 yuan, the German Martin shadowless lamp price is as high as 600000 yuan. The Multi-National Corporation continues to produce traditional products; LED manufacturer dab3d12ck on the other hand, they also actively promote the LED medical product development. In early 2004, the United States, Germany, Russia began to use the LED shadowless lamp.

Visible, the medical field source of domestic equipment is very urgent, this also is to reduce patients' medical burden is one of the effective ways.

According to the Ministry of health statistics, National Hospital of grade 1273, by every 20 operation room, shared shadowless lamp 25460; grade two hospital 6460, by every 8 operation room, 51680 lamps with shadowless lamp, a total of 77140 lamp. The operation room according to national standards, annual average run time of 6240 hours. If each lamp power is 800W, each year to 4992 kwh of electricity lamp. This calculation, the whole nation only two or three level hospitals in operation shadowless lamp on the annual power consumption of 385000000 kwh. If you replace a with LED, according to energy-saving rate of 60% meter, to saving 231000000 kwh electricity savings of 185000000 yuan. Using LED light source to replace the traditional light source becomes the inevitable.

Semiconductor lighting technology for hospital energy saving reform overall solution. In medical illumination LED process, can adopt the integral solution, namely special lighting and general lighting, detection, treatment and functional lighting package upgrade, realize energy saving, reducing lighting costs. Moreover, the phototherapy device, optical testing equipment is homebred change, can greatly reduce the expenditure of both doctors and patients.