New Zealand Prime Minister explosion had ridicule Beckham

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, November 5 guest a file of morning television program, denied that he had criticized the England football superstar David Beckham "head enough Emmanuel".plaza

The 2nd of this month, Radio New Zealand reported that John-day with some of the students held a forum to talk about his son and David Beckham in a 45-minute meeting. John said that, in 2008 with the Los Angeles Galaxy, Beckham to Auckland to participate in the exhibition, he was really friendly, tagbut it seems that "the mind is not clear".

The remarks immediately get the attention of some of the British media, many newspapers the heading reported the matter to New Zealand Prime Minister David Beckham is not smart enough ".

"It was thought to hear me say ......" remarks John Key in a television program on the 5th responded that, "I do not intend to participate in this silly controversy, otherwise, after similar trouble will followed endlessly. "

When the host asked whether the remarks to mean that he denied said Beckham is not smart enough, the John group did not directly answer, he said, "I mean someone claiming to be a private conversation inadvertently heard, it is just that they take it for granted there. "

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has always been outspoken, provoke outrage he had ridiculed New Zealand'ashleycls indigenous Maori people have the custom of eating people.

May 13, 2010, John Key to attend a tourism conference in front of about 200 participants said: "Fortunately, I was in with 纳提波罗乌 tribes people dine together, rather than their neighbors Tahoe the tribes, ashleycl as I will become 'dishes on the menu' that may not look good. "remarks reminiscent of primitive tribes seize the barbaric custom of cannibalism enemy.

Tahoe tribe this remark was extremely dissatisfied with their tribal representatives in the media openly accused John-joke vulgar, identity does not match with the Prime Minister, many Maori Party Members expressed disappointment at the base of improper words and deeds of John. Subsequently, tagthe enormous public pressure forced John Key had to make a public apology.