Sharing behavior simplistic

8:30, Silicon Valley, Neil Glenn Flores has been busy sharing. His 15-month-old son to the one he and his neighbors shared nanny. Glenn Flores Mountain View live only a few blocks from California train station. In a cafe, he opened the bank's website Lending Club (borrow money from the club), payment of a few small loans.

A borrower needs money to planning a wedding; another borrower intends to open a pet store; the third borrower is prepared to move. brushless motorCyclists came to the train station after he jumped into a Prius electric car, from the car-sharing company, he booked a car a few hours of use time.

Drive to Berkeley to visit a residential cooperative, Glenn Flores came to a sharing of office. His weekly work time. "When people start a sharing behavior, they immediately start thinking about what the next step is?" Glenn Flores said, "These changes will ultimately lead to big changes."

Glenn Flores, of course, still have their own items. He has their own housing, laptop, clothes, an old bicycle. Claiming "Share hackers" in a short period of time, he completely changed his own life. In 2004, he was a Fast Company analyst, often back and forth between the corporate headquarters in San Francisco and Brussels. He did not like the flying life, decided to quit his job.

Since then, Glenn Flores, a reinvented life.dc motor gear dba5a06dk "Throw away all things that do not add value, leaving those who can bring something of value." Toward the nine to five life abandoned. The end of 2009, Glenn Flores founded a nonprofit website Shareable, detailed plans for individuals and groups to establish sharing system.

Something to share housing, baby food, solar panels and even skills. "For centuries, merchants are committed to facilitate the purchase," said Glenn Flores "and we just began to simplify the sharing behavior."

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