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The South Beach Diet has the same principles as other glycemic index diets. A little background at first; when we eat, the carbs are transformed into sugar, and the level of sugar in the bloodstream is increased. In return the higher level of glucose, the hormone insulin is discharged from the pancreas to take away the sugar from the blood.

If we consume foods that contain a lot of carbs the level of sugar in our blood is increased, then large amounts of insulin are discharged from our pancreas. This results in drop of sugar fast and you have not sufficient energy and then you want more carbs and the cycle is going on. As it is continuing you are putting on your weight. And moreover, your body resists the action of insulin. In such a way your body tend to store more fat.

According to this diet, the amount of carbs is eliminated so that to give rest to your body from the cycle. That is believed to solve the insulin resistance. Foods the consumption of which should be limited are as follows alcohol, sweets, pasta, bread, milk, fruits, rice, sugar. You should eat eggs, meat, fish, chicken. In this respect it is supposed that you can lose about 14 pounds.

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