Spanish colony

A manor of three British countryside integrate the essence of the Mandarin

A British single-family, including five luxurious vision

A Glorious estate, comparable to the five Wolf Mountain Villa

As a villa community-oriented objectives, Glorious Thoughts to enrich your personal estate is the social elite, the higher the request of a living, so the full 4.5 square kilometers, dominated by the huge space. Project planning in an area south of 5 Articles equipped with a large wetland, is a good leisure entertainment destination. During due degrees, enjoying the beauty of green space, wetlands, landscape with river rafting during the family, it seems that exposure to ideal world, do not look flying high and low phase. Project planning in a back area for the community residents equipped with a 22 Articles of the business district. Assigned to the supermarket for the daily supply of residential tenants the convenience of shopping; film the arrival of homes rich households is bound to enjoy the spirit of the senses; also sauna clubs, bars, ktv other supply and demand for people's leisure and support. Women also has other commercial insurance hospital, sports focus, Library, and a series of apparel shopping and dining facilities, which will make cell show and state the scope of Hengsheng Chen Manor shaped edge. So Glorious estate is not just only 4.5 square kilometers which is a number concept, but beefing of a set of habitat, recreation, entertainment, dining and shopping in one of the "city" concept

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Panama has gone a long way from being a Spanish colony in the early 1500, to the construction of the Panama Canal, to the hostile takeover by America in imprisoning the ruler general Noriega. Panamas new president, Mr Ricardo Martinelli has higher hopes in securing the further growth of Panama and is a great businessman himself. He is the owner of the large chain of stores throughout Panama called Super 99. He is mentioned sometimes as “Mr Super 99″.

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