still pretty complicated

Look you to China this decade of feelings is still pretty complicated.Do you usually think these problems?

D Lei:I feel and think.I feel 10-year summary, the medium don't stay around song in response to achievement the praise is virtuous, but should introspect.For example yesterday I and how many friends chatted this how many years natural disaster seem more and more, but we still felt to have no dint very much, actually science and technology has already developed till today in 21th century, but why we were like primitive man while facing natural disaster similar weak have no dint?This kind of feels to have no basic sex variety, or say that the joy that science and technology brings didn't strengthen since the root in protecting to the mankind, at least we have this felling in China, which aspects so can do betterly?For example say mudslide,Office Furniture Desk this possibility and vegetation protect to wait everyones all relevant, but if we don't consider these basic sex problems, but have just in the delight how much person rescue, this is very false.

Moreover I also feel Chinese at evaluate I good or not good, don't can just look back in the past, still needed to do on the other hand horizontal comparison, don't always see oneself GDP increase how much, also is going  to see the nation of a little bit other with meanings, for example Israel, this was a nation of with meaning.There are a lot of high level techniques in Israel and include in the aspects of making a medicine and turning gene and living creature etc., in fact the QQ earliest model ICQ is also what Israeli does out.There is also Germany, Germany is also a very marvelous nation in Europe.

When mesh chairs first hit the office furniture scene in the 1990s they were immediately looked at as new, innovative and eye-catching. Mesh back chairs offer a sleek, modern look that was instantly adopted by anyone and everyone that wanted an up to date, top notch office. Mesh chairs started to be used on many popular TV shows and in numerous Hollywood films, which helped to demonstrate the stature that the new modern office chairs hairs shedding conveyed.

Herman Miller took the lead by introducing one of the first mesh office chairs, the Aeron. Herman Miller did not hold back with the functionality of their Aeron chair. Almost everything on the chair was adjustable including: the armrests, seat depth, seat height, a fully adjustable backrest and adjustable lumbar support. Even with all of these high end ergonomic functions, the Aeron’s mesh upholstery was an even greater feature. Many mesh chairs feature mesh that is coarse and stiff or soft and stretchy. The coarse, stiff mesh will provide adequate support but will be uncomfortable to the touch and may ruin clothing. The soft, stretchy mesh will be comfortable initially but when the mesh sags it will no longer provide the needed support and over time the user will start to experience pain. Herman Miller was able to use a Pellicle mesh that was both soft and strong. They successfully designed an ergonomically correct chair with a high quality mesh that was soft enough to provide maximum comfort for long hours and durable enough to resist sagging over time. It was Herman Miller’s combination of premium mesh and an ergonomic chair design that catapulted them to the top of the mesh chair industry. Since the inception of the Aeron, almost every other office chair manufacturer has come up with their own meshPlate Heat Exchanger office chairs.

You are to say that this 10-year Chinese science and technology progressed, but actually are our sense of securities and happy index number still very low?

D Lei:BE.We say "dress" first, there is real medium or high technique ratio designer Yao in vogue meaning in China, you see the clothes brand, Abercrombie& Fitch that you wear, the United States of BE?So all of us is in the follow other people's thing, include vogue medium, not that day is Euro-American of, is east to have in 2000 historical ancient civilized country, where is we to the vogue fixed position that wes are dressed in?Today a lot of little bit wealthy persons all with the Ku LV wraps or wrapping of Chanel for glory, then recklessly as long as carry on the back go out as long as expensive feel a pregnant, that is what a kind of imperfection of confrontation the United States results in, be say our heart actually and on the contrary and falsely, this is my owns 1 to think, why don't we investigate their their own tasty?

Immediately after "food", the food of China has much of personal status, I believe diverse sex of all very difficult and Chinese delicacieses in whichever nations compares in the world, but we face today of a challenge is an insecurity;interior designSo "go"?China has already exceeded the United States to become world to consume the most nation in car last year, but you also know that our petroleum is that the whole world is the most expensive, even the going of some placeses hugs very much.

Now then education in sky is also similar, we really expanded to recruit, but at have quantity to talk in the meantime last quality?Today's person less and less wants to study, the person, who write the person of book to compare to study, is and the rise.Seeing a great medical treatment problem again are diverse sex because of insecurity and various paroxysm resulted in by pollution of the food, the disease in nowadays compares before possibility more complicated, you see SARS is how to come out, and HIVI is a result that the very complicated and antibiotic misuse causes.