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Buy the jewelry online has many advantages, one of the advantages is that the price are always lower than it in the particle shop, so when you don’t have enough money to buy the jewelry from the practical shop, you can think about to go to the online shop.

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The jewelry jade article maintains the gold and silver jewelry jade article clear water the Piao use after washing the silk wipe stem and have already chafe, rowed a scar such as the gold machine, can wipe with the silk fabric cloth in its surface white jade toothpaste of Tu Yi Ceng, can also throw light with the cloth emery wheel, or the green oil beats light.The gold chain, gold earring can note few watch oil in taking hook and screw, or top light protect a film.In common use top light protection the film is paraffin wax.The in common use precious stone protection film is a pink nail polish.The nail polish applies noodles more wide, such as chest decorate, the ring, earring and thing stir, brooch, Xiu knob etc..The popular protection has currently:Transparent electricity Yong paint, the B0 l type C Xi is pure to paint;The SOZ type gathers the ammonia fat pure paint.Be applicable to upscale precious stone more, like jadeite, red treasure, blue treasure, the sea blue treasure, the grandmother is green to wait.

The pearl cleans to maintain 1, the cleaning of pearl soft paper or soft cloth that should adopt to include Huo oil wipe, for hair black have no only contaminate serious pearl, apply 20% brines to soak for an hour, then use 3% hydrochloric acid aquas rinse, again in the clear water the Piao wash for 10 minutes then can.The pearl slices to hate the sun to insolate and hates tide and waits with the camphor like the health pill to deposit together.

The gold and silver jewelry cleans to maintain 1, the cleaning of gold jewelry maintain:Clean in the jewelry store, wash away dirt slot with the super voice wave, washing away dirt the standard formula BE:The 40 C is 1000 milliliters of boiled water and have no water chrome Hang 100 grams of, the sulfuric acid is 30 milliliters.The method is:Pin up jewelry plastics slice serial number, then with the copper wire wear well, hang on the stainless steel stick, suspend in the rinse slot, time of rinse is 80 one 120.The handicraft cleans a method BE:Immersing jewelry first in 30% sulfuric acid and cleaning for 5 minutes in liquid and scrubbing and brushing with the hair is clean, then just hurtles for 5 minutes under tap water group leader, the end uses again and 20%ly shampooes liquid or liquefied detergent and steeps for 10 minutes, washes and brushes, again pure water hurtle Piao 20 minutes, wipe stem with the silk since can.2, the silver jewelry clean and maintain:Use a 50 C Wen Shui is 1000 milliliters of, the phosphoric acid is 200 milliliters and condense washing powder 30 grams and go together with a liquid to pour into super voice wave to clean to wash in the slot for 100 seconds, then the clear water Piao washes.The family cleans:Will clean a liquid to pour inside person's one container and puts the silver jewelry to spout to soak after 10 minutes, wash to rinse with the toothbrush again, then the clear water blunt Piao 10 cent since can.

The precious stone jade article cleans of maintain 1, use 20% neutral liquefied detergents or shampoo a liquid to clean, liquid is 25-30 degrees.Soak first for 10 minutes, then use toothbrush to slowly scrub, in addition to exert sweat Zi the dirty mark use tap water behind blunt immerse for 20 minutes then.
There are various design and series cartier jewelry online, and also there are lots of shops. You can select the style which you like best from the online shop carefully. People can find exceptional quality jewelry online from various reputable stores. They also offer online order and it is not as difficult to order the best jewelry in this manner. The price is usually lower than the practical shop. They always have an added benefit of free shipping when you order jewelry above a certain price.

It is the special right and privilege to order the jewelry unique for the rich and the famous in the past.Furthermore, his subsequent suspension and absence from a very good Giants team in the 2009 playoffs may have cost them a shot at repeating, and to me, this jersey is a reminderfootball jerseys of that. As for the LT situation, the man is absolutely innocent until proven guilty and he’s one of the best defensive players to ever play the game, but there’s something very irksome about wearing the jersey of a 51-year-old man who is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl, and I’ll leave it at that. Now it is finished that every one order the jewelry which is unique for him if have enough money. So when you love a girl and worry that she would not marry with you, then you can ask what is her favorite style and design ring unceremonious. After she gives you her answer,Even you can find some steelers jersey at an affordable cost in comparison to those replica nfl jerseys sold in offline stores you can order a ring which is her favorite secretly. And then proposal to her use the ring which is unique to her, it will be a very big surprise to her, it may help you get the answer ”Yes”. It is very nice, isn’t it?

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