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When we looked back Pan to pull the proverb of vogue jewelry more, we could examine this code to mean to despise and immortal.And to some, because they haven't been wrong, Pan's pulling vogue jewelry more is the only Si may of the Na Wei second mode and at comprehensive the best decoration.Pan pulls decoration more to have his/her own any work of a day that Copenhagen that music internal structure and form is in the Denmark exclusively design over there to ensure the creative firmness constant of, and in its product novel and some we can discover at any special sex Denmark university their object.

Pan comes back from pulling the sophisticated vogue jewelry in period more, 1 are that it combined resort, and characteristic latest method bracelet structure and form.Pan pulls vogue jewelry more is with Denmark of go alone, magic power let us combine from the definition and silvery China or 14 carat oneselfs' gold and silver bracelet and necklace, and China chooses a silvery earring, ring, and any situation that similarly gleam gold bar.

Admits for vogue jewelry the reason that Pan much pulls BE, it can transfer to suit you of mood, and display one of your personality.Pan pulls vogue decoration more to have a dilution piece, will invite to only have to match a decoration collection to reflect personal tasty and style, and finally will pass a few people.Pan pulls vogue jewelry more the verdict allow one to collect to China silvery oxidize China and gold bar or gold and silver many.

Announcement will up, director Chen from small and medium enterprises research center in Chinese agency section, hospital is coming to mean, Chinese agency section, hospital under way an investigation concerning"small and medium enterprises are in the function in the financial crisis recovery", report to suggest, 40% small and medium enterprises have already closed down in this time financial crisis, 40% business enterprises currently just on-line go back and forth in the life and death, only 20% business enterprises didn't be under the influence of this time financial crisis.Under the financial crisis, the small and medium enterprises develop a recession, a lot of be placed in to stop production to stop production with half appearance.But those business enterprises with brand consciousness and brand popularity can live down, this causes each jewelry business enterprise of introspect.

Take Shenzhen as an example, know to all, Shenzhen is a port city to be subjected to financial crisis influence bigger, however the reporter understand and reach such as the starlight in jewelry business enterprise in Shenzhen, good luck and brand jewelry business enterprises, such as the United States and TTF...etc., don't be subjected to too great influence.Investigate its reason, the brand constucts exertion to close an important function.Some business enterprises, thinking to do brand may be beat an advertisement, but the consumer's brand to you cognition is very low, even if the consumer's brand to you cognition beats an advertisement in the central television station.In fact, the advertisement only promoted once and had no real go deep into the consumer's intelligence.The brand constucts not to is the technique problem for accomplishing in one moving, but system problem.So, the brand programming, brand constucts and makes policy from the information management, outlet construction and strategy, the terminal manage to still have the whole marketing dissemination, from in many ways set up brand, the brand like this just has vitality.There aren't a few entrepreneurs, usually favor current economic efficiency, pays attention to an accomplishment and sells quantity, but has no brand consciousness and there is no farsighted vision, so his business enterprise can't walk firm and very farly.

Round-the-world resources a latest Chinese supplier investigate, survey suggests as a result, in the middle of promoting the most difficult challenge in global competition ability, "create from have brand, promote brand popularity" ranks the first.The survey suggests that in order to raise price of article and business enterprise image, more than 2|3 of being subjected to and visiting the business enterprise mean will adopt aggressive brand strategy for the coming year, among them be up to 68%ly is visited a business enterprise to think to create from have brand count for much to"Chinese manufacturing";Be 55%ly visited a business enterprise to mean in the coming one year, there is plan creating a business enterprise from there is brand, or promote now branded popularity;37% business enterprises then mean just the plan in this aspect of considering.Strengthen brand consciousness to become an urgent each jewelry business enterprise required topic under the financial crisis.Establish corporate culture and promote brand image;Sell off season, strong do inside the achievement and raise employee of professional character;Subdivide a market, seek a quasi- brand fixed position, mold one strong, clear, the content enrich of brand.Currently, the jewelry market cans be provided as consumer the choice of the jewelry brand Be gradual to increase, each jewelry business enterprise is coming out a road of brand that the difference turns in effort.
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