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Chinese navy the seventh escorts to organize into teams the warship of"Xu Zhou"

According to medium new agency report the way, the evening of the 10th local time, is escorting in Aden gulf, Somalia waters performance the Chinese navy of task escorts to organize into teams to send a warship carries a helicopter and successfully gives relief to a Korean merchantman that is made track for shot to several pirates small boat.

At 12:30 on the 10th, Chinese navy the seventh escorts to organize into teams completion 294 batches of shipses to escort a task and escort 11 merchantman safeties to arrive the Aden gulf solution in the western waters to protect a point.Aim at in the near future the Man virtuous straits south pirate activity multifarious circumstance, organize into teams the command post order warship of"Xu Zhou" is arriving a solution to protect to order to succeed continuous extension to escort 50 nautical miles, escort a solution to protect a merchantman safety into the Man virtuous straits."Xu Zhou" at 16:45 warship be over the extension protect a point to return a sail to the solution after escorting.

At 17:18, the solution protects behind of Korean the merchantman"CSDAISY" the round escort to organize into teams to send out to cry for help to the Chinese navy and call to encounter to many small boat tails to make track for, personnel of small boat take automatic rifle, rocket tube and long steps.Later on, the "CSDAISY" round opens fire an implementation warning to the small boat with the ship security personnel, but in the meantime there are again 3 small boats in the ship's front close to to it.

The Chinese navy escorts to organize into teams command post immediately an order to be apart from the warship high speed of"Xu Zhou" of the matter hair 40 nautical miles in the waters to approach to the "CSDAISY" round.At 17:46, the warship warship of"Xu Zhou" carries a helicopter to take 3 to fight member of team's take-off especially and arrive "CSDAISY" after 20 minutes round sky.

Airplane pilot Liu pretty loosens to say:"at that time at"CSDAISY" round the neighborhood totally discovered 12 small boats, in our helicopters after appearing, all of the small boat stopped a ship and drifted on water in the sea surface."

Helicopter at"CSDAISY" round the sky continuously hover around and carry out a warning to the pirate small boat.Under the premise that the small boat didn't act further, the helicopter extends movable scope again, to"CSDAISY" round 10 kilometers of waterses in front carried on to search to patrol, didn't discover a suspicious circumstance.

Because take part in the 294th solution that escort to organize into teams of Chinese navy to protect ships mostly at the same time sail through that waters, matter hair, the Chinese navy escorted to organize into teams to notify a related circumstance to merchantmans in all countries in time, reminded that they strengthen anti- pirate a guard and discovered that the circumstance escorts with Chinese navy to organize into teams contact in time.

After about more than 20 minutes, the "CSDAISY" round drives a dangerous waters, the helicopter returns to the warship of"Xu Zhou" after the all countries merchantman that confirms a peripheral waters to have no suspicious circumstance and sail through that waters further has no danger.

After the event, the Korean navy escorts to organize into teams to escort to organize into teams hair toward the Chinese navy to thankful letter.

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