Lock of the heart

Lock of the heart
The longer time the ones that got along with you are, I find I likes you. Caring to later on wanting to treasure, I know I have already begun to accept you slowly from the beginning, just like this too, let me fear to feel self-humiliation. Because while as a child because my temper needed much more guilty people, there were many people who disliked me, have formed and felt self-humiliation sensitively.
Can you know, long I right away become meticulously with time that you get along? I pay no attention to the scar on your face, do not mind either how others say, choose the reason that stays with you to be your attitude towards life, you are willing to bear hardships enterprisingly unwilling to depend on others; You have a filial devotion to parents; It is very easy for you to get along with others ...... Make me better, begin to accept to you and me slowly, try that lock opened to you in the heart slowly. But I really find oneself is very afraid that is injured again, so keep the interesting leeway, let oneself interesting route of retreat.
It is wholehearted to you and me, but has not reached the stage handing over the heart yet, I treasure the day with you very much, go to treat diligently too. You say, stay with you, have feeling that feel self-humiliation to me once, you can let I hurt and wronged to can look on as others' shade, you will prove my choice can not go wrong, I am really very happy, how is it no matter in the future by taking action, all of us do not need the injury each other, shall we treasure the other side carefully now? Will treasure you and me diligently, how outstandingly to need you, only hope you can be good to I and my parents, want how much how much you can earn, hope you can wrap one garment when I am cold or can prepare for me for me, order, wipe out when making hungry only. Also remember you and I have said I am a sensitive girl, what I need is that you can let me settle down, this has been looked for by me too, I believe you.
Say remakable to want, feel for others once, I believe so long as I wholehearted you can so to me too in you correctly. We, to the other side diligently each other, the one that forgive and leave each other is for a long time. How it is in past you, I want, know, care whom we can pass kind hope, only either. Friend of you numerous, you say you have several brother that go through thick and thin together, I know you make whom it watch very much important, I say I can go, mind and stop, I tell to me by preventing some misunderstanding from can hope you, you have said what you knew, then do I have anything worried? I believe what your everything can not be done too, so I seldom bother about your thing, it is like this too later.
This section is emotional I will go to treasure diligently, I believe what you knew too!