foundation principle

The foundation principle of western interior design mainly includes:

The first:The initial target of interior design lies in the basic demand that satisfies customer to live.

The second:What interior design pursues is a containment sky, ground, wall and furniture and displays an article at inside of whole environment style and quality.

The third:The interior design pays attention to the choice of material and pays attention to brand, texture, consequently more rational practical.

On the choice of the material of ground, because of the timber more suitable for rest district, the ceramic tile, and marble...etc. cold material is applied to living room district.Chooses a different color because the space function needs on the processing of wall noodles, the wall noodles of the pale blue, blue and green more suitable rest and thinking, more suitable bedroom and den, but the yellow, and buff color...etc. more neutral warm color then be applicable to living room, restaurant etc. daytime the district of the activity.The application that hangs a crest mainly should emphasize the independence of space, so ordered and in no case and excessively exaggerate.The choice of curtain cloth skill thinks greatly of more and window shape, furniture color and the coordination on the style.The choice of light well notices the cold warm, indirect and direct etc. characteristics of light.In the project stage and customer's some adornment noodles, purchase and decoration of decorations communicate in time.

In China, the economic high speed of the decade develops and creates extremely vast development space for building industry.In the big city, usually can see the building of gathering together contemporary superior show principle.Should say, as the designer who comes from a west nation, I pretty much envy to even have some to envy my China to go together to be placed in for such an ages that was full of an opportunity.

But, concretely come home the design of court residence to say, I think to have a necessity to pay attention to a following problem:

For example, adopt naturally the light problem hasn't caused a high value, this not only express party in government to design with doors and windows up, also embody on a lot of distances that construct a mutual in the meantime;Again if, for well making use of a capacity rate, cause a lot of several areas of apartments and highly compare international popular standard have to be low;Again such as development company for lowering to cost, usually neglect design and health of big hall, elevator quality, result in descending of the thing industry whole character.I hope to program from the item, the structure design start the body benefits of slicing of user who consider the future, consider the rationality of each space size, especially the bedroom, health, and kitchen...etc. are these spaces that emphasize to embody a quality of life.

Moreover, consumer for how reasonable complete a house to reside planned comprehension and behavior, also express an a lot of mistake areas.

The most is the importance of the reformation and adornment that over-emphasizes and exaggerates a sky, ground and wall.Under a lot of circumstances, for sky, ground and wall repairs a meeting cost to drop the whole house to reside a plan in of overwhelming majority, but among them a lot of parts repair of the effect take to have very obvious of, excessively make open desire and performance desire, seem few someones realize that the house uses for he or she.I hope that the industry can morely guide a kind of correct thought to the customer, the house resides a plannedly the most basic purpose to lie in the host and they's living quality that improve, raises to live in the interval.In the meantime, also need to help a guest to set up examination standard concerning the private, function and elegance and cultural personal status etc..Although this profession moment by moment occurrence variety, , raising the mission of living the quality is that the abyss of time is constant.

Secondly, is concerning keep a traditional problem.BE designing realm, it is a kind of respect history and cultural mindset to keep traditional, not in brief revive old customs or in the style of antique.The variety of interior design style like the fashionable dresses, the speed putting forth new ideas doesn't take the person's will as to transfer, the environment of the life demand modern of modern people and modern of product.However, a past product, an age long ago curio, regardless be worth of how much, will cause the deep place's some thinkings toward culture and the family origin of people's mind.

The environmental protection problem is also a problem that needs the consumer cause a height attention.Actively use on one's own initiative some not poisonous, free from pollutionly repair material, replace a green electric appliances, purchase some can circulate the furniture that the material makes into, reducing the usages of timbers will raise environmental protection consciousness of the next generation to have to physically promote a function to the environmental protection.

End hopes that the consumer does what the strength allows science budget.Want to be advertent to is the house of an integrity to reside a design to include design, repair, the furniture kit is three works, budgetary the angle from the investment want to hold completely.Generally speaking, the investment comparison that repairs with furniture kit should at 1:1 or 1:2 of, a lot of comparisons that the consumers physically expend set upside down currently.If we originally should give interior design teacher of additional the values all handed over to a carpenter, good design and then from since then?

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