distance flew

When long distance flew

Hollywood famous star hairdresser Ole Henriksen say:"If you are also'man on flying trapeze'or just in spending a holiday a travelling long distance airplane, prepare one small bottle of spray can, at in pack up you like most of hydration come to a skin disguise water.(about 50 mls or so, easy to take an airplane)"Fly on the way, shut down cabin in of dry and travelling of exhausted make you grasp wildly, it can greatly show artistic skill:Compress the emergency mask piece launches, even spreads on the face, then uses hydration to spread a face after spraying fog spray a wet emergency mask of around 10 minutes.

The position of of neck and chin is called a neck Kuo muscle, is a most easily bagged position, lift to pull the method of smiling the muscle:Use to point stomach to press to knead to smile a muscle, erupt the voice of "ah, blare, depend on", can train a muscle, defer a skin pendulous time.

Step4:Lift to pull to smile a muscle

Use to point stomach to press to knead to smile a muscle, erupt the voice of "ah, blare, depend on", can train a muscle, defer a skin pendulous time.

Step5:By hand point to follow an eye socket dozen a turn

Follow the eye subordinate square acupuncture points, namely the eye round frame muscle is used to point stomach a little bit light, accelerate blood circulation.

Step6:Clench fist to follow a forehead to massage to a temple

Place a fist at the forehead central place, and draw circlet to revolve to massage to a temple 10 times.

Want to anywhere protect a skin at any time, anywhere moisten a skin at any time, what is the most in brief effective weapon ?-Is disguise water to spray fog!A bottle of small small, the use is much many, skin harassment solve you, let water smooth skin that you every moment own such as the morning morning dew.

Dry draw tight

The air condition of office seems the horsepower abnormality is sturdy and just close sultry indoor like this, the humidity of skin quickly evaporates, the skin aridity draws tight.When you have no way to use the cream moistenning to moisten a skin to do a time of massage again in the office and contain transparent quality sour, the rose extracted disguise water of etc. hydration composition to spray fog to have the reason of "have to exist" and became "add a wet machine" of skin.You need do of, be clean hands.Shut eyes, first will spray fog to spray at being apart from the face department 20 cms or so position to use clean hands to lightly tap a face department in the face department, after stopping over about 10, help the humidity to completely absorb, and pass to tap the blood circulation of promoting the skin, increase vitality for skin.

When oil repaired a makeup

Repair before the makeup, can spray on the face first up spray fog, use a paper towel overlay in the face department after 5-10 seconds, lightly press to press surplus humidity.At the same time, the face department was particularly surplus grease and paste that the T area secretes half of makeups can be easily cleaned.If the skin aridity is more serious, can choose dry wet two use the powder a round flat cake of type, spray on the sponge powder puff up few spray fog after again dip to take a powder a round flat cake a daubery in the face.

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