nuisance but

You have a pair of chins of annoyance?If you usually don't already worry about the grease of chin nuisance but, might as well make use of small sport of some clevernesses, help your improvement double chin, make your face more tightly solid.

The beauty phonation chin toughens method

Way of doing

1.Open widely a mouth.

2.One by one in order send out"", "a", "house", "", "oh" of voice.

3.According to last harbor voice form not to of mouth form.

4.The voice needs brigade belly to send out, emollient measure 5.Anti- slowly practice about 5 minutes every day.

Curative effect:Pass the practice of different voice.Toughen chin of muscle, can not make the fat accumulated in the part of chin.As time passes can make the muscle of chin tightly actually emollient, improve a fatty thick phenomenon.

The hairdressing drinks everyday:

Lemon juice and vinegar lemon very easily keep and contain abundant vitamin C, can keep gum from swelling issue of blood, can also reduce several rates of black spot, freckle occurrence, also fair effect.The lemon skin implies abundant calcium quality;Lemon and vinegar equally have the effect that eliminate the solution fat, the after meal drinks one cannikin and lets you has animation more, and the hairdressing keeps Yan.But the acidities of lemon and vinegar are all very high, should not get empty stomach to drink, must drink in the after meal.

The after meal is a little bit wonderful:

The piece of Bo Luo sour sweet tasty Bo Luo is many people's favourite.In its nourishment composition, the vitamin C is little but the vitamin B is abundant.This kind of composition can promote metabolism, get rid of fatigue.The meal fiber of enriching lets digest more smooth, still contain egg white decomposition enzyme in the meantime, will make meat quality slippery delicate digest so much, this is also the small secret that many delicacieses enjoy.It contains strong enzyme, should not get empty stomach to eat, will harm stomach, so its nourishment is worth of an embodiment in the after meal, is the best after meal fruit.You can put on the dining table a , the color and luster orange is yellow bright and shiny, help appetite, and is the best delicious"dessert".

Strange hairdressing fruit:

The rhesus macaque peach rhesus macaque peach is "kiwi" that the west calls, it is rich to contain vitamin C, face beauty hairdressing, defend freckle, aging, also have already declined low cholesterol effect.Often eat rhesus macaque peach at ordinary times, promise you whole day spirit good, catching a cold can't easily seek to come, the skin flexible good but full of sheen.