The emotion consults

I heel he together half year 3 months ago I fancy other people that time to he very apathy do have a little obvious with excessively
Afterwards he discovered originally we broke up but I sought he said a lot of then we were friendly
After till now this 3 months are the best time in our feelings and recall the most time although he often will think of also not happy each time also once just
Which two days before knowing he originally well and suddenly said that we divided
I start thinking what he played trick afterwards just knows he is hard to say what man's heart not malicious don't to become important event, I begged him to ask him for a long time why suddenly so
He says that he more loves me to more can not stand he once tries but has no way to forgive me
I use injury I left him but he to I cold the heat say he can not also control by himself sometimes be want apathy I
That several days I good pain and sufferings soon collapsed to beg him don't so he was sometimes softhearted to promise a short while and become to afterwards make and make we thoroughly divided to originally say to still have the last monthses to took a shot again
We are all very sad to say that make friend so much but I can not do it
I must suppress a Yu disease to drop out he was originally very sorry and ashamed at home
Wrote an article yesterday, the daily record thought of his a lot of person the sharing was some persons who had no knowledge to scold he said that he took no responsibility
He much and angrily says I push all of the responsibility to him to still say me what suppress all of Yu diseases is falsely say my good leave
Basically ignored how I do to originally all have some turning point yesterday now!
I now how should do me or think friendly of I is should go now still on one's own initiative seek him still should wait he calms down a period of time again say

Building lord, first on this matter, you have to have to be self-examination.Why not, because this in advance wrong person is you.Then, I am from analytical the angle of you and you male friend once.
You of male friend:You why does the male friend want to break up with you?There has been in his heart a viewpoint, you once betrayed him, he was afraid to again suffer from injury, deeper 1 F, he didn't want to hurt you.Responsibility who actually body up?Arrived to there is a necessity pursuing this time?
Then analytical you:To, you love you of male friend, but, you of love because your male loves do you just produce?You want to find out the person whom you love most and be you discover after turning head, you of the love have already changed.The building is main and let go, you male friend be because don't want to hurt you, he has already known that your love to him has been already changed in character, entwining of being horary dispassion, not doing not stop of your demand.Or you may feel that the my words is very intemperate, but you in earnest gives it a bit of thought and give to order space 2 people
Now what you need do BE:The first, and you the male friend sees much side and say all things clearly, should let go and then let go, if the fruit still has an opportunity, please leave this opportunity after a month, otherwise you still is come to a bad of development space.
The second.And you male friend has to apologize, ignore who to who wrong, since is that you are first wrong, you have to apologize.(The time that says this takes some feelings, the affair hasn't arrived despairing of time