Another kind

How much did hedge Tahitian pearls. Another kind of rare colors.
How about a good bead surface.
I heard some of the artificial pearl beads into different quality will also affect the quality of the beads.
I have been a result of chance, in Tahiti, when predators have been to a culture of private islands, visit the Tahitian pearl.

1, how much did hedge Tahitian pearls.
I have seen the value of the diameter of the largest Tahitian pearl 22mm, but there is from the diameter of the above, more than Fengyun, but the value is not high, the main reason for the value of pearls also reflected in the sleek, flawless good gloss. So, just look at the size of the main judge is not the most value, first of all, good gloss, and smooth, flawless, these items are excellent case above, the greater the higher the value only. The second is used for pearl jewelry, pearl jewelry design is now more attractive, so the warranty does not hedge against inflation, and the overall value of pearls are related, for example, a string of pearls,Tahitian pearl it is not every one is the top large , and also because Tahitian pearl color is rich, to be dubbed in a string of uniform size, color close to the pearl, it may take 10 or so dubbed in the coming year, then such a string of pearls is extremely valuable, its value is dubbed a bunch of hard to come by, but not necessarily the size of individual beads.

2, another kind of expensive color.
I have to visit this private pearl island, is one of the most famous Chinese Tahitian pearl merchant, he accounted for the production of pearls Tahitian pearls in general landscape, with its own jewelry brand, into France. Time to time, it was his pearl harvest season, we look at a warehouse in his drawer for a drawer of pearls, asked him what the best color, the color of his argument is more important than color,Freshwater pearl because the first is the function of jewelry to attract people's attention, so bright and shiny is the most important; the second wearing jewelry to their favorite, so the color, choose your favorite of the most important.

3, how about a good bead surface.
As already said, in order should be: bright color, flawless.

4, I heard some of the artificial pearl beads into different quality will also affect the quality of the beads.
Now the pearl breeding, South Sea pearlpearl as long as large particles are taken to plug the mother mussel bearing technology to implant beads, and then wrapped in utero before the formation of nacre, and if you see a very small irregular grains , then the size of the soybean, and certainly not to develop plug load, but if it is round, big stars, are taken to cultivate this art.
For the artificial beads again, it should be for good or bad the quality of artificial beads, is inserted charge of the success rate of surgery, that the good quality artificial pearls, mother of mussels to be accepted easily, plant beads high survival rate, higher farm income,Golden South Sea pearl after all, artificial beads, plug load operation, are all required pre-cost. . So, these are issues of concern to farming bosses. But once the plug load is successful, artificial pearl will no longer have any rejection of the mother, the next bead of nacre looks good, easy to master their own health of mussels, the water quality of living environment, and farming areas technical differences between the. . That means you could get hand pearl quality, and implantation of artificial pearl quality is not directly related, but the health of the mother oyster and sea water itself,Jewellery Manufacturers the quality of seawater nutrients.