nuclear energy

Japan declares not to give up nuclear energy
Japanese officials of the government definitely say on the 8th, Japan can't give up nuclear energy, the nuclear energy generates electricity the importance remaining the that day instinct source policy to constitute part.what's PHE

Japanese Cabinet Secretary vice- superior fairy valley is said by the person, on March 11 the east Japanese heavy earthquake after, the government evaluated a pit reaction within 54 movements in the whole country heap, anti- earthquake and anti- tidal wave ability tested these, don't think that the necessity stops to carry all pit reactions a heap.Choose plate heat exchanger

"Have no necessity to worry these, " fairy valley says that"science ground says, this is our conclusion currently."

Commitment in the fairy valley, the strand Gang pit electricity stands, besides which, , the other pit gives or gets an electric shock the pit reaction heap of station to stop a luck.cheap wedding dresses

Heavy earthquake on March 11 front, check 1/3 that the electricity occupies Japanese electricity supply.The electric power officials anticipate, the power supply missing condition wills is further after the summer is used electricity high peak to arrive now to worsen.

According to know, come to central power company for two days always in the discussion whether presses the prime minister designation to stop luck strand Gang to check an electricity station completely.The strand Gang checks an electricity the station have no the facilities of breakwater etc. protection tidal wave currently.After the east Japanese heavy earthquake on March 11, central power company's promising construction can defendoof the concrete breakwater of 12 meters high tidal wave, but request to stop the instruction of luck to disagreement to the government within 2-3 years.taylor made suits

Medium electricity president of association three farmlands quick males start on journey to go to Qatar on the 8th and look for to purchase liquefied natural gas.He will energy in noodles Qatar and the industrial business national affairs big minister Mohammed ·Sa benefit He ·the Sa reach and national liquefied natural gas president of company, discuss to buy a spirit affair.

The medium electricity may weigh Qi some thermal powers station that temporarily stop a luck to satisfy now a summer power supply high peak need.The liquefied natural gas is one of thermal power station fuels.wholesale fashion jewellery