empress elder sister

80 empress elder sister, 90 empress younger sister

Fight-common sight

"My heel you can not communicate!We have generation gap!" The elder sister gets angry of say to the arrogant and irrational younger sister.south sea pearl

"To ah, we are to have generation gap and fill uneven generation gap forever!"The younger sister nowise shows to weakly roar a way to the elder sister.

After would be Cold War, the sister a pair embraces hands to annoy blunt blunt of twist to another part.

After two minutes, mother the voice of sweet gentleness longly spreads to go upstairs from the down stairs and spread to the ear of two sisters inside.

But they still keep refusing to budge, 1 don't wish as well to negotiate for peace with the other party on one's own initiative.freshwater pearl

Kept on for two minutes again like this, the mother's gentle and soft voice again rang out in the down stairs.

The elder sister finally becomes overdo to say to the younger sisters:"Have a meal to go to!"

The younger sister look like the wrath still didn't get rid of, extrudes from the mouth Cape 1 faintly combines tremulous orotund"hum ……" lingering sound dragged along to grow so much, completely ignore an elder sister.

"Oh, the elder sister is wrong, should not become angry to you of, you don't get angry and come downstairs to have a meal quickly!"Comply with the surrounding by hand arch the arm of the arch younger sister's hug.

The younger sister suddenly peeps out two small tiger tooths happy combined to satisfiedly smile, jumped the gun to across a door, leaped to jump of run to come downstairs.

The elder sister helplessly smiled to smile and had already also come downstairs.

Arrive to°from the animation heavy Be returned to like, use only have five minutes ……

Style-a vast difference between the two

Elder sister, the alacrity is bright, intelligent and brave, the Ling tooth Li Chi, docile generous, work the breeze breeze fire fire always, as a result make some matters that the small mistakes are often to have on the detail, need not make a fuss over minor things.

Younger sister, gentleness introverted, the timidity is afraid of getting into trouble, arrogant have no reason, elaboration thoughtful, work always before looking forward after attending to, as a result need the creative affair ascend and then seem to be a little bit to lack the ability to do in some innovation.

The elder sister is dressed in the clothing of Ju in the medium rules, doesn't dare to try the clothes of comparing the tide and feels that the footstep of canning not keep up with the ages is always.

Younger sister, unwilling wear banality, always eager to have a try to those not- essential clothes, seem to be forever to stimulate in the head in ages.

The elder sister will squat down at doorway and a group of boy's sons of oneself to play beading, beat a star anise and turn over slip ……even beat the boy of classmate to cry to run to go home to tell parents, the father mother compensates gift apology to the other people from the becoming that stage life necessary part.

Younger sister, but at the doorway and a group of girl's sub- playmate's every families, jump skin Jin, kick a shuttlecock ……when when the self-interest is infringed upon by the companions she then and quickly runs to the elder sister to nearby sue in court.Certainly, those kids all no longer dared to humiliate me.led lighting residential

In the parents and other kin friend's eyeses, the elder sister was a very very naughty and obstinate and stupid kid since the childhood, she didn't have elaboration of girl's son a gentleness, but had boy's son of careless with excite, therefore, daddy's mama since the childhood to elder sister very strict, with as for the elder sister had been thinking that daddy's mama concerned a younger sister more and neglected her ……

In the parents and the friend eyes, the younger sister was the darling of a typical model since the childhood female, mother nearby small quilted jacket, she was very timid, but carefully, obedient, therefore, daddy mama has been already added to her doter since the childhood, almost will satisfy her ll requestses, this more increased an elder sister angrily uneven heart ……

Relate to-intimate have no

Lightning flashes roll of thunder outside the window, the lightning flash is sharp of voice and thunder depressed of the toring of the sound a burst of pull the earth, the younger sister frightens keep cringing, slightly draw back the dime of quilt, small voice of say to the elder sister:"Elder sister, I am very afraid!I want to sleep together with you!"

The elder sister has already been placed in blurred appearance, but is called by the shouting of younger sister to come to and hasn't happy several centses naturally.Unclear not and purely say:"Oh!Need not afraid, is not rain heavily!"

The younger sister takes to cry a chamber to continue to say:"I really afraid ……"

Haven't said that finish, see the elder sister having already drawn back a quilt to prepare to let her with herself and sleeping together.

The younger sister is to forget to just fear, a jump a body to drill into the elder sister's quilt inside.Then have peace of mind after of shut deeply eyes to sleep go to.

Younger sister, Gao San, , the elder sister at this time has already arrived last university outside the province.The sister a pair usually makes a phone call to chat, a younger sister talks with the elder sister to arise from F to fill a voluntary matter.led lighting residential

The younger sister says very distressly:"The mother hopes I study at university in the province, you leave home so and far, the mother doesn't think to be later old want that seeing our one side is all very difficult!"

The elder sister is silent a short moment, resolutely say:"You don't want to worry to be so many and review well and tested hereafter want to report where report where, daddy mama is looked after by me, I graduated to return to Yunnan!"

The younger sister is strong to endure to overflow of tears, the layer after layer location nods and force from the mouth in extrude a "H'm" word.

Hang up a telephone, Be getting tearser cover the face ……

This is the elder sister of 80 empresses and 90 empress of the younger sister's story, although also already mix while fighting, the mouth will be also contend for spoiling but often make an antinomy,they grew up together since the childhood and slept two beds that the same room is alongside of and smiled together and cried together and discussed oneself perfect male friend within heart together and complained that the meal of dining room had no mother to do together of delicious ……

And I am that unreasonable of the younger sister of 90 empresses, I rejoice very much I have a 80 empress of elder sister, probably will the generation gap exist forever, but this also makes us feel two ages natural affections in the meantime.led lighting residential

8090, cross over the natural affection in ages, will last long more, stronger ……