Man bead sand China

Fall in love with you, be like fall in love with the Man bead sand China
The breeze blew to move moonlight, at the beginning of night last heavy makeup.See the world of mortals tube delivering into frost what year.I have crazy my Chi, ruins all day hall, once several spend to, Be not afraid of the mountain far water to grow.BE who deliberate things of the past, the tears half goes and lightly sees the human life wind waves while smiling ……-foreword

All say the person's left hand reflection on water, right hand time, small and soft examine the line that the center of palm of hand disorders, I can not distinguish which is your my predestination.The left hand lord of legendary absolute being breaks, the right hand lord creates, absolute being a read aloud the love gratitude and grudge is clear to the mankind.I night after night hope to see fervently but could not lead long you what's PHE……

Fall in love with you, is while adding several lotus hearts in one cup weak tea, going to water Fei a drink and under, free to strong bitter taste to without restraint fill the air, burn to deplore greatly a bitterness to arrive touching, also want a personal breathed accept under all pain-sufferings.

Fall in love with you, is at a hold the Niang half in the laurel blossom bowl sake, in the cold month under independently single Zhen, put You Fang Huang of slightly drunk a flow out and up, inebriate also boundless come to also boundless, the only lonesome moonlight accompanies with a figure that falls Mo.Choose plate heat exchanger

Always, the life is a constant topic.In the horary container, we are similar to the tree and bloom and refrain from rash action and start to tidy up a ground of defoliation, then pack and return oneself to open ground.Voice color lighting, hand over with each other complex, rise tide to fall in the tide in, once and with a run transmigration of soul write, we call its life.Waited life to once walk Mu autumn, once wore to open flirtatious other shore flower sea, hope three to give birth to oneself of stone once went of intravenous drop, drink to start a medium Meng old woman soup, once walked what then bridge, then walked into another transmigration of soul in.Even if some flowers haven't opened and then thanked, even if some matters haven't hired thin, even if the dream ever already can not satisfactory.Everythings still stay at the other shore, together the Man bead sand China open together lousy Man.Conviction and hope still at, dream, future life meeting circle...

Someone says that the life is like the Man bead sand China.cheap wedding dresses

Hear, it is very beautiful, the flower blossoms such as the fire is like tea.Hear, it is the only scenery of nether world road and open beautiful and sadly.It, the Man bead sand China is the blood-red color that stabs an eye.It is a poison, as well is a medicine, is the last royal feast that approaches to rest peacefully on the way.When leaf saved, spend an end to put;When flower blossomed, the leaf had already died.Thus miserable.People say that its opening is forgetting the other shore while was living.But don't know, it once forgot from the end, just one a life time another a life time is shunted, then one a life time another a life time is waiting for.The all these is a predestination, still transmigration of soul?taylor made suits

Crowd of coming and going, the life coming and going wears a line in among them, we are infinitesimal to arrive only is Cang sea is one Su.We can not go before living time of footstep, can silently finish walking to imitate a Buddha have been predestined of should walk of road.Imitate if the bright other shore spends, the flower blossoms to have no a leaf, the leaf livings to have no flower and spend medium mutually wrong, living to disappear, destine solitude, destine a sorrow.

In fact the life is like the Man bead sand China, at the other shore, heart hereat, sees a flower and disappears a leaf.When prosperous fade to the utmost, very hot fire become ice, we start to be calm and see sunset month Chinawholesale fashion jewellery ……