Honest people's beauty life

Honest people's beauty life
Film end, interests contender " use up all one's tricks too clever, miss your life instead" ,They have got the punishing severely of the law; And Lao Cui " Not be in the mood for succeeding overcast to insert the willow of willow " ,He has reaped one's own love. This has some satires more or less. In fact, life is not originally so complicated, there are many persons who only plot an own private interests, the fresh water has been just turned into the muddy water. If sing of the a song " so long as everybody dedicate to a bit liking, tomorrow when the world will become beautiful " ,Just think if we everybody can think for others a bit, daily contacts just have fewer disputes more, make a little bit a lot ofly warm. The ambition is wide, there is just little trouble. Perhaps really one day, honest people will not become history, but will become eternity.
An honest person, one section is sad, a slice of true feelings, a kind of beauty.

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