Reach a person

Reach a person show"the program set deny lending Gao Xiao Song the wine to drive a case to stir-fry to make

Yesterday afternoon, 《China reached person's show 》records image in the music hall of Shanghai.Because review Wei Gao Xiao Song inebriate to drive police pertaining to crime in quilt Peking to imprison, Taiwanese music person, Chen Yao4 Chuan, comes to save a field.To this, "reach person's show" program set says, Gao Xiao Song can continue to continue in office to review Wei, willing wait until a police after announcing the processing opinion then can decide.south sea pearl

Admit illegal expression regrets idea

Since May 1, highly anticipated"inebriate to drive into Xing" comes into force in the whole country.No longer than 10 days, famous music person, Gao Xiao Song, because of drunk with wine driver the white English thin 4x4 of Ni Di, result in four cars connect to bump, 4 people get hurt, is detained by police in Peking.

According to reveal, Gao Xiao Song was examined as high-proof as 243.04 milligram in every 100 milliliters of bloods at that time, was affirmed for drunk with wine drive.Gao Xiao Song says to the police, "I am illegal behavior, I would like to undertake trouble all responsibilities."He returns handwriting to write down"sorry, never the wine drive", express the feeling of regret.At 16:15 yesterday, Gao Xiao Song on suspicion of dangerous driver the offense was tooked a police car and went to the branch office custody center of public security official from east city in Peking.For follow behind all the way of medium, Gao Xiao Song lowers the head to connect to say "sorry".The police said that according to details, Gao Xiao Song is judged 1-6 month imprisonments the possibility, but this wants to be justified by the judge.freshwater pearl

"Problem" reviews Wei difficult again rise use

For this affairs, "reach person's show" publicizees director general's six Weis to say, although have individual medium said, Gao Xiao Song inebriated to drive affairs to be advantageous to stir-frying to make a program,"reaching person's show" is the program that a file embodies an essential value, in no case will take this affairs to stir-fry to make, otherwise will be a kind of depravity.Inebriating to drive is a threat to the public safety, life safety, if the true guilty of Gao Xiao Song, "reach person's show" will reconsider reviewing a Wei candidate, because of, the medium want to embody a social responsibility, can't continue to use to have reviewing of"problem" Wei like this, which fear that this will influence the concern, viewer rating of program.

According to know, Chen Yao4 Chuan belonged to save a field at the time yesterday.Currently, the program set is lately urgently looking for to review Wei.

The friend feels sorry for a fan regret

Gao Xiao Song inebriates to drive, in the society cause echo biggest."Reach a person show" reviews Wei to sign wave to say for week and inebriating drives is more serious than absorbing poison, because it will endanger others life.He thinks that Gao Xiao Song is a genius, this affairs makes person regret and regret deeply, hope to give him an opportunity to correct.The tiny Bo that dramatizes 66 to turn over Gao Xiao Song to before comment on Xin in the medicine house says:"I make Gao Xiao Song rounding the Bo of this''turn over out, also lift to come to for oneself.Zun Ji obeys the law and doesn't to endanger social common run of people."led home lighting

Have net friend the mimicry Gao Xiao Song's work 《sit at the same table of you 》, write a way:"Tomorrow whether you will think of, what to drink is Pi drop white drop?Tomorrow you whether will regret, see law like the child's play ……the fans all dare not believe, drunk with wine cause trouble behind of you, I am by chance to turn over tiny Bo, just know to really is you ……who infuse to inebriate artistic talent horizontal overflow of you, who let your self-indulgent you, who make you don't respect law, who put on prisoner's garb for you ……"

Mindset falsely problem key

Someone is analytical to say, Gao Xiao Song of so wine behind drive, is by luck mental state to make first however.His mindset nothing but 3 kind:On being what I can't inebriate, I also drank like this before.Two even if got drunk,can't have an accident, my driver's technique is can.Three is have an accident to also put evenly, who am I ?I am XXX.But this is getting more gravely mistaken.Gao Xiao Song of today, explained that the star drives after drinking equally difficult escape"unlucky".If he is a condescension with much a star ability, many ones are strick with oneself and cherish own fame and also drive after drinking?led home lighting

Make the person sorry BE, now numerous entertainer's stars, can not keep awake brains.Analyze many stars to have an accident, for example fight, absorb poison, gamble, the wine drive, neither isn't a stuffed shirt.If say that these stars have no character, probably they are hard to admire sincerely to take orally;The saying them is proud and probably relatively approach fact.Being Gao Xiao Song of the big star but daring to against the wind to make a matter under the sistuation that the people of the whole countries all know that the law will drive after drinking from the strict sanctions isn't his intelligence quotient to contain problem, but his mindset contains problem.

The defy the law faces to punish

The survey that more than 300,000 net friends took part in a Phoenix net.To Gao Xiao Song judge noodles at time of execution, 94.0% net friends think:"Law in front the everyone is equal, violating the law will strict Cheng."For how treat star to repeatedly deliver wine to drive affairs, 61.7% and 30.1% net friends to think "have to suppress corrupting influence, the law is equal to punish severly without mercy" and"the star is a public person, should even strengthen legal system idea" respectively.

Sun Xing and Mo Shao Congs just got to release, Gao Xiao Song was again registered for the record by the pertaining to crime now, the show biz really has a little recently not that even.Particularly make person incredible BE, once carried on Gao Xiao Song whom art instruction and life reviewed a point for other people in"reached person's show", will also"defy the law".People also remember that"Xin case in the medicine house" drive hot argument, Gao Xiao Song's station comes out to keep speech:"Will a person who ignores other people's life love music?"This time people but in astonishment see, philharmonic Gao Xiao Song also ignores other people's life thus in the middle of inebriating and driving.The on the stage is model for others, set descend indulgence oneself, the such words and actions is different, Gao Xiao Song can continuously allow "reach person's show" of expanding the essential value to review Wei to really show doubt.led home lighting