rickets food

The small fatty sheep pork pill can treat to prevent°fro to the rickets food
Recently, market in Shenzhen City took charge of a bureau to announce 2011 quarterly degree that city food production unit production, usage of the sampling examination of the food, food additive and the food related product result.In the list of the unqualified food and the business enterprise, the small fatty sheep, one article Xuan and 13 Yis, and son feeling shell promise...etc. are deeply subjected to the brand that the large citizen like all on the list.Lottery System

According to know, from Shenzhen City small fatty sheep industry the limited company produce of super Jing pork pill drive check a compound the phosphoric acid salt is unqualified.Introduces according to the expert of food, reuniting the phosphoric acid salt is a kind of food additive that the national standard capacity uses and process in the meat in is used to protect water, but too many edible will cause calcium Lin inside the human body to compare maladjustment, particularly will influence the child's absorption to the vitamin D, may result in a rickets disease.

The rickets disease is so called to lack calcium and expects at the infant more familiar, is because the vitamin D lacks to cause calcium inside the body, Lin metabolism mess, but make a bad kind disease of skeleton calcify.The rickets has an attack the disease is slow-moving, not easy cause a value.The rickets disease makes the pediatric resistibility lowered and easily merge diseases, such as pneumonia and diarrhea...etc., influence a child to grow growth.Be lain to rickets disease form of the skeleton transform, once the formation may leave linger effect, so, rickets disease heavy in the prevention, must have prophet, avoid occurrence skeleton to transform.Mobile Lottery

The essence that the pediatric rickets gets sick because lack the calcium Lin that the vitamin D causes metabolism obstacle, only add vitamin D be cure an origin.Is also say, lacking the calcium is the manifestation that the pediatric rickets gets sick, but real lacking of but is vitamin D.

The source of the human body vitamin D has two paths:On being a main source path, the human body vitamin D 80% is pass sunlight in of the ultraviolet ray directly project light upon a human body skin and make skin of 7-take off hydrogen cholesterol conversion is vitamin D;Two is absorb through a food with medicine to add.

The food of child rickets disease treats to prevent°from 2

1, peach Ren egg

The way of doing of peach Ren egg is in brief the familiar vegetables of infant recipe inside, the peach Ren egg taste belongs to, the way of doing belongs to a type, but how do peach Ren the egg had better eat and mainly see own taste habitually carry on detail adjustment, let oneself follow to feel to do this peach Ren egg.Lottery Terminal

In order to live the in common use Chinese herbal medicine that the blood turns Yu, the peach Ren together use with egg and not only increase nourishment, but also can ease the peach Ren smooth bowel light Xie function.The bone is easily soft to suffer from rickets of the pediatric edible peach Ren of the disease egg, beneficial health care.

Raw material:The peach Ren is 5 grains of, the egg is a , and the face powder is few.

Create:Use peach Ren bubble, go to skin, and then go into a pot to stir-fry familiar, grind up a back up;Stick out an egg, tap softly a hole in the top, then peach Ren the end pack into egg and mix blend with the chopsticks even, fill with water with the face powder, again use Huang Ni2 Guo's egg, put the Wei in the Tan fire familiar, go to yellow mire and egg skin namely become.Have a difficulty such as the fire Wei, can also use brine boiling to immerse a familiar egg, need not Huang Ni2 Guo.

Characteristics:The egg liquid becomes a solid piece and there is peach Ren matching with, flavor the joss-stick eat well.At once try and do to together belong to you of peach Ren egg.

2, bone Zao soup

There is abundant calcium, marrow in the animal bone, also imply other nourishment compositions, the beneficial Sui livings an osseous function;The red date repairs medium benefit blood.The bone Zao soup benefit Sui keeps blood and help a bone growth to contain obvious effect.

Raw material:The animal bone(long bone or spine, pig, cow and sheep bone all can) is 250 grams of, the red date is 15~25, and the ginger is several.Betting Solution

Create:Wash bone clearly to pound into pulp, together place with red date, ginger inside the tile Bao, fill with water just the right amount, burn Fei with the prosperous fire, behind burn for more than 2 hourses with the text fire, after soup is dense, according to food love seasoning namely become.

Characteristics:The soup fresh flavor joss-stick, can for lunch drink.At once try and do to together belong to you of bone Zao soup.

The sunlight is to prevent rickets from getting sick of good medicine

In addition to absorbing of increment vitamin D, it is one of the main methods for preventing pediatric rickets from getting sick to usually take a sunbathe.The spring day inside much goes out to bask, can urge kid skin in of 7-take off hydrogen cholesterol through the ultraviolet ray irradiation in the sunlight, change into a Dan bone to turn Chun, namely inside the source vitamin D3, make it become the main source of the human body vitamin D.
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Should taking a sunbathe want to bask how long?Take a sunbathe to bask not very goodly, also learned, main see from 2:Certainly bare area on being the nudity area that sees bask, generally speaking more big more good, can bask a little bit more balancedly, arms and legs and heads all peep out;Secondly being the way that sees bask is having the place of glass countercheck to take a sunbathe, could not reach effect, don't need as well to directly toward the sun at the violent sun underneath to bask certainly, because the conversion of vitamin D, what to need is receive the sun light in of ultraviolet ray, therefore, as long as at have the place of ultraviolet ray irradiation like Peng bottom, is also one effective.In the meantime, because baby's skin is young and delicate, generally don't suggest to adopt not and naturally simply projecting light upon otherwise results in a baby very easily skin burn.The dust in the air in the general city is more in the meantime, therefore the expert suggests time that takes a sunbathe every day had better at more than 2 hours.