decoration categorize

How does the jewelry decoration categorize?
According to at home and abroad general business habit, make jewelry decoration following distinction:That is is divided into five major types: jewelry decoration, the biggest type is precious stone decoration and includewholesale cheap fashion jewellery:1, diamond, 2, ruby, 3, blue precious stone, 4, the grandmother is green.The second type is precious metal decoration, including gold, platinum and silver.The third type is pearl decoration.Above three major typeses list as valuable jewelry.cheap women shoes

The fourth type is a half precious stone decoration, include:1, opal, 2, amethyst, 3, topaz, 4, jadeite, 5, jade, 6, south sea pearlacetylene(bluish green Xi), 7, the stone of Tuo Liu, 8, black precious stone, 9, opal, 10, coral, 11, agate, 12, tiger eye stone, 13, other such as Alexander stone etc..In the half precious stone, parts of high quality, like jadeite, black opal, amethyst, and Alexander stone...etc., jewelry factorythe selling price isn't low either.

Category 5 is costume jewelry and include 1, shell, 2, enamel, 3, enamel, 4, synthesize a precious stone, if synthesize a diamond, artificial and red treasure, artificial and blue treasure, green and artificial jadeite etc. of artificial grandmother, 5,cheap wedding dresses proper price metal, such as copper, gilt and copper combination gold, various other gold jewelry articles, 6, other.