match technique

Tie and western dress match technique
While choosing a tie never the assortment that notice a tie, wanting to think can match with western dress, shirt is the most important.In fact, a kimono packs to match of tie, had better material and style and the western dress,cheap evening dresses shirt being dressed in are same, for example the numb quality western dress that wear often in summer, match cotton and tingle the tie of quality to very match;What about hair the western dress can match a knit fabric tie;The deluxe Jing combs wool western dress to match the silk wadding tie of smooth delicacy, can give a person the impression of the very tall texture.

On the assortment of tie, still with conservative cool-headed pattern more match western dress, being like the small sketch of inclined line, small dot and rule is an all very good choice.Basically, because of the position of tie at the right moment in the face department just under,taylor made suits so the color slices to hate too and suddenly and take canning set off the style of face department skin color as good.

The western dress, tie of safety matches colors principle:

1.three lists
Is a western dress, shirt and tie all of threes are monochromes, if white shirt, tie and western dress then had better choose to contrast a colorcheap women shoes;If not is wear a white shirt, then three in have to have both is fasten with color.

2.two single flowers
If western dress, shirt and tie threes are medium, it is a monochrome to have 2, when it is wood grain or pattern to have one among them the color of wood grain or pattern then must is a body the top appears of two a colors in the monochromes.

3.two spend one list
While having two to cultivate flowers line or pattern, have to classify the direction trend of a strong or weak of pattern and pattern first.If be dressed in to keep grain western dress or shirt, then should keep usage from keeping,cheap fashion jewelry the tie of horizontal grain, might as well have no directive tie with the type of inclined line, dot or sandals insect for good.
If can adhere strictly to the above-mentioned nuance principle, and avoid western dress, shirt and tie appearing obvious pattern in the meantime, is the best tie and matching of lounge suit method.