lamps and laterns house

The lamps and laterns house packs to cooperate to discover 100,000,000,000 LEDs to illuminate market business opportunities
Along with LED the technique is illuminating the extension of realm application and plus in recent years people to the recreation that reside environment in the house, comfort pursue continuously exaltation, lamp lamps and laterns gradually from pure of the lighting function change direction adornment effect function.Accompany with 23 class markets of rising, the county area lamp catena spreads quickly,LED Ceiling Light at the same time, whole illuminate to play more strong more.For numerous lamps and laterns business enterprises but speech, how availably expand a market, raise to sell a sum, have already not only only needed to work out problems, such as after-sales service and product structure...etc..Low cost and high-efficiency marketing, then can let brand market the competition keep advantage.

The Chinese building decorates association residence the adornment repair committee Secretary-general Zhang Ren calculated a Zhang, the production value of Chinese adornment profession was 2 dollars last year, the lighting had 10%-20%, is also 100,000,000,000-200,000,000,000 dollars, this market was very big.According to Zhang Ren's parlance, illuminate profession and adornment profession to bind very close.The LED light gets into a modern house to pack gradually, and in the market feedback continuously improvement, finally will be decorating profession to occupy important 1
LED flood light.
The related information suggests that the medium grounds, such as mountain, Buddha mountain, Hui state, Shenzhen and Dongguan...etc. of Guangdong are a gathering of local lamps and laterns business enterprise ground.2010 the middle of the years the lighting industry sales income of the mountain City reaches to above 65,000,000,000 dollars and takes up 15% of industrial total production value in the medium mountain City.This number is more than 9300 floodlights and kit business enterprise to contribute of, among them, the group leader business enterprise is 32.

The lamps and laterns house packs to cooperate to expand a market to keep a brand market competitive advantage
So huge business enterprise number reveals an another information:The LED lighting industry gathers a flock of huge, but real own scale is as very few as the business enterprise of brand.And this is also the medium mountain is the brand effect that the local lamps and laterns profession base faces bottleneck.But accompany with a nation to adjust the implementation of various policy measure tight Luo airtight drum of controling the real estate market, the real estate develops a company to on the other hand change direction business real estate;Change direction the development of 234 class markets on the other hand.While arousing the city county class real estate market demands, the lamp, lamps and laterns business enterprise also stepped up a row at the city county class market soldier embattled step.The river south suppresses China lamps and laterns general manager, Zhang Shun Qing, of the company of teacher City to say:"We now already the furniture form the effect of whole lighting and let to come consumer's feeling of purchasing the lamp lamps and laterns in considering establishment lamps and laterns to experience personally building, going together with by lamp lamps and laterns, experience personally.From pure in the past of'the single soldier sold'arrive'large unit cloth'."Zhang Shun Qing thinks that this is a kind of trend.

Industrial and information-based department semi-conductor illuminate the technique standard work set Secretary-general Zhao Ying think, the LED light source is a high new technique, new light source and have a different place with traditional light source and have must be directive and can control regulating of sex, color sex etc., should not only be limited by while willing get into common lighting realm in the future tradition act for type light."The first stage may do to act for a light type and directly install the lamp in nowadays and will probably become more comfortable from now on, more the art turn, more the benefit is at the environmental protection, will also have more extensive application.Currently, the upper stream is our weak items in the industry, how make our applications pulled to move medium upper stream to make of develop, it is at that moment to need the problem for considering."Zhao Ying speaks.

The lamps and laterns house packs to cooperate to discover market business opportunities
The lamps and laterns profession experiences successively to develop for several years and has already formed the logistics system of profession, system, and modernization of electronic commerce terrace.For majority of lamps and laterns business enterprises but speech, create lamps and laterns brand, extend market scale, become at that moment the lamps and laterns profession fast- developing inevitable form.The brand popularity finally relies on a business enterprise over a long period of time continuously backlog, growth.Considering from the practical angle of consumer is the demand of brand construction.The expert said that modern lamp product while considering economy energy, vogue, sweeps in response to more consideration lamps and laterns, safe problem.

Zhang Ren said that illuminated light source to is single function in the past of, now again loaded the need of art, vogue."The lamps and laterns can be an art object, the green illuminates among this profession more popular."Modern house pack to pay attention to of is art to turn and spread,LED spot light vogue, health, environmental protection, low carbon, the national industry policy constucts two societies in the meantime, the economy energy reduces a row.

The green lighting is mainly a semi-conductor illuminates, since low carbon environmental protection, again the economy energy save an electricity, as long as publicizeeing is good enough, the designer well recommends, construction unit in great quantities adoption, the owner also takes pleasure in accepting, the market foreground is very vast.BE exactly under this kind of background, the lighting lamp lamps and laterns business enterprise faces from the traditional marketing mode to the change that lately sits astride boundary marketing mode.

On May 9, gather the beautiful house resides in Tienjin of Wang Lan Zhuang's store held "the house packs, lamps and laterns" LED strip lightto cooperate of sit astride boundary an expansion activity, this time activity gathered several the front-line house pack at home and abroad, lamps and laterns brand allied the Mei appear.

According to the sponsor introduction, gather a beautiful house to reside Wang Lan Zhuang's store to hold this time exchanges meeting, built consulting of convenience terrace for consumer.Here, the consumer is much more than the contact that keeps a view and understands a lamps and laterns product, can also with numerous famous interior design teachers zero distance communications, understanding house packs most modern trend trend.Pass this time exchanges meeting, consumer to how choose that the lamps and laterns, house packed companies to contain further understanding.LED tube light

But along with the rapid growth of LED lamp industry, many lighting business enterprises get into LED to illuminate realm in succession.Quickly develop along with the economy, the our country lamps and laterns illuminate market foreground good, the daily life at home lighting profession will be real ages change direction lamps and laterns for ages from the light source.