Blend lighting

Blend lighting and economy energy the construction ecosystem lighting environment

2011 seventh Guangzhou international lighting technique high peak forum"on June 9-hold in the Chinese importer-exporter article commodity fair Ba continent exhibition building on the 11th.The current forum establishes "design", " profession development", " profession interaction", " case analysis", " technique" especially 5 particularly the field is 12 total lectures and drew on lighting designer, view designer, architect and interior design teacher, electric appliances engineer and municipal services to manage a section, real estate company,led lighting design illuminate an engineering company and illuminate the concern of producing company, university and college, and think factory...etc. numerous related profession personageses.This year's high peak forum tightly buttons up the development trend of illuminating the profession and reduces to line up macroscopic environment in the economy energy under, the profession personage start inquirying into the development road that can keep on sex lighting design.Under the push that economizes on energy a fever, June 10, SolidTechnologyInc the United States.Of deputy governor, Asian lighting designer association Deputy Secretary-general Mr. JosephZhang for three meeting the audience brought 《the lighting design and can keep on sex development 》of topic lecture, analysis ecosystem, illuminate of design and economy energy of relation, and to audience introduction related norm concerning illuminating profession in the United States, particularly is to the encouragement policy that can keep on sex lighting design.12 volt led lighting

Can keep on sex lighting design

Mr. JosephZhang thinks that the mankind's activity wants to attain to keep on sex, have to handle the relationship with natural environment, economic vitality, with healthy mankind of very each activity.led home lightingIlluminating the design is one of mankind's activities, developing the core that can keep on sex lighting design is "in correct time, apply correct light in the correct place".It particularly lies in "light and time BE"with" the location".Concrete arrive lighting to design process, only mean how designer applies light and use what light, how choose a lamp the etc. is concrete to work, is also want to consider a lighting efficiency;Time means reasonable make use of naturally only, and pay attention to illuminate to control;The location included to illuminate environment and illuminate position etc. contents.These for a perfect lighting design but speech is lack a can not of

Illuminate with environment

Illuminate, it is lighting in the city to ignore, the house resides illuminates or transacts lighting, all is as vitally related as the mankind's life.The Jing beautiful city night scene after creating fanciful city image for us, we whether notice sparse Lang of the star sky no longer reply a childhood years eyes of bright;Whether the road both sides brilliant advertisement card swayed the eye of driver;The bright incandescent lamp bottom reads the book have already resulted in the burden of eyes ……these examples wear illuminate toward people's caution to environment of bad influence.Mr. JosephZhang thinks that attaining can keep on the target of sex lighting design, illuminating profession the personage has to know to know to illuminate oneself various influence for environment.The main influence included light pollution, lighting the safe and healthy influence, energy depletion and product recall are to the mankind.Pass to the particular environment of can keep on sex lighting design, lower lighting to environment of bad influence with attain excellent turn lighting environment, led lighting residentialeconomy energy and guarantee of people safe and healthy target.