The tide is flowing and ebbing

The tide is flowing and ebbing
Writing the excellent story, I do not have that day to divide, this pair of hands were too cumbersome, this finger was too stiff, already can't bear to touch any good luck again, it is excessively sensitive to fear. You don't have heart that take pity on either, light sad after being happy too each time, remembered by them
Look, I am actually alive and very unrestrained now, the lover accompanies every day, there is one's own work that is done, there is tea that oneself wants to drink, the dish that oneself wants to eat, the main one is the song that I have oneself to want to listen to, do you say, is my life worth envying?
I was always carrying the west of the travel around the east of the traveling bag to swing in the past, liked looking for a secluded corner to watch the scenery, for example hot to take ice cream is tired to lie down, sleep for a moment, I think such day carefree really. The home of today is a small home that had once having fantasies of all the time, what it is swept was very clean, the ones that put in order are very neat, I say I like very much, really. My brother to me say I want, belong to current situation better, your ideal only really, your aspirations can not all compare with such life, I am tired, you let me have a rest for a moment, OK? The brothers are so disappointed as to leave, he has not left numbers for me, he says, brother, take care. I say, you really make nonsense! While finishing saying this sentence, the smile of my corner of the mouth scatters with his turning round, but I know heart of me baffled lonely to tremble, set first place.
Look, my lover has gone home, she opens the door, smile towards me, she says, dear, I have come back. Then I just take out a dish of dishes from the kitchen, I say, wait a moment first, serve the meal soon
Should not say, once half a lifetime of making us struggle of agony, discovered later very on the book, those agony, was the scenery that was most worth regarding as memory originally, those were once the scorching most hot warmth in the bottom of heart.
If I say, I am dear, if we leave here together, go one all of us go to place to live, live a life, start from scratch, now when you would like to give up you?
She who has already sleeping has not heard, the street lamp outside window sees through the window, in small, broken bits on her face, I see she smile into dream so sweet, let people sympathize with, let people to be heart-broken
About lonely, about meet, about friend, about hover blueprint ideal in the sky, about our youth of spending freely, they once appeared in we lived like this lifelikely, it is once here that they seethe with excitement, it is once here to also kill quietly. Flood tide and low tide, what we have lost on earth finally, what are got.
The effete and sentimental writings in general several years ago, getting drunk several years ago, suffered from insomnia all through the night or all night. Our life, as if put up the finger on string, plan to play the melody for the youth at any time, I am the sun if our both feet step on lawn and bolt, I am that blast unruly to step on mountain peak and launch both arms, similar and never tiring that we imitate.
To once, see sun sink moon rise, see the long warbler of grass flying to so many powerful and unconstrained style, large numbers of unknown flying birds row our top of the head, flies to the remote horizon. In the dream, I am draw their hands, is calling their name, the spearchucker loudly, if if, Ran Ran, there is outstanding A, there is Liu Hai.
I say we want, together, separate so forever, want the picture to be together too, even if so go always, the heart should never separate

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