common sense

Office furniture maintenance of common sense
A: polyester paint hardness of 2H-2H;Tin Box
B: when in cleaning, should be used to clean dust duster;
C: and then use a clean damp cloth to wipe lightly to stain;
D: use a clean dry towel wipe to the stem, otherwise the watermark both influence itself film surface effect,Office Furniture Desk serious for a long time will penetrate into the deep influence of paint, paint white;
E: paint surface during cleaning, do not use strong ( including iron ) impact, so as to avoid the appearance of the product is damaged;
F: matt paint, not local scrub, or lose the surface gloss uniformity, influencing the production of product appearance;LED Lights Supplier
G: disable acid, alkali content of the larger detergent, otherwise it will affect the products touch the surface smoothness of slip soil loss;
H: do not use hot objects directly contact with paint, otherwise it will lead to the yellow paint, and separation phenomenon, affect the service life of the product;
How to buy office furniture:taylor made suits
A: furniture style is" modern" more easily outdated, instead of traditional furniture, the diet culture infectivity, enduring, and the value of the;
B: light color furniture for small rooms or poor lighting conditions such as the north room, lighting a better room can choose the deep color of furniture, can show ancient, elegant atmosphere;
C: to leave adequate leeway, office furniture in the area should be forty-five percent;
D: flat, vertical scale furniture and room area, highly consistent, so as not to buy furniture is put into or damage to the idea of good layout;Set up Company
E: buy furniture can smoothly into the door, the key is the length of the space diagonals, furniture can not be larger than the passage or stair corner the maximum diagonal. Of course, the general design home has reference to housing construction size. But there are some old house tenants should pay attention to the factor of their actual needs
F: to pay attention to the practicality of furniture must not be flashy without substance just re-style, see effect. Therefore, the purchase of furniture should be considered when.