Wacom 2010 masters will

Wacom 2010 masters will:Again and top-class creativity master in the world face to faceink box

Local and large number art creations personage and the fanciers will have again number art creations in top-class opportunity and world the master face to face communicate, shares the masters successful experience, witness the elites of creations elegant appearance.September 21, 2010 and the 28th, the Wacom Chinese company will distinguish in Peking and Guangzhou to hold "Wacom2010 master meeting- CG true colors", and the true colors international sense of vision college of art invite a top-class data art of world together design the master deduce creations process on the scene and share creations experience of its success.toner

The creativity elite master of Wacom will communicate along with the technique before being the creativity profession that is sponsored by Wacom China activity.This every year once of the activity invited a domestic and international top-class creativity each time the master is on the scene share creations experience, induction creations technical skill, deeply be subjected to a local and large number art creations welcoming of personage.That activity has already successfully held since 2007 three, total amount more than 9000 audiences participate in the spot activity and overaly more than 15 myriad peoples of crowds.Zhu Feng, website design Jeremy Cook and Andrew Jones, He De Hong and this hero are clear, the etc. a series of number art master of Jeremy Sutton brought concerning showbiz, game and illustration and cartoon etc. the high level academic chair of different realm, for the country inside the large number art creations fancier create a high quality of the art creations gourmand royal feast, make them able to understand and the confidence number art create of current trend, let more number art the creations fancier feeling number art and technique Be perfect to combine the fascinating world created.These effort make"Wacom master will" become a local creativity before the profession along with the important terrace of technique exchanges.

Will this year"Wacom master will" is on the scene deduce the little more than CG of creativity technical skill design realm loudly be be of get soldier's thing, including three masters of the true colors international sense of vision college of art, experienced movie in the United States before expect story creations painter, Li Hong,'s(Lee Hong) Sir,Email Marketing Chinese cartoonist and illustrator originally hero clear Mr. Benjamin, and France has the cartoon illustrator of personality very much Nicolas.Nie rice Rui(Nicolas Nemiri).

Among them, Mr. Li Hong once served as several movies of large action paragraph sense of vision and story plan and story creations, included to once set receipt of a film legend of 《effort panda 》, 《monster war Alien 》and several films of dream factories, he particularly exceled the role design in the movie work and controled cinematic rhythm with lens language and appearance, and the sense of vision of the big condition and action drama expression.Once in 2006 had the honor of acquiring be widely praised as "Annie's prize" of the tallest honor in animation field.

This hero is clear to is a famous China cartoonist and illustrator, the true colors international sense of vision Art college grows, the world image of Chinese cartoon.In France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, the United States, Canada, Argentina, illustration and cartoon work's Malaysia, Japanese etc. more than ten national translation and publication.Work 《remember 》is the first China the cartoon that beats into an Euro-American market, is also most popular currently and publish the most Chinese cartoon in nation.Work 《orange 》get "the best cartoon prize in 2008" of the tallest prize of cartoon exhibition of France Colomiers.Is the Man's exhibition to establish 30 in the last years the first Asia get a prize.Greatly meet with success at the Arludik art gallery of France Paris personal art exhibition in October, 2007.This is the first-time personal oversea exhibition of Chinese computer illustration art.I think matrimony

Nicolas is a cartoon author and illustrator.He under the influence of the Japanese cartoon of mightiness, its influence also reflects in his work.Nicolas is drawing the third"Je suis morte" series cartoon, the its manuscript author is Jean-David Morvan.Its story is concerning youth person processing life, die with future life of science fiction story.His representative work still has "Je suis morte", "Hyper l' hippo" waits.