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Citizen Electronics has signed a licensing agreement with Once Innovations, Zumtobel-owned Space Cannon has filed for  liquidation, Kyma has acquired IP right from The Fox Group, and Barefoot Power has won an international clean-energy award.

Citizen Electronics and Once Innovations sign license agreement
Once Innovations, Inc., an LED lighting developer based in  Plymouth, MN, and Japan-based LED maker Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. have entered into an LED license agreement. Citizen will gain access to part of the Once IP portfolio related to AC-LED conditioning technologies and color-temperature shift control for dimmable AC-LED lighting.LED lights manufacturer

Once recently reported AC-LED modules with a power factor over 0.98, total harmonic distortion under 20%, and system luminous efficacies exceeding 90 lm/W.LED projection gets

LED industry is a sunrise industry, the green industry, in line with the direction of scientific development concept, in line with the intensive, saving development path in line with the building of a harmonious Shenzhen, Shenzhen efficiency requirements, but also in line with the direction of the country's industrial development. LED semiconductor lighting technology, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, easy maintenance features, in recent years, the world's most promising high-tech areas. At present, Shenzhen, engaged in the semiconductor lighting technology and product development, production and application of more than 700 enterprises, accounting for nearly half of the number of firms, industrial-scale of about 15 billion yuan. dvb t tuners

Shenzhen is the world's largest solar energy LED lamps production and supply base, LED backlight the world's leading manufacturing and supply base, LED display China's largest production and supply base, LED packaging and specialty industrial lighting major domestic producing regions. For a long time, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the municipal government of the industry given the full attention and support, LED industry has formed a certain scale and industrial advantages, it has had to seize the domestic and international LED industry, an important factor in the development of high ground and conditions. However, we must be aware, at present the city's high-end LED industry chain links are still relatively weak, the relative lack of technological innovation capability, leading enterprises have not formed.dvb t mpeg4

Last year in December, Mayor Xu Zongheng had held an emergency meeting to study the same night to promote the development of LED industry, requiring relevant departments of planning, public platform for building and demonstration projects to promote the aspects such as research, the deadline issued policy for the better LED industry, existing strengths to play a city to make up for the disadvantaged. The relevant departments in the shortest possible time developed a "Shenzhen LED Industry Development Plan (2009-2015)" and so on six policy documents. This six policy documents, for the development of this important industry, firmly grasp the important development opportunities for sustained economic growth of Shenzhen to open up new economic growth point of great significance. dvb-t receivers