LED production value

Grind to adjust next fix this year of global LED production value, expect that next year's ASP continuously falls
The research paper that LEDinside will announce in the near future suggests that 2011 of global Gao Liang Du LED production value estimates from 2011 the beginning of the years, the USD 10,600,000,000 bottom fixs to USD 9,000,000,000.(the year increases to lead only 8%)The main reason lies in carrying on the back the light market not equal to expectation and plus LED average selling price quickly fall cause LED the industry supply exceeds demand,LED Tube light and also estimate in 2012 the LED average selling price space still has the fall of above 20%.

LEDinside points out that LED supplies exceeds demands currently of the situation Be still hard to acquire an improvement in the short run, if 2011 second half year stocks keep on increment and price drop range to be more than an expectation, don't expel to descend the sale sum of fixing global Gao Liang Du LED estimate further.

LEDinside thinks that though in 2011 Gao Liang Du LED in carry on the back light the production value of the market still slightly grow up,observe from the individual application, LED in television carry bare production value on television's back only USD 1,400,000,000, compare to reduce 18% in 2010.The main reason lies in leading light a technique of promoting and making LED in television carry bare usage number on television's back significant decrease.Plate Heat ExchangerTake 42 inch LCD TVs as an example, 2009 three stars release LED TV, LED carry light usage on LED's back the amount is up to 360, but the standard model has already fallen to 130s in 2011 or so, the part aims at the combat model that the market promotes sales with low price to only need to use 100 LEDs, this results in LED carry the light market actual dosage on LED's back be subjected to influence.In addition, the terminal sells poor make LED unit price fall the speed lead quickly, therefore though LED carry optoelectronics on LED's back see of permeate a rate to still continuously grow up, but the production value faces a decline.

Prospect 2012, LEDinside points out, the Han Xi front-panel factory will release LED of low rank carry light front-panel on LED of low rank's back hope that declining is low cost to buy spirit with incitement, although LED permeates to lead an opportunity to pull to rise further, using of LED the amount will also fall 20~30% again or so.LEDinside thinks the terminal market passes to postpone of buy an opportunity to annoy to ferment gradually in 2012-2013 years, plus the market that LED illuminates a product to accept one degree universal raise, also make Gao Liang Du of 2012 LED the production value have opportunity to keep on growth.However 2010 each manufacturer madness enlargement MOCVD productivity result in of supply exceeds demand a phenomenon, still hard solve in the short run, led home lightingestimate 2012 LED industry still must the average selling price space facing still has the fall of above 20%, therefore the technique that will test each LED manufacturer promotes speed and cost to lower ability.