LED lighting revolution

LED lighting revolution opened the billion dollar market
In September 5th, according to foreign media reports,LED Spot Lights in 1987, 6 young people in the United States of America of North Carolina founded the Cree ( CREE ) company, they want to be called a" carbide" materials for commercial development, this is to" carbide" as the base material of LED started by lighting revolution and the beginning of the story. Since then, the start-up company began more than 20 years of history, and the LED from the first application in the military field mystery product applied to automotive lighting, mobile phone backlight, LCD panel and many other fields, and now, is by replacing the traditional incandescent lamp into the homes of ordinary people. As to promote LED technology commercialization is one of the important promoter of the fiscal year of 2011, company total revenue of $987600000, but the company strategy and business development vice president Christopher M . James, a trillion scale market has just started, by LED began lighting revolution is emerging.
LED ( light emitting diode ) is a light emitting diode acronym, LED chip electricity can emit color is pure monochromatic light, such as red, yellow, blue or green, through special luminescent material layer can emit white light. With the ordinary incandescent lamp to maintain the same brightness,LED Flood Lights LED lighting product power consumption of only the former 1 / 10, life can lengthen 100 times. According to the country gold negotiable securities data shows, 2010 general lighting market size in about $70000000000, and will reach 120000000000 dollar to 2020, for in the field of LED dormant years of career, this will be a rare market opportunity, for this opportunity, the career has been waiting for 20 years.
LED industry chain by extension, chip, packaging and application solution and compound semiconductor material, now in the global LED market, the career has, from the extension of the chip to the downstream lighting solutions for a more complete industry chain, especially in the field of compound semiconductor materials, have many years experience in R & D division.
As the main material of silicon carbide LED chip, in 1903 began the application, but commercialize degree is very low. In the early ninety century on, with silicon carbide as raw materials of LED also can emit blue light, around 1993, Cree joint Japan Japan Asia ( NICHIA ) through the LED chip to add special fluorescent material, so the LED can send a clear, clean white light LED lighting, this is the history of a major technological breakthrough. But because the brightness of bottom and high costs, LED can only be applied in the military field,LED Ceiling Lights career still in LED technology for better business model.
LED in the commercial breakthrough mainly in the automobile industry. In 1996 the division and the German public cooperation, provide for car bumper blue lighting system. With the automobile industry combination, is hard to find breakthroughs of LED provides the main source of income. Thereafter, with the IT and consumer electronics industry, LED started as a backlight light source used in computer and mobile phone and other consumer electronics. In 2000 LED mobile phone applications make the market growth rate reached 44%, but in 2005 the market was saturated. In 2007 LED backlight applications began to promote a new round of growth, but in that year, company decided to abandon the traditional backlight lighting business, to the new LED lighting field.
In fact, in 2004, career began to LED lighting transition, rolled out XLamp LED ( high power illumination LED ), Keystone Jack Manufacturerand give up the backlight market, mainly because of Taiwan, Japan, Korea enterprise in liquid crystal display strong competition," we focus on the good things, like now focus on lighting and display., to put more resources and energy into the field." Christopher M. James explained.
In fact, in the LED backlight market, due to overheated investment competition too much already makes whole industry profit rate. Data display, backlight LED chip package, application field, prices since the beginning of the average decline range surpasses 20%. The country gold negotiable securities researcher Song Jia also predicted in 2014 after the backlight market becomes saturated, and the time is likely to advance. General lighting field is LED provides the new point of growth.
In order to early layout general lighting market, company already began to extend the industrial chain. Before 2004, the career just sales of LED chip, but from the beginning of 2004, career through the acquisition can be provided from the chip to the electronic components of the complete solution,led lighting automotiveeven through the acquisition of lighting company to enter the lighting industry chain downstream market, which makes its can provide a complete lighting solution. " Our mission is not to do lighting art, but to promote the illumination change, replace traditional lighting equipment."