challenge greatly

The foreign country forms alliance Asian solar energy factory to manage a challenge greatly
The sun optoelectronics industry walks into an integration period, the foreign country forms alliance, merger of the circumstance increase, however the solar energy operator means.The foreign country forms alliance the management challenge toward the Asian factory in each industry big,waves big ages of LEDparticularly cooperated a system case together in early days, once spread the creation"a heap of lousy stand", may walk into a multinational merger again now tide, the foreign country management cultural difference equally may be like other industry sorts.The opera that present to public Sha feather but return.
The sun optoelectronics industry walks into integration period, the foreign country forms alliance of the circumstance is more and more.After the financial turmoil in 2009, the most familiar be for the sake of under the processing financial turmoil ex- label of a huge sum of polysilicon or silicon wafer buy to anticipate contract.BE anticipated by polysilicon the source price keep slippery influence, buyer in order to reduce cost, selling party to descend for maintaining contract value constant, the Yan changes number kind different mode of cooperation.

The solar energy operator points out that in addition to take to anticipate according to contract amount and priceoperational planning Again to anticipate source factory to in great quantities purchase stock on hand to anticipate, come to balance to always buy cost outside.Parts of Europes and Asian operator hold hands more toward other realms cooperate, also once once appeared together held hands throw in solar energy system carry.But appear the situation that the responsibility problems, such as maintenance and responsibility ownership...etc. of system can not clarify.Like create "a heap of lousy stand", need an effective processing, and the company of cooperation is all changed by the sun optoelectronics great environment big impact.All respectively face existence and funds to collect an etc. problem, the problem of original cooperation creation seems to be also not get its solution.

The sun optoelectronics will walk into merger tide in the near future, the funds revolves and makes a profit pressure greatly European factory.Hope at oneself the brand formed alliance with Asian factory while still having influence, even!Sell to Asian factory to then comply with the surrounding to withdraw a market.The solar energy operator says that however, face Euro-American association, employee's welfare, right for a job, and race cultural...etc..Condition and Asian factory difference very big, particularly to Taiwan or mainland operator.The multinational mergers,What is woman's flavor the management challenge to also enlarge naturally.

Moreover, to many didn't give up the Euro-American factory of conducting the power to say, request of just pure of"funds" garrison.Hopes the Asian factory works well pure"shareholder" should do of matter can, then should not have any interference in the management.This makes many Asian operators originally intend through the funds station in the strategy of the Euro-American terminal market don't take effect a benefit, both parties' cooperative relation will also be unsuited to for principle but come to a deadlock, didn't see further cooperation strategy.

The solar energy operator says that also as early as because of above-mentioned rumours case Asian ferment on the market.Many factories in Europe in fact as early as few year agos, actively inquire Asian factory have already had no merger or go into main of will, many Asian factories after evaluating all have no continuation.The Euro-American factory that is pounded at by great environment top and bottom and inquires a merger now increases, whether Asian factory moves.Then need to observe further again.The solar energy operator thinks that at that moment carry on for the sake of the brand the multinational merger strategy probability to compare with the big, , still providing for a gold opposite and abundant mainland operator is lord.

Mainland perpendicularity integration factory includes still virtuous, English benefit, especially the Si and sky matches a light ability, crystal Ao, smooth sea, river the west match Wei(LDK) etc..The perpendicular integration factory carries on a multinational cooperation to contain many comparisons through various way, the set fastens factory in.Include friend to reach, TSMC, China lately beautiful China etc. all through hold a method,technology word defines carry on multinational with the Euro-American module and the system factory to cooperate.