arrive LED again

Annoy a light to arrive LED again to illuminate from halogen lamp to Xian
The car type of different type car lighting that provides with different type, let person from kept a view the top can realize illuminative importance, macro view is come up to speak, it is a car to drive a necessary link in the process, and tiny view comes up to say,LED Tube Light Manufacturer it is also the sign that embodies a carriage and position

The car illuminated a company to come to see and mainly is divided in to halt lamp, show a breadth light from the equipments, near light light, far and only light, ex- fog lamp, empress fog lamp, change direction a light, caution light, make to move a light and reverse the car light, and license plate light...etc..Show a breadth light to be used for showing carriage width and length in the nighttime;Halting the lamp parks the car a close to beat a turn signal switch after lighting the fire switch and show a parking position;LED Strip Light ManufacturerChanging direction the light opens when the vehicle changes direction and break continuously shining with hint front and back or so vehicle and pedestrian attention;Car after putting on brakes a light to then use to tell, the ex- car wants to decelerate or parks the car;Fog lamp then can the in aid of pilot raise visibility when fog sky drives, and can promise to make opposite the car discover in time to adopt measure, safety meeting car;Near light light and far and only all of lights are nighttimes to illuminate system, near light light project light upon angle get down, avoid directly projecting light upon opposite driver and pedestrian.
The above introductive car illuminates to all belong to automotive of external lamp, external lamp light the color generally adopt white, orange and red.

The car illuminates to equally still include an internal lamp and a little bit familiarly have a light and read a light, trunk light and door light, mark time a light, appearance floodlight and work light, and instrument panel Jing indicator...etc..Sedan and carry the trucks generally and only establishes a crest light, in addition to used to car the indoor illuminates,LED Spot Light Manufacturercan also and have the surveillance the car door whether the function of dependable close, while keeping watch on appearance in the car door, as long as still have a car door don't the dependable pass is tight, crest the light become bright.The power is generally a 5-15 Ws, the bus crest light has the trend to develop toward the fluorescent lamp;Read a light then Be packed to passenger seat forepart or coping, the passenger reads while gathering light the book can't produce a Xuan eyes phenomenon for pilot and illuminates scope smaller, have of still have the light stalk the direction to regulate organization.

The trunk light is packed to inside the sedan or the passenger car trunk, the light automatically becomes bright and illuminates space inside the trunk while being to open a trunk cover.Light in the door is then packed to the seamy side bottom of Zhang Shi Che door outside the sedan,led lighting design light in the door becomes bright while opening a car door, with public notice afterwards the pedestrian, vehicle attention avoid to let;Marking time the light is the step that packs at the big medium-sized passenger car passenger inside the door up, the nighttime opens a passenger door, illuminate pedal;The appearance floodlight packs in the instrument panel reverse side and uses to illuminate appearance to point needle and engrave one degree plank, power is 2 Ws.

Appearance floodlight generally with show a light, license light to merge.Some car appearance floodlights give out light strength adjustable stanza;Report to the police and indicator, the familiar organic hydraulic-pneumatic dint reports to the police light, water temperature to lead Gao to report to the police a light, refreshes an indicator, changes direction an indicator, far and only indicator etc., report to the police a light generally is red, yellow, indicator generally is green or blue;The work light could move an usage while being a vehicle to maintain of a kind of with the car low pressure illuminated tool, the power came from car generator or storage battery.The power is generally a 21 Ws and often take hook or pilers, the plug has a little a smoke machine type and two pillar plug the type is 2 kinds.

The Chan has in the sloth air in the halogens headlight lamp bulb a certain stew a clan chemical element of air.Halogens lamp bulb the size is smaller, the hull body is used to bear the higher silica glass of the heat, machine strength and hard glass to make into, Chong person sloth air the pressure is higher, the halogens adding is generally iodine or bromine.Because of work temperature Gao, work inside the light air pressure compare other lamp bulbs Gao De Duo.Again make use of stew Wu to circulate principle again, therefore the evaporation of Wu was subjected to effective restriction.

Under the same power circumstance,plate heat exchanger manufacturer the bright degree of halogen lamp is 1.5 times that of incandescent lamp, while the life span is 2-3 times that of incandescent lamp.The halogens lamp bulb divides H1, H2, H3 and H44 kinds from the shape, among them, the H4 pair lightses silk lamp bulb extensively shines on a light before useding for, H1, H2 and H3 lamp bulbs for single light silk the lamp bulb Be in common use to shine on a light before lending support to.(such as fog lamp and explore to shine on headlamp)

Xian's annoying an all calling of the headlight is HID(HighIntensityDischargeLamp) the air turn on electricity a light, it makes use of a kit electronics the town flow a machine, the car battery 12 V the electric voltage in a twinkling promote a 23 KVs to above trigger electric voltage and annoy Xian to the Xian spirit electricity in the headlight to leave a formation electricity the Hu turn on electricity and make of the stability give out light and provide the stable car headlight the lighting system.Xian spirit headlight is usually read "hernia headlight" by the mistake currently, the "Xian" xian is 1(the Yin is even), with"fairy" word together sound, "Shan" reads shan the four tones(Ze voice), and"" of "fan" together sound.