chip influence

LED drives how the chip influence the life span of LED light
The last few years, LED is a new economy energy light source can earn very high investment enthusiasm and biggest pay attention to in world and China, and is illuminated application market to permeate to the indoor by the open air, China also flows out to appear consumedly small around ten thousand LED in the house to illuminate a business enterprise.Let LED the lighting yield unusually brilliant results of the most reason is exactly that it publicizes of have economy energy, environmental protection, longevity life, easy control,led strip lights don't need a maintenance etc. characteristics.

However have what to satirize a meaning rather BE, we usually hear because LED drives the life span of the power directly and implicates LED to illuminate a lamp to become not"longevity", biggest increased maintenance|usage cost;Or drive the efficiency of the power not Gao make LED illuminated a lamp of ability effect conversion than isn't so high in the imagination, or because of output electric current line the wave didn't get a good control but influence give out light quality, make LED illuminate of green economy energy the advantage greatly give discount and even influenced a market universality.Therefore, MH heat exchangerLED industry chain of perfect and mature, drive the power is also important wreath among them.According to the IMSResearch research paper, LED drives a chip market to increase 26% and attains USD 1,000,000,000 in 2010.

AnalogicTech LED drives in the battery life, safety and design simple and gave or got an electric shock plank space and function etc. to bring end user an advantage.Their drove a product to adopt a proprietary ModularBCD manufacturing process technique and lowered a cooperation colleague in the middle of the factory the cost of the DRAM production line,Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger solved the price need of consuming the market.Pass performance several electric voltage levels requested for driving LED and didn't need administrative expense, and in the horizontal TrenchDMOS transistor of a chip full general and high electric current Jing the function Be whole to put together, for LED drove an application to provide most ex- follow of integrated circuit.The TrenchDMOS transistor brokes through electric voltage to be up to a 150 Vs and suits to use very much to control a very long LED string.Their LEDs drive series to include AAT2402, AAT2403, AAT2405 and AAT 1405|7|9|51 and AAT2439 etc., they make handheld and big medium-sized LED carried on the back light the application can have driving of 100 mAs of be up to ability.

The PowerIntegration company(PI) then released the function very overall design support software PIExpert, can help a designer to quickly and accurately develop a tall quality the power solution.On top of that, we released a great deal of LED that reference design can be provided as Gao cost efficiency to illuminate a solution usage, the efficiency of many designs is higher than 90%,plate type heat exchanger and the service life is very long.(as tallest as 50,000 hours)

Currently, the cost is also LED the important problem faced by development, therefore, provide low cost power of superior quality to drive to have much of a necessity.AnalogicTech company strategic marketing director general RogerSmullen means:"The manufacturing has the product that Gao Xing Jia compares and considers a few key factors:Customer's feedback, to understanding of the market and the system and efficiently of design method, Recently Jeffriesoutstanding manufacturing and a lot of other factors.